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'The Winds Of Winter' Death Predictions

Queen of Whores

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I have a feeling that we'll see the end of Cersei in book six, mainly because of two things: 1) She's in a pretty bad situation as it is, and 2) It seems like she has more or less fulfilled her role in aSoIaF, unless G.R.R.M has got something else planned.

I'm also betting on Victarian getting offed, mainly because his quest to retrieve Dany is very unlikely to ever happen, especially given her situation at the end of aDwD. He's probably one of the least important POVs at the moment, especially since we already have three other Ironborne POVs: Aeron, Asha and Theon.

Speaking of which, I also think tWoW will be the end of Theon. A prisoner of Stannis', in a massive snowstorm (is it still going on?) near an enemy stronghold, with his bad pysical condition. Doesn't look to good for Theon.

I have a bad feeling Stannis might be killed in book six, if he isn't already dead (which he 95% chance he probably isn't), although I'm not sure if Stannis will play a further part in aSoIaF, especially if all that AA and PtwP shit is true (which I hope it isn't.)

I'm really worried about Jaime, but I don't think Brienne would openly lead him to his death. I feel that there might be more for our favorite Kingslayer before the end.

There's probably plenty more, but I can't think of any more to write now, so what do you guys think? What are your WoW death predictions?

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Brienne will die when Jaime asks for a trial by combat and is forced to fight her, she will let him kill her due to her being an idiot in love.

I think some Tyrells will start dropping, Cersei is stupid enough to make it happen and it's a bit unfair that they haven't lost anyone yet.

JonCon will die, there's no hope for him, though whether or not it will happen in TWoW is the question.

Theon might actually survive, if he or someone testifies infront of the weirwood that Bran & Rickon live, it could save him.

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Cersei's a good guess, although I reckon Robert Strong'll win the trial by combat and put her back in the game for a while at least.

I think Stannis has much better survival chances than Ramsay and Roose and I'm not sure about Theon either, his story won't feel finished to me until he meets a Stark again and he's nowhere near one.

I don't think anyone in Meereen or at the Wall is that safe.

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My hunch is that Cersei may well survive TWOW, although I suspect that her days in King's Landing are numbered - at some point she is going to leave the capital and return to Casterly Rock, which I suspect will be the ultimate site of 'reunion' between the Lannister siblings.

I'd agree with you that Theon is unlikely to survive the sixth book - his story arc has just about run its course. I'm a bit more ambivalent about Stannis - although I could imagine his death occurring in the next book, I'm also hanging out for the possibility that he has some sort of role left to play in the struggle for the North.

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I suspect both Ghost and Melisandre could bite it resurrecting Jon (the former as Jon's Nissa Nissa and Melisandre because GRRM keeps foreshadowing how costly her magic workings are to her). Victarion is a goner, along with Mago and a few other dothraki, probably a few more from Dany's court. A few sand snakes, possibly Aegon and Connington. Theon and the Boltons and more Frey. Lots of death in the north as the Others finally hit the wall hard.

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Eh I don't think catelyn will allow jamie a trial by combat.

But I think we may see the end of stannis(at least I hope so)

I also think cersei may survive winds. But she won't live through till the end. Unless george really wants to torture readers. Lol.

I think we need a greyjoy death and a tyrell death. Perhaps margery or a brother.

I would like vic to have an epic death. all I hope is that no starks die. They've suffered enough. And I feel they are balanced now. Two boys and two girls.

I would also be curious to see the death of a dragon. I would HATE it. But I could see george killing a dragon before the end.

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Cersei won't die until Tommen and Myrcella die. I think its highly unlikely that all three will die in the Winds of Winter.

Moqorro promised Victarion that he'd get what was coming to him, and I think that includes a horrible death.

The only way Jaime will survive is if he promises Lady Stoneheart that he'll kill Cersei.

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I think Theon might actually make it...

My death predictions for TWOW:

- Shireen

- Tommen or Myrcella, most likely both

- Barristan and/or Jorah

- Davos and/or Osha

- several of the Tyrells

- several of the Martells

- Victarion (and may he also take Aeron the Boring)

- Jon Con (no money on that one)

- maybe Faegon (IMO he'll either bite it in TWOW or go on to win the Game in the end)

- Littlefinger (perhaps not dead but somehow disabled as a player in the Game)

- Hizdar (Dany can't stay married to that non entity)

- Hodor

- Jojen (assuming he's not already paste as he IMO is)

- Wyman Manderly

- Tormund (sniff!)

- Ramsay Bolton

- UnCat

As a Jaime fan, I can't have an objective view on the whole Jaime + Brienne + therefore probably Cersei conundrum. One can only hope against odds and repeat often "GRRM please don't kill off Jaime!"

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In Essos:


Ser Barristan

Daario (please!)



In the North:

Ramsay Bolton


Bowen Marsh




Walder Frey

Margaery (not Cersei)

Tommen (not Myrcella)

Mace Tyrell

One of the Sand Snakes

Catelyn (permanently)

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Part of me feels like Cercei will be cast out and end up in a whorehouse somehow by the end.

Lancel Lannister will be killed by Robert Strong

In what will be the most awesome 2 second duel ever. I suspect GRRM has been cackling at this set up for years, cold open, "Oh shit this was a bad idea" Lancel thought as the steel bludgeoned through it skull.

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