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Perth BwB - A raid by Ser Cam


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Captain Schmooze himself, the master of the Blue Steel, Ser Camaris of the Big Stein, is arriving in our fair city tomorrow (16/9) for an extended working trip.

He has time up his sleeve for a Perth BwB gathering.

This Saturday (20/9) for a night out. I'm thinking the usual type of thing - dinner and drinks at a suitable pub.

As usual, all welcome - n00bs included. If you are a Perth lurker and want to come on out, now's your chance. Chuck a post in here stating your preferred night and any suggestions for a venue. I'm leaning towards Saturday as the best option.

The Place

The Como Hotel - 241 Canning Hwy, Como, WA 6152.

The Time

Saturday 22/9 at 7.30pm.

The List

Ser Camaris






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Not that it really matters, but I feel the need to point out that Saturday is the 22nd...

Personal Facepalm. I'm still not sure what date it is. You'd think that after the gallavanting being done with two weeks ago (was it really that long?) I'd have gotten over that.

Yes, Tom and I will be there, just tell me where, and dont worry if i'm a bit late, will be working that day


I'll suss out some venues tomorrow and post the venue then.

Gillio & Rinzy, are you guys happy to stick with something central or would you prefer somewhere else this time?

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