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The main character of A song of ice and fire.


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In one way, I would say Littlefinger. Having finished ASoS, it becomes clear how much of a part he has played along the way from the background. The same could also be said of Varys. Almost everyone else is a pawn in their game. The difference being that I genuinely believe Varys' claims to serve the realm whereas Littlefinger only serves Littlefinger.

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I've always thought of it as, "Who will ultimately be King at the conclusion?"

It's hard to believe it's anyone but Dany at this point (just finished ASOS).

i just gotta warn you mate.. unless you want the largest spoilers of the entire series.. stay out of this forum, or atleast be extremely careful of what you read.. Just reading this thread you'll know of what? 5 characters or something that won't die until the winds of winter (possibly never die).

On topic: I think it's Daenerys or Jon. I hardly believe it is Tyrion. Probably Jon because he's a Stark. But if Daenerys is AA. Then it's her.. The main character should be the one whose the song is of ice and fire.. perhaps I'm wrong though.

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