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Reading from The World of Ice and Fire

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I saw it in the link. No news yet. I guess it was the Mercy chapter but I'm not sure.

I'm almost sure he didn't do a reading. He gave a speech about films, did a interview/Q&A session that was live-streamed, and signed some books. Hopefully he'll do a reading at Loncon.

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Timeline question.. We have always been told that the Doom was ~500 years before Aegon's Conquest, but now it appears that should be ~400. The "Time of Blood" was ~100 years and this occurred shortly after the Targs moved to Dragonstone. The Doom came 12 years after they moved.

Postings don't seem consistent on this so I'd like to clarify.

"Century of Blood". A time of blood is called a flowering.

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The more books GRRM writes the more questions asked ?

Why didn't Torrhen Stark find common cause Sharra Arryn , its obvious that is why he moved from the defendable Neck into the Riverlands his plan was to link up with her forces and assassinate the dragons ?

Why did the Rhoynar teach the Andalosi iron smithy ?When did the First Men start using Iron in there crowns ?

How much the languages of the First Men , Andalosi and the Rhoynar is similar ?

Did any other Valyrian have dragon dreams besides Daenys ? Troy had Cassandra but the Trojans also had Helenus who knew of the situation of how Troy would fall .

Why do every house have a laughing knight, wolf

or lion .

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