Comparisons of The Black Swan/Swan Lake: In the movie as well as the play the Black Swan is the more powerful and seductress force. She is the manipulator. Swans have two colors-black and white just like what Arya wears as a FM. TV Tropes mentioned how the movie had the trope of the dead girl. Jaqen called Arya sweet boy. The old man in the Peach called Arya his sweet peach. The waif told her that she must be blind until darkness is as sweet to her as the light is so there's the black and white symbolism there. Jaqen told her that Jaqen was as dead as Arry and Arya once said that Arya Stark was dead. As well as Cat when the water washed off her identity. It was mentioned how swans are usually portrayed as peaceful but when they get angry they can cause quite a ruckus. In Black Swan Nina is told by her instructor that she does not have what it takes to be the Black Swan. The KM is often telling Arya that she does not have what it takes to be one of the FM which makes Arya want it more and try to work harder. Nina is overwhelmed by her insecurities and her strive for perfection. Arya also has had insecurities and had a need to please the KM but she's not to the point where it's a serious problem like with Nina. Nina's instructor is trying to get her be more wild like Odile but the KM is trying to subdue Arya's wildness with getting her to be more disciplined. When Nina takes drugs she is able to let go and in some glimpses the viewer can see her turning into Odile the Black Swan. She told her mother: There are a lot of mirrors shown in the film as we see Nina's transformation into her role. Arya has her Myrish mirror where she must learn to rule her face in order to assume her future roles. All of the above tropes can potentially apply to Arya's arc. Nina is also a dancer as a ballerina. Arya is associated with being a water dancer and as of late wood dancer. Their legs are important: Balance is also important which Arya learned from Syrio. She utilized it again in order to not spill Roose's drink because he would flay her if she did and the KM's exercises. The recurring idea that in order to assume the role Nina must dance like no one is watching. That will allow her to loosen up. A good quote: Arya would be the opposite because she likes to get wet in the sea and if anything would be more the Odile (Black Swan) than Odette (White Swan).