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There are multiple pages dedicated to ASOIAF and Westeros fandom on Facebook, and that's awesome. Awhile ago, Lodey and Stego were kind enough to launch a FB page that would be a clearinghouse for BWB information, which they (and now I) think would be a helpful addition to the BWB website and threads here in the BWB subforum.

We see it as a great way to get info out quickly and to reach people who only check this subforum once a week or less. All of the main discussion will happen here, but we want to make sure people are informed of stuff in a timely manner, and so the most number of people can get together and share some drink and stories, and perhaps forge a few new legends. :)

Lodey has been doing a great job maintaining the page over the past few months, and I hope that he'll continue in that role. Mr. X and I will supplement as stuff comes up. You can find us here:


Many thanks again to Lodey and Stego for this!

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