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help with some English please


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Well, I'd say it means the pain Tyrion is suffering at that point is different from the pain he first suffered. And also, the description is almost a mixed metaphor.

If a dog has teeth, the pain of it's bite would be sharp, and ripping. Without teeth, a dog still has a powerful mouth, but without the sharpness. So the pain is probably a pressing, throbbing continuous pain. I suggested a mixed metaphor because there is a saying "like a dog gnawing a bone" meaning something that just doesn't stop. So Tyrion's pain seems to be dull but never ending. Also, a dog without teeth can't really do damage to the bone, so the pain is coming to an end, but it's still there.

The phrase actually conjures up a lot of images.

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? How to explain that!

Have you ever been bitten by a dog? Has a baby ever chewed on your hand before it has teeth?

To gnaw is to bite and chew at something. Say you had a bone with meat on it - you would gnaw it (well maybe not, but I would). So the pain is biting at Tyrion - but it's not a sharp pain, because there are no teeth, so it is a dull pain like being bitten by somebody with no teeth!

ETA Ah-ha Fragile Bird swooped in before me!

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now I understand why your bird avatar holds a whip in it's claw

Ahhhh... I was confused, thought Pain was (Podrick) Payne... was wondering how he could gnaw Tyrion without being in the room...

it's getting too late I should get some sleep o_O; Thanks everyone.

well, you see, he creeps in very quietly!

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