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2 Maps I would like to contribute

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I have 2 maps that I would like to contribute to this wiki. Please see the links below:



These maps were taken from my iPhone/iPad app project (an offline spoiler-free guide to the book). The content of the app is mostly taken from this wiki. However, my app was rejected by Apple telling me that I need an authorization from HBO in order for my app to be published at the Appstore.

I already contacted George R.R. Martin and HBO for help but I didn't receive any reply from them. :(

As a huge fan of the book, I just want to give something to the fans to enhance their reading experience. I hope that these maps would be useful enough to the readers.

Lastly, I would like these maps to be available to this wiki website only (meaning no other wiki website or apps can use these maps). Also, some parts of the map are just speculative so please let me know in case you have suggestions on how I can improve and make the map accurate. You can contact me on the feedback page of the app's website:


Thank you.

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An excellent map, but note that, as it is drawn from the HBO map, it is not canon for the books. The Lands of Ice and Fire, a canon map book due out in three weeks based on George R.R. Martin's own maps, will be canon and feature the first official maps for the lands of the east (basically, everything east of Slaver's Bay on the HBO map has been completely re-envisaged). It's also worth noting that even on the HBO version, Yi Ti, Asshai and the Shadow Lands are a vast distance off the eastern edge of the map. I'd hold fire on doing anything Lands has come out.

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