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Shipboard Melee Logbit

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So, last night we had a good melee - and some hilarity in the OOC comments on the +roleplay channel. For those that couldn't make it, here's a small sample from one of the highlights of the melee - the teams are down to 8 versus 2 -- and somehow, it ends up at 2 versus 2!

The +roleplay channel was full of hilarity, but it's hard to understand without seeing the other activity going on in the actual scene, so I've pulled part of it here for viewer entertainment.

[00:00:01] <Roleplay> Jyana red-rovers Greydon back over. I'm heading in for Rafe, if Ryckon's going to back out.

[00:00:06] Lucos leans to Aliona and nods towards Walton. "That one has the tenacity to succeed anywhere. I'm still hoping he takes that Westerling down a peg or two.

[00:00:10] Humfrey Westerling sees his cousin fall and lunges at the Smallwood intent on avenging him for his brutal shield bashes, the erstwhile heir's blow whistles toward Walton coming down at the Smallwood's left pauldron.

[00:00:18] <Roleplay> Ryckon will assume that he is allowed to attack Rafe while running away if no one says not to.

[00:00:18] <Roleplay> Garlan says, "Anyone mind if I jump in?"

[00:00:30] <Roleplay> Jyana does not mind.


[00:00:31] Merys emerges from the water on his own power, though after quite a bit of time. He has a slight limp, and his squire helps him walk off after he reaches solid ground.


[00:00:36] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "Go for it, Garlan."

[00:00:38] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "Actually who should attack first H Walton?"

[00:00:48] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "Go save your team. It's down to Walton and Rafe, and then the other team is... much larger.

[00:00:51] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "H or Walton, rather?"

[00:00:55] <Roleplay> Walton says, "I attacked and brought Jan down, but I don't know if you want to give me a chance at a first blow?

[00:01:00] <Roleplay> Mara says, "YOu might actually knock him out anyway, Ryckon."

[00:01:06] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "I'll go then"

[00:01:08] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Maybe Garlan has been in a standoff with Tormund?"

[00:01:09] "Marbrand!" The shout of the Prester lordling comes too late to save Jan, as do his steps, too slow on the deck of the wobbling longship as they would have been on land. He does not, however, hesitate, and he comes to land a blow with his axe against the Buckler retainer's right shoulder.

[00:01:13] Humfrey attacks Walton with his sword...

[00:01:13] ...with no result as the two warriors battle!

[00:01:20] Farin attacks Walton with his mass weapon...

[00:01:20] ...and sees his blow go astray!

[00:01:29] <Roleplay> Janden says, "Walton's nuts."

[00:01:29] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "Woah"

[00:01:31] <Roleplay> Mara says, "Man, Walton..."

[00:01:32] <Roleplay> Farin says, "We suck, H."

[00:01:37] <Roleplay> Damia swoons over Walton

[00:01:41] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "That works, Walton. And now he disengages with Tormund and goes with the rest of the bunch."

[00:01:44] <Roleplay> Elrone says, "Or Walton is actually that awesome."

[00:02:12] Garlan shrugs himself off from his prolonged entanglement with Tormund and joins ranks with his team

[00:02:24] Elrone has reconnected.

[00:02:24] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "Don't look at me, I just walked from the Golden Tooth to the Crag, barefoot."

[00:02:28] Aliona nods over to Lucos, "Ser Walton was Lord Buckler's Master of Arms at Bronzegate. You can see why can't you?"

[00:02:41] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "So, who's free that Garlan can go smack around?"

[00:02:42] Argh! More of them! They're everywhere! Walton can't get rid of one, or two, before there's two more on him. Farin and.. wait, who's that, Humfrey? Again? Didn't Walton knock him down earlier? The Smallwood knight stands his ground, bleeding from his mouth, and blocks and parries Humfreys attempts, then Farin narrowly misses. That leaves a moment for him to try to counter, and he attempts a reflexive overhand blow against Humfrey while staying on the defensive.

[00:02:46] Walton attacks Humfrey with his sword...

[00:02:47] ...with no result as the two warriors battle!

[00:02:52] Elrone has partially disconnected.

[00:02:55] <Roleplay> Farin says, "And I've been busy taking down three other guys. I can't carry the team forever!

[00:02:55] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "Greydon can get smacked around."

[00:03:20] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "Took down three guys too, heh. Well one guy twice, then another guy once =)"

[00:03:34] The fight is not going particularly well for Ryckon, and Andred seems to be doing a better job of fighting Rafe. Grumbling at the hit against his shoulder, he aims a short, vicious swing at Rafe's side and then immediately staggers back before he can see its effect. Only when he is a safe distance away does he pause to see its effect, ready to charge back in if necessary.

[00:03:36] <Roleplay> Walton says, "If you take out me, we're even.

[00:03:38] Ryckon attacks Rafe with his mass weapon...

[00:03:38] ...with no result as the two warriors battle!

[00:03:50] <Roleplay> Farin says, "Then we'd better win this one or we both indeed do suck, H."

[00:03:50] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "But I'm going to pose Greydon trying to take advantage of Rafe's back to him; Garlan can come swooping in, or Rafe can turn around and get the advantage, or whatever. "

[00:03:55] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "Yeah, no, I can't hit this guy."


[00:04:01] "Fuck," is the single word issuing forth from Greydon's mouth as he sees Romny go down from the bite of a shield. He steps back towards the middle of that deck, flexing his grip once more--


[00:04:01] But Rafe comes into view, and that trajectory changes. Without a word, without a smile, he looks as if about to sneak an attack on the man's back--


[00:04:39] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "You said, it man. You go for his neck and I'lll go for his groin."

[00:05:32] Garlan adopts an aggressive transformation on his face and steps forward with drive. He steps in front of Walton and swings his sword in a swift glancing motion at Greydon.

[00:05:34] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "So there--Greydon's open for Garlan to attack, or Rafe."

[00:05:40] Garlan attacks Greydon with his sword...

[00:05:40] ...and has his blow intercepted by Greydon's shield.

[00:05:49] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "Oh, good--there we go!"

[00:05:51] <OOC> Walton says, "So Garlan intercepted Greydon"

[00:05:56] <OOC> Jyana says, "Right."

[00:06:29] <Roleplay> Andred says, "It's just me on Rafe then if anyone wants to join."

[00:06:47] <Roleplay> Walton says, "It's just Tormund left apart from those engaged, right?"

[00:06:50] <Roleplay> Walton says, "And Romny"

[00:07:22] Romny is down, but not out -- and he isn't down long, for all that. He stands, ready to fight again, though Walton is otherwise engaged. And so Romny Saltcliffe, Captain of the Defier, turns his merciless eyes upon the fallen Marbrand.


[00:07:23] "Soft," he says, rubbing his bruised chin. "Clean up -my- messes? Funny, that." He marches around the fallen westerman, his back to the crowd now -- and to the rail. "My cousin's so-called 'squire' thought to clean up after me and lost some fingers for it. Soft, all of you soft."

[00:07:24] Again, it is Humfrey's speed and nimbleness that saves him, at the last moment, he lifts his shield and Walton's blade bites into it, shearing three of the white shells in twain. Humfrey does not hesitate, but for the middle of Walton's cuirass, low in an effort to take Walton in the left lung and wind him.

[00:07:31] Humfrey attacks Walton with his sword...

[00:07:32] ...and has his blow intercepted by Walton's shield.

[00:07:34] The Warden's first attack against the Smallwood does not connect - both men are swaying too much on the deck - but Farin turns himself and aims, this time, taking a moment to wait for the right timing of the ship and its momentum to carry his blow.


[00:07:40] The sudden swipe from the Hunter's comes as surprise--but just so, Greydon's shield shoots up to knock it aside. Quick, then, is his rejoinder: a stabbing blow just from beneath that shield, straight to the gut.


[00:07:41] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "Woah."

[00:07:44] Farin attacks Walton with his mass weapon...

[00:07:44] ...and strikes him with a powerful blow!


[00:07:45] Walton is staggered by Farin's blow, but manages to keep his feet!

[00:07:49] Greydon attacks Garlan with his mass weapon...

[00:07:49] ...and strikes him with a powerful blow!

[00:07:53] <Roleplay> Janden says, "Crazy"

[00:08:19] <Roleplay> Farin says, "Ugh. 0 seamanship and he kept his feet on a powerful blow in the red? That's so beastly."

[00:08:42] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "It's your fault. You didn't lock up Ryckon's roids."

[00:08:50] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "Good lord, Walton. ;D"

[00:09:02] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "Clearly they picked the right Master-at-Arms."

[00:09:22] Walton manages to throw up his shield just in time to catch Humfrey's blow for his chest when a strike comes in at good timing from the other side, and the Smallwood knight is struck - again - by his opponent. He staggers at the moment and tries to fight his way to anywhere where he could get out of their two-sided assault and have his shield to both of them. Backing off, he tries another quick strike at Humfrey, a blow for his shoulder, mid-stride.

[00:09:27] Walton attacks Humfrey with his sword...

[00:09:27] ...and strikes him with a powerful blow!


[00:09:27] Humfrey is knocked down!

[00:09:30] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "Someone is stealing my roids?! I'LL KILL HIM."

[00:09:40] In his recklessness, Jan leaves his side exposed, which is smashed with Walton's club. His breath knocked out of him, timed with the lurch of ship, causes Jan's sword to clatter to the deck, his blood to come from his mouth, and and his momentum to stumble backwards and hit the deck again. "Shut the hell up, Ironborn! It was your fault for getting in the way in the first place!" he shouts, face red with blood and anger. He gets up, enraged,and charges the Saltcliffe man, tackling him; and they both go tumbling over the side of the ship, two splashes hitting the bay simultaneously.

[00:09:41] <OOC> Missandei says, "And Humfrey is out."

[00:09:44] <Roleplay> Merys gapes.

[00:10:01] <Roleplay> Coran begins a slow clap.

[00:10:02] A bead of sweat drips down Rafe's forehead, even in this cool weather, for the very exertion of this mock combat is enough to heat his body up like a furnace. Off in the distance, while he might not be able to see it clearly, he can make out the impact of weapon against weapon when his lone standing teammate defends against an onslaught of their opponents. After his own body follows into the movement of his attack against Ryckon, the Ironborn man tenses his muscles once more for he knows all too well what is coming next. It's Andred's quick strike that batters down upon his shoulder, forcing him to spin slightly in a quick turn to the side. But that doesn't mean that he lets down his guard and just at the moment of impact, when he is hit, he quickly raises his shield in time to ward of Ryckon's attack. Still recovering from an earlier strike against him from Andred, his movements continue to drag with every step he takes. With that in mind, when he realizes that his chosen opponent is now out of blade's reach, he swerves to bring that blade down against Andred's weapon arm in the hopes that it will do some much needed damage to the opponent who is causing him grief.

[00:10:04] <Roleplay> Janden says, "Jan just hulked out"

[00:10:15] Rafe attacks Andred with his sword...

[00:10:15] ...and strikes him with a shattering blow!


[00:10:16] Andred is knocked down!

[00:10:16] <Roleplay> Jan says, "Sorry team."

[00:10:17] <Roleplay> Humfrey beats Farin over the head with his shield--lock up Rycks roids =P

[00:10:20] Garlan is caught off-guard and off-balance, an amateurish mindset, having missed his opening attack. He absorbs the retalliatory strike and bellows over, trying to keep his feet.

[00:10:24] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Go Team!"

[00:10:24] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "Mother of God"

[00:10:36] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "...Okay, what do I do now?"

[00:10:42] <Roleplay> Balerion says, "Who was the ironborn that Jan rushes?"

[00:10:45] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "Need help with Walton, F?"

[00:10:47] <Roleplay> Janden says, "Run. You run."

[00:10:49] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Romny, Balerion"

[00:10:54] <Roleplay> Walton says, "His teammate"

[00:10:55] <OOC> Katla says, "And Andred is down."

[00:10:55] <Roleplay> Balerion says, "Heh."

[00:11:17] <Roleplay> Balerion says, "So, wait... Jan did an own goal?"

[00:11:24] <Roleplay> Coran grins. Felt like I could safely take him out of the scene and let the PCs have their fun -- but now I'm not so sure with Waltbeast in the mix.

[00:11:41] <Roleplay> Walton says, "So who are left.. Garlan, Rafe and Walton, vs Farin, Tormund and.. ?"

[00:11:46] <Roleplay> Jan says, "Ya, own goal."

[00:11:50] <Roleplay> Humfrey smirks Waltbeast.

[00:11:54] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "Yeah, get your ass back on the boat."

[00:11:56] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Ryckon, too. And Greydon."

[00:12:08] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "Romny, Greydon, Tormund, Farin, Ryckon, I believe."

[00:12:18] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "Unless I totally missed something on one of them."

[00:12:21] <Roleplay> Coran says, "Technically Romny can still get up. I'll get him back on board if he's needed."

[00:12:23] <Roleplay> Walton says, "No, that seems right."

[00:12:45] The Prester lordling stares in disbelief as he manages a terrific blow on the Buckler retainer - and he just keeps plugging, taking down Ser Humfrey without much effort. Steeling himself for another rough blow, Farin simply rears back, times the hit, and sends his axe smashing down towards Walton's collar.

[00:12:49] Farin attacks Walton with his mass weapon...

[00:12:49] ...and sees his blow go astray!

[00:12:57] Garlan groans loudly, huffing in a deep breath. He hangs overbefore bringing the butt of his sword up at his attacker.

[00:13:01] Garlan attacks Greydon with his sword...

[00:13:01] ...and merely strikes a glancing blow!

[00:13:17] <Roleplay> Jan can't help but root for Walton now.

[00:13:27] <Roleplay> Mara says, "Yeah, seriously!"

[00:13:32] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "Yeah. Walton's proving he's pretty badass."

[00:14:08] <Roleplay> Balerion says, "Maybe Bloodaxe should make his presence known and make an end of it."

[00:14:29] <Roleplay> Farin says, "If that involves saving my ass, I'm all for it.\"


[00:14:30] Greydon ducks that next strike with a growl and sidestep. If he's tired, it shows only in the way that he gives no quarter to his opponent--no hesitation for the next attack that snakes from his fighting arm. This time, he aims for the weak spot between head and shoulder, just there at the neck.


[00:14:34] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "And here it was 12:15am, and my husband is *finally* home from being gone for most of a week - and what am I doing? Running scenes for you!"

[00:14:45] Greydon attacks Garlan with his mass weapon...

[00:14:45] ...and strikes him with a powerful blow!


[00:14:45] Garlan is knocked down!

[00:14:46] <Roleplay> Ryckon is going to join Farin against Walton.

[00:14:51] <Roleplay> Mara says, "Thanks, Missandei!"

[00:14:52] <Roleplay> Lucos says, "Yeah... she is."

[00:15:15] <Roleplay> Jan says, "Don't do it, Ryckon. It's suicide."

[00:15:24] Walton stares, if just for a very brief second, as Humfrey goes down after a cracking blow to his shoulder and then he's once again hard-pressed by Farin. At least now it's just one. Walton has reached a place where he can't really back off any more.. and so, he is desperately trying to parry and sidestep the Prester knight's attacks. When there's the slightest opening, Walton attempts to free up some space, again going at him with the shield, trying to slam it in the man's face.

[00:15:29] Walton attacks Farin with his sword...

[00:15:29] ...and strikes him with a powerful blow!

[00:15:29] <Roleplay> Farin says, "No, I've got this. How dangerous could he be?"

[00:16:12] With a limp, Janden seeks to further disengage himself from the ongoing fighting by putting careful, cautious weight on the spot Rafe had attacked. The path is along the ramp back to his own ship so he can sit back down more out of the way, but the motion makes it very slow going and he looks a bit green in the face.

[00:17:05] Ryckon's caution is vindicated as Rafe takes Andred down, and the young Westerling hustles away before he can become the Botley's target again. After a moment he decides to actually pay attention to his direction and he changes it, to where his disowned cousin Humfrey has just been knocked down by Walton, another, less familiar cousin still fighting Farin, Ryckon's former master and Walton's own cousin in turn. Ah, the web of family. He speeds up as much as he can without losing his balance and comes in swinging at Walton's side.

[00:17:15] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "Any objections before I attack?"

[00:17:16] Walton's reverb takes Humfrey in his left side--the Westerland knight grunts and plummets his knees going out from under him. His head hits the deckboards and, yes, there is more blood. He merely lies there for a moment then begins to pull himself away from the carnage, rising to a crookbacked crouch stepping to the edge of the gunwales--gripping his ribs in pain and spitting into the water.

[00:17:25] <Roleplay> Janden says, "Ryckon's gonna end Walton here."

[00:17:29] <Roleplay> Farin says, "Go for it."

[00:17:29] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Most likely"

[00:17:31] Ryckon attacks Walton with his mass weapon...

[00:17:31] ...and sees his blow go wild!


[00:17:35] The young squire proves inefficient in this bout, the strike whacking against his chin as he attempts to dodge it. He falls over onto his side, clutching onto the handle of his sword. If he's going to fall, at least he will remain armed.


[00:17:36] <Roleplay> Janden says, "Or not"

[00:17:39] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "HAH."

[00:17:39] <Roleplay> Walton has some kind of force shield.

[00:17:42] <Roleplay> Merys says, "Oh. My. God."

[00:17:46] <Roleplay> Damia will give WAlton her smallclothes if she takes out Ryckon!


[00:17:49] "Oh, /dammit/," hisses Jyana, who finally releases those ladies to ball up her fists and shake one at the boats. Andred is down, and the Jewel is none too pleased about. Do those septas in the company of the other ladies afford her a glare for such unladylike speech? It seems to matter very little to the young Arryn, who even goes so far as to mutter a word worse than that--though that, at least, is quieter than the last. She sits, then, and crosses her arms with a dark look marring her pretty features.


[00:17:58] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "He's not a man, he's a piece of iron.""

[00:18:02] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "What have I ever done to deserve this?"

[00:18:09] <Roleplay> Damia says, "You know what."

[00:18:11] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Farin will knock me on the next one."

[00:18:23] <Roleplay> Brynden says, "Is he a man or a muppet?"

[00:18:24] Farin is particularly keen not to have his face smashed in, and so his shield arm is raised at an awkward angle to absorb the blow instead - sparing his face, but leaving the Warden gasping in pain at the weight of the shield on his elbow. In a last ditch desparation, the Warden attempts to lock shields, and leans in for the extra close combat...raising his axe, but driving the butt end of it down into the side of Ser Walton's head.

[00:18:27] <Roleplay> Janden says, "I think Walton's avoided more shots in this melee - with no seamanship - than I've avoided in all the melees and bandit hunts I've been in on."

[00:18:35] Farin attacks Walton with his mass weapon...

[00:18:35] ...with no result as the two warriors battle!

[00:18:41] <Roleplay> Farin says, "Nope."

[00:18:47] <Roleplay> Coran says, "BURN THEM WALTON! BURN THEM ALL!!!!"

[00:18:51] <Roleplay> Merys says, "Walton. Walton. Walton."

[00:18:54] <Roleplay> Farin says, "Ryckon's got a better chance of hitting you than I do."

[00:18:56] <Roleplay> Mara says, "who is open on the not Walton-Rafe team?"

[00:19:03] <Roleplay> Janden says, "NOBODY WILL HIT WALTON EVER AGAIN!"

[00:19:03] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "Tormund."

[00:19:11] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "No one puts Walton in the corner?"

[00:19:20] <Roleplay> Jan says, "Walton unlocked Godmode."

[00:19:21] [+POLL] Humfrey (#3667) changes the poll to: Walton: The Legend Continues

[00:19:44] <Roleplay> Janden says, "Now I'm wishing I had the chance to try to hit him."

[00:19:45] <Roleplay> Lucos says, "Walton's name should be changed to Kwai Chang Kane"


[00:19:53] Greydon dispenses of the Hunter knight easily, and moves again to his original target--


[00:19:53] "BOTLEY," he bellows to Rafe, swaying with the rocking of the deck beneath their feet, "Let us put a proper end to this."


[00:19:56] <Roleplay> Balerion says, "You people are cracking me up."

[00:20:09] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "So, can we do this again sometime?"

[00:20:23] <Staff> Missandei has enjoyed watching how things play out differently with that code-tweak, though.

[00:20:27] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "Yes, please! =)"

[00:20:35] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "Mara, I posed Greydon calling out to Rafe."

[00:20:40] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "Just now."

[00:20:56] Yet another individual joins the fight, and Ryckon's blow seems more bad luck than anything else, since Walton didn't even have time to see it. Farin is then there, locking shields, and it is only with a growl and a push that Walton manages to get the Prester knight away from him, mere moments before the butt of the axe comes down. Narrow miss, and Walton has some space, enough to maintain his shield guard against Farin and try for a blow against the other man's head now that he extended himself.

[00:21:01] <Roleplay> Coran would love that. Well, not Coran, but Ammon. Maybe on solid ground. Without horses. And nothing to drown in.

[00:21:02] Walton attacks Farin with his sword...

[00:21:02] ...and strikes him with a powerful blow!


[00:21:02] Farin is knocked down!


[00:21:06] With Ryckon gone, Andred becomes the target and Rafe strikes true.


[00:21:06] His strike hits Andred in the shoulder of his sword causing him to wobble. He groans out in pain, but those groans are interrupted by his slip. The boy slips backwards falling from the middle ship into the water below. Thankfully, he falls on butt first. It causes quite a splash and causing water to lap against the long ship's hull. The young man does not get up for a moment and just sits chest deep in water nursing his sore shoulder whilst he is down. He takes off his helmet. Sweat has only made his hair day worse. So, he immerses his head in water then, slowly rises shaking it out like a dog as he walks over to the stands to watch.


[00:21:12] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Farin down.."

[00:21:13] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "Damn."

[00:21:14] <OOC> Missandei says, "And Farin is down."

[00:21:34] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "You guys just might win."

[00:21:45] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "It's 3:3 right?"

[00:21:47] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "Fucking hell, Walton."

[00:21:59] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "Garlan gets a 'remount', right?"

[00:22:00] <Roleplay> Lucos says, "4-3"

[00:22:07] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Yeah, Garlan has his remount"

[00:22:07] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "4:3, I think Greydon, Tormund, Romny, RYckon vs Garlan, Walton, Rafe."

[00:22:20] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "Garlan's getting up now, and will be open for an opponent."

[00:22:35] <Roleplay> Farin says, "Well H, it's official. We suck."

[00:22:38] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "Message for Tormund: HELP."

[00:22:47] <Roleplay> Balerion says, "Everyone still in has been knocked down once, right?"

[00:22:51] <Roleplay> Walton says, "This is the most epic scene I've been in for... ages."

[00:22:55] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Yes, Balerion"

[00:22:55] Lucos stands and claps as Walton strikes the decisive blow knocking Humfrey to the deck. "Walton may not have given Humfrey the ducking he deserves, but I'll give him a gold dragon none the less. This is an impressive showing."

[00:23:09] Trebor has disconnected.


[00:23:24] Damia gives Jyana's arm a pat. "He's done very well, and it appears that he is alright. Oh!" And then Andred slips. But he gets up. "There, see? He's quite alright, and he made a fabulous showing." But anyone's showing is overshadowed by Walton. And Damia's eyes, like most eyes, gravitate back to him. "That man is like a beast - look how he moves through all those Knights. Oh! Even my dear cousin has fallen before him!" Damia gasps at that, hands coming up to cover her mouth in surprise.


[00:23:28] Rafe's attack does more damage that he had expected, but with the wildness and brutality of his swings in this weary condition, perhaps, he did not estimate his own strength. Still, there is no time to rest and once he spots Walton doing his best to rid himself of all the nuisances in his corner, the Botley knight takes one step in that direction before a shout catches his attention. "Well, well." The Ironborn captain responds to Greydon's call. "Let's have it at then." His weaponhand clutching tightly around the hilt of his blade, he moves with a renewed vigor as he closes the distance between Greydon and himself, his arm raised to bring the blunt of his blade down on the Greyjoy's weapon arm.


[00:23:30] Getting back onto his feet, Garlan places both hands on the handle of his sword. He surveys the melee in front of him, seeking an opportunity to make a more positive impact for himself and his team.


[00:23:34] <Roleplay> Balerion says, "Romny's fresh though. Or is he still overboard?"

[00:23:38] Rafe attacks Greydon with his sword...

[00:23:38] ...and strikes him with a hard blow!

[00:23:41] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Romny was knocked once too"

[00:23:51] And there, far away from the fighting, on the edge of a rail: a hand. Another. And a sodden Romny Saltcliffe pulls himself, smiling around the edge of his dulled blade, from the water. No fear of drowning for this follower of the Drowned God. Little by little, the Captain of the Defier makes his way back aboard and onto the deck.

[00:23:51] <Roleplay> Janden says, "I'm thinking Romny needs back into this"

[00:24:25] <Roleplay> Damia says, "Okay guys. Walton definitely needs a nickname after this melee."

[00:24:31] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "Fine. Tormund, or Romny: Help before I die."

[00:24:39] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Is there a way to get those bynames?"

[00:24:44] <Roleplay> Janden says, "Hard to do without an SP "

[00:24:48] <Roleplay> Lucos says, "Walton the Wall: he never falls."

[00:24:49] <Roleplay> Farin says, "You have to spend an SP to get one."

[00:24:54] <Roleplay> Balerion says, "Can be purchased with an SP, yes."

[00:25:00] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Ok, gotcha."

[00:25:05] <Roleplay> Coran says, "SP. But someone can name you after this, perhaps. And then you'll have IC justification for when you get the SP to spend."

[00:25:08] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "And if people +nom after this event (*cough* Hint! REMEMBER TO NOM!) he may get that SP."

[00:25:20] <Roleplay> Janden says, "And remember to add an event to your char"


[00:25:22] A grunt registers that blow against Greydon's striking arm. The arm falls beneath the pain, but at least this time his grip does not loosen and drop his weapon. It leaves him with little choice, then, but to try and bull into the other ironborn with his shield. The Greyjoy throws his full weight into the rush, growling a litany of curses.


[00:25:31] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Oh I will. Damn."

[00:25:33] Greydon attacks Rafe with his mass weapon...

[00:25:33] ...and strikes him with a swift blow!


[00:25:34] Rafe is knocked down!

[00:25:38] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Noo"

[00:25:41] <Roleplay> Janden says, "Especially as the month is almost over, noms are important"

[00:25:45] <Roleplay> Mara says, "Take them all out, Walton!"

[00:25:49] <OOC> Missandei says, "And Rafe is down."

[00:25:50] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Me and Garlan."

[00:25:53] <Roleplay> Farin says, "Huzzah!"


[00:25:57] Tormund straightens from his position, indolently leaning against a mast. The bloody red axe, though only paint today, bounces in his hands as he surveys the three remaining men - one ironborn, one knight, and one squire. "Now, which of you wants to play with the Bloodaxe? I've danced with you," he points with the axe to Garlan, "and you," and he points again to Walton -- and then Rafe goes down, a second time. "Ah, so. Who would dance again?"


[00:26:00] Ryckon begins to remark to Farin, "I thought I was done saving--" but he is cut short as Farin falls rather than being saved after all. Well, then. It seems like Ryckon is left alone against the Buckler-sworn man who has defeated so very many of his compatriots, and he can only try to stem the tide. He finds a spot that is hopefully exposed and propels his mace into it with a short, vicious swing.

[00:26:02] <Roleplay> Andred says, "so put pants and shower on or watch the end of this melee? hmmmmm..."

[00:26:05] <Roleplay> Janden wants a part of that bounty!

[00:26:05] <Roleplay> Farin says, "Ryckon, do that thing I taught you."

[00:26:05] Elrone has disconnected.

[00:26:05] Ryckon attacks Walton with his mass weapon...

[00:26:05] ...and sees his blow go astray!

[00:26:05] Elrone has connected.

[00:26:07] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Garlan, you take Greydon and Bloodaxe."

[00:26:13] <Roleplay> Farin says, "No, the other thing."

[00:26:14] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "What thing?"

[00:26:23] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "Running away like a coward?"

[00:26:30] <Roleplay> Farin says, "That's the one."

[00:26:40] <Roleplay> Coran says, "Melee, Dred. Join us."

[00:26:47] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "You're such a good teacher."


[00:27:07] Katla claps her hands together in unadulterated joy as Walton manages, against all odds, to survive an unending stream of blows, and knocking down not only Humfrey but Farin as well in short order. Then Rafe is down - but Garlan, her husband's squire, is back up again, and her eyes are on the young Hunter.


[00:27:07] <Roleplay> Janden says, "Be as scuzzy as your character, Andred."

[00:27:18] <Roleplay> Coran says, "My noms are done early this month."

[00:27:27] A moment's respite, and another miss from Ryckon, as Walton takes a step back and re-steadies himself, panting hard as he tries to do so. He exchanges a few light feints, trying to gather some strength before he suddenly lunges for Ryckon, trying for a blow with his mace from below while the shield is aimed for the man's chest.. and possibly chin.

[00:27:27] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "Same here."

[00:27:33] Walton attacks Ryckon with his sword...

[00:27:33] ...and strikes him with a shattering blow!


[00:27:34] Ryckon is knocked down!

[00:27:34] <Roleplay> Marrik says, "how do noms work?"

[00:27:37] <Roleplay> Damia says, "YES!"

[00:27:39] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "Damnit."

[00:27:49] Garlan is more spirited than smart to re-engage, but keen to make amends, he chases after Greydon. Both hands on the handle of his sword, he launches a powerful attack against Greydon, aiming directly for the chest.

[00:27:51] There's no +help available for advancement noms.

[00:27:51] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "Noms done been done for over a week."

[00:27:53] Garlan attacks Greydon with his sword...

[00:27:53] ...and strikes him with a hard blow!


[00:27:53] Greydon is knocked down!

[00:27:57] <Roleplay> Janden says, "Wow"

[00:28:00] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "+help advancement nom"

[00:28:00] <Roleplay> Damia throws her smallclothes onto the field.

[00:28:02] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Garlan!"

[00:28:02] <Roleplay> Farin says, "Ffffffff"

[00:28:03] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "At least I survived for slightly longer than--WHAT THE SHIT, GARLAN?"

[00:28:04] <Roleplay> Balerion says, "No way."

[00:28:06] <Roleplay> Walton says, "We are officially 2 vs 2."

[00:28:11] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "WELL DAMN."

[00:28:12] <OOC> Missandei says, "And Greydon and Ryckon are out."

[00:28:15] <Roleplay> Elrone says, "ahahahahaha"

[00:28:15] <Roleplay> Andred says, "Damn. I think i have to stay stay now."

[00:28:24] <Roleplay> Marrik says, "if we lose i'm going to burn down kings landing"

[00:28:25] <Roleplay> Farin says, "Well maybe if SOMEONE hadn't betrayed our team!"

[00:28:26] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "Katla's gonna kiss you, Garlan."

[00:28:33] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "And then send a letter to Gylbert."

[00:28:36] <Roleplay> Walton says, "From 8 vs 2.. to 7 vs 3.. to 2 vs 2."

[00:28:40] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "and then apologize to her cousin."

[00:28:56] <Roleplay> Coran says, "Garlan and Walton vs. Romny and Tormund?"

[00:29:10] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Yep."

[00:29:11] <Roleplay> Balerion says, "I almost passed out, I'm laughing so hard."

[00:29:21] <Roleplay> Farin says, "Greenlanders vs. Ironmen."

[00:29:28] <Roleplay> Walton says, "How many knockouts in a row was that?"

[00:29:38] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "Damnit, and we have to root for the ironmen. This is awful."

[00:29:41] <Roleplay> Garlan says, "Yeah, a bit surprised at that one!"

[00:29:46] Humfrey spits another mouth of blood into the waters and despite his two defeats at the hand of Ser Walton--he finds himself smiling through bloody teeth as Walton cuts down men left and right--until, at last, the odds are even. The one-time heir turns his bloody and bruised face from the gunwales and smiles through a bloody mouth. He brings his hands together and begins to clap.

[00:30:00] <Roleplay> Jan says, "Walton is Bruce Willis in Unbreakable or something."

[00:30:05] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Nm, I struck Farin once without knocking him."


[00:30:16] Watching Garlan knock Greydon down - and Walton strike down the Botley captain, Tormund looks to Romny. "Looks like it's us versus them," he calls, stepping forward to the two greenland men, axe still bouncing. "So. Which one of you will swing at me? I'll let you pick. Or will you try me both at once?"


[00:30:21] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "Walton is Chuck Norris's bastard."

[00:30:22] <Roleplay> Farin says, "Damn right. Because I'm awesome."

[00:30:27] <Staff> Missandei says, "That was pretty impressive from Garlan."

[00:30:29] <Roleplay> Janden says, "This seems fitting: http://youtu.be/Rm5K3xJHNNI"


[00:30:29] The sweet taste of success sours quickly--just as Greydon recovers from tipping over the Botley man, a powerful strike lands across his chest... and relieves the Greyjoy of his breath and balance entirely. The young man falls hard, sprawling against the deck before curling himself around the pain throbbing beneath his well and truly dented breastplate.


[00:30:31] <Staff> Missandei says, "The code has smiled on him."

[00:30:33] <Roleplay> Janden says, "Very very short clip"

[00:30:45] You take Eurik.

[00:30:46] <Roleplay> Walton says, "So who gets the first attack now? Whoever poses it first, or do we determine it somehow?"

[00:30:46] You take Urron.

[00:30:52] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Since no one is engaged"

[00:30:57] <Roleplay> Jared says, "Whoa."

[00:30:58] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Or player characters before NPCS?"

[00:31:03] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "You can smack him first."

[00:31:04] <Roleplay> Jared says, "Walton, did you just rambo your way through the melee?"

[00:31:11] <Roleplay> Walton says, ".. Yeah. It looks like it"

[00:31:19] <Roleplay> Damia says, "Walton the Unbreakable"

[00:31:23] <Roleplay> Janden says, "and he has NO SEAMANSHIP"

[00:31:24] <Roleplay> Jared says, "Seriously, dude, I step away for 20 minutes and we were losing and now you out badassed everyone!"

[00:31:34] <Roleplay> Farin says, "I liked Walton the Wall."

[00:31:39] <Roleplay> Elrone says, "It's pretty epic."

[00:31:43] <Staff> Missandei says, "Bal, so -- how much thumb on the scale you got?"

[00:32:11] <Roleplay> Damia says, "Men want to be him. Women want to be with him from afar."

[00:32:17] Soft padded leather on the deck, squelching from the wet. He slips quietly along, eyes on the squire and the man who has proved the match for everyone. Romny turns to Tormund. "I'd have taken this bastard out from behind, if you'd kept your mouth shut, Bloodaxe. Let's have an end to it, then. Easy as that."


[00:32:17] And Romny rushes toward Walton, blade flashing.

[00:32:26] <Roleplay> Brynden says, "The Iron Oak."

[00:32:30] Romny attacks Walton with his mass weapon...

[00:32:30] ...and strikes him with a powerful blow!


[00:32:31] Walton is knocked down!

[00:32:33] Walton takes every moment he can get to recover some of his exhaustion. He just stands there.. his shield still held high, looking from one to the other. "I will get the nobody, I can knock him out, just survive against the Blood.. whoever, for a moment, the Old one" he says, coughing in between words and spitting blood at the end.

[00:32:34] <OOC> Walton says, "Hey.."

[00:32:36] <Roleplay> Janden says, "FINALLY"

[00:32:37] <Roleplay> Damia says, "Noooo!"

[00:32:39] <Roleplay> Walton says, "They said I would go first?"

[00:32:41] <Roleplay> Jan says, "Noooooo."

[00:32:46] <Roleplay> Dermett says, "Do you, Damia?"

[00:32:46] Fresh off of yet another miss, Ryckon is unable to collect himself before Walton charges at him and knocks off his balance. He flails his arms in the air for a moment trying to collect himself but his great mass brings him down and he topples to the ground, rolling toward the edge and helped along by the ship's heaving. Swearing, he attempts to catch himself on the railing. "Seven hells, shit, no--" But it is to no avail, and he tumbles into the water with a clumsy splash.

[00:32:49] <Roleplay> Jan says, "I mean, yay?"

[00:32:49] <Roleplay> Coran says, "Oh shit, did they? I didn't see that!"

[00:33:01] <Roleplay> Damia says, "Hell yes, husband"

[00:33:01] <Roleplay> Marrik says, "still counts!"

[00:33:06] <Roleplay> Damia has already thrown her smallclothes onto the field

[00:33:08] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Missandei just said that we could go first. But I'm okay with either, I don't mind being knocked"

[00:33:17] <Roleplay> Farin says, "Romny spent several rounds out. There's no way Walton should get to go first. ;p"

[00:33:31] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "And now it's two big nasty ironborn against one squire."

[00:33:36] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "Garlan, pick one and smack him! ;)"

[00:33:48] <Roleplay> Janden says, "They're gonna take him for a saltwife."

[00:34:00] <Roleplay> Jyana needs a damn nap after this melee!

[00:34:01] Confident, but tired and sore all over, Rafe brings his blunt edge down hard upon Greydon's weapon arm. The attack seems to have done it's trick in hindering the Greyjoy slightly, but that is not enough. Just as he is about to withdraw his blade arm back and lift up what remains of his battered shield to protect him, his opponent pushes forward to ram shield against shield to drive him further and further back upon the deck of the ship. Rafe tries desparately to regain some ground and to halt his movements, but damage has already been done and through his own weariness, he is unable to put a halt on Greydon before the man pushes him, outright, over the rail of the ship and into the drink. He lands on the water's surface with a big splash!

[00:34:07] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "Poor Bessa"

[00:34:15] <Roleplay> Missandei is so going to bed after this.


[00:34:19] Buoyed by the landing of his decisive blow against Greydon, Garlan steps up to Tormund. He watches as Walton crashes to the floor and, with all of his strength, pierces his sword at his target.


[00:34:26] Garlan attacks Tormund with his sword...

[00:34:27] ...and strikes him with a swift blow!

[00:34:30] Walton barely has time to say that he'll take Romny before the Ironborn is on him, and he takes the revenge for Walton's strike earlier.. and Walton is struck to the deck, his shield not even raised high enough in defense for him to block the blow. He just tumbles. Knocked down, knocked out.

[00:34:42] When Walton takes out Ryckon, Damia is almost leaping from her seat with joy, and she cheers the man softly. "So well done! So very well done! I cannot think of a Knight who has made a better wshowing!" Even after Walton falls, Damia's enthusiasm for the knight's fight seems not to have lessened at all.


[00:34:46] <Roleplay> Balerion says, "I'm going to call Walton Jackie from now on."

[00:35:01] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Can I just roll to see if I would have taken him out, had I rolled? :)"

[00:35:09] <Roleplay> Janden says, "Once it's over?"

[00:35:16] <Roleplay> Balerion says, "No, because that would affect the result. Once it's over maybe."

[00:35:24] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Ah, ok. No problem."


[00:35:49] Elrone Darklyn is slack-jawed, her early bounce steadied in favor of, well, staring. "What- that man, he- he may as well be that entire team. You said he is a Smallwood, Damia?" And even when the man is taken down, she claps with admiration. "I think you are correct, cousin, he is quite fearsome. The Riverlands should be quite proud of him."



[00:36:28] Tormund is struck by the squire and steps back once, almost as if he's surprised that the youth has actually struck him. He laughs once, the sound echoing from his helm, and then he steps forward, axe careening towards a favoured place, the sword-arm, to knock the blade from the greenlander youth's hand - or break his arm. Whichever happens.


[00:36:32] Ser Farin takes a knock to the noggin, and is more surprised that one managed to get through than anything else. The shock of it makes him lose his grip on the shield he had locked in with Walton's, and comes at an unfortunate time during the rolling of the waves. Farin falls back, and stumbles over the form of some other combatant who had fallen earlier, and twists to catch himself - which he doesn't, crashing hard onto the deck.

[00:36:35] Tormund attacks Garlan with his mass weapon...

[00:36:35] ...and has his blow intercepted by Garlan's shield.

[00:37:21] <Roleplay> Elrone senses a knighting in Garlan's future if he can but stand up the longest.

[00:37:25] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "If Garlan actually wins this someone should knight him."

[00:37:30] <Roleplay> Jyana eyes the +melee/scan. If Garlan manages to win this, he should so totally get--dammit, altself.

[00:37:31] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "Haha, great minds"

[00:37:38] <Roleplay> Janden says, "Well, he was out the whole way, hiding ;)"

[00:37:39] <Roleplay> Missandei idly points to the fact that Justyn is present.

[00:37:54] Garlan is unamused by his aggressor's humor. He spots the attack and places all of his weight behind his shield, glancing the attack off of him. He has no time for jokes, and slices his sword at Tormund's side.

[00:37:57] Garlan attacks Tormund with his sword...

[00:37:57] ...and strikes him with a swift blow!

[00:38:01] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "Smart squire, that. ;D"

[00:38:06] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "Pff. No one knighted me when I won a melee."

[00:38:19] Orson has disconnected.

[00:38:23] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "I wanted to -eyes Farin-"

[00:38:27] Orson has connected.

[00:38:30] <Roleplay> Elrone says, "You were also 16. Garlan is 18."

[00:38:37] <Roleplay> Farin says, "It was a teeny tiny melee."

[00:39:01] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "This is on ships, against cutthroat ironborn. Two of them, in fact."

[00:39:10] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "You people suck."

[00:39:13] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "Like a fisher price "my first melee""

[00:39:16] <Roleplay> Balerion says, "This is my dramatization of Walton's performance: http://youtu.be/YPT7...mp0VdU?t=3m38s"

[00:39:33] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "Except for Humfrey. I'm still not letting you back into the apartment, though."

[00:39:48] <Roleplay> Jyana says, "Oh, I'm sorry Ryck--managing to get knighted at 16, anyway, is so drab in comparison."

[00:40:23] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "I think some of the KG need to buy it, so that Rycky has a shot =P"

[00:40:27] <Roleplay> Orson says, "Is there a way to play Ironborn?"

[00:40:41] <Roleplay> Dermett points and laughs at Ryckon.


[00:40:52] Another blow - and more surprise, and the plate dents a bit with Garlan's strike, and a gauntleted hand reaches down to touch the dent. "Brave little squire. Unexpected, I think, but brave enough, and skilled to strike the master-at-arms of Pyke." And then Tormund rushes forward, his body weight and speed behind the swing of his axe as it comes swinging at Garlan.


[00:41:01] <Roleplay> Walton says, "Let's focus on Garlan and the epic finish of this."

[00:41:01] Tormund attacks Garlan with his mass weapon...

[00:41:01] ...and strikes him with a shattering blow!

[00:41:06] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "Grrr . . . packs up his tapestry and goes to the three hills."

[00:41:10] <Roleplay> Ryckon says, "You people suck."

[00:41:26] <Roleplay> Elrone laughs. Awesome dramatization, Bal.

[00:41:28] Humfrey has disconnected.

[00:41:55] Humfrey has connected.


[00:42:14] Damia nods again. "I believe so. I cannot preceisly recall - I believe I met him while I was with Ser Dermett and Lady Simona, but Lady Simona's daughter was selecting her first mount and she was quite dear about it, and I was quite distracted." She smooths her hands over her legs. "Although he shalln't win, I hope his performance will be called out for his bravery, strength and fortitude."


[00:42:21] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "did I miss anything after the ironborn comment? I am logging"

[00:42:27] <Roleplay> Brynden says, "THis is like it too:

[00:42:29] <Roleplay> Balerion says, "Nope."

[00:42:37] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "And I got Damia's. Cool cool"

[00:42:57] <Roleplay> Walton is overwhelmed by all your comments. :)

[00:43:10] <Roleplay> Damia invites Walton over to dine

[00:43:35] <Roleplay> Dermett says, "Going tio be a popular guy, Walt."

[00:43:56] <Roleplay> Dermett says, "Especially if you start selling meth."

[00:44:07] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "Dude, we're cousins"

[00:44:43] <Roleplay> Missandei is just superbly proud of Marrik, Walton and Garlan, who have all been around for less than two weeks - "Well, Walton just under two weeks. Marrik just got approved yesterday, I think, and Garlan today."

[00:44:46] <Roleplay> Walton says, "So we are. Why do you think I went for you? ;)"

[00:44:48] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "And damn fine showings, all."


[00:44:55] The axe crashes against the squire's shield, which only manages to deflect some of the damage, as it smashes into his shoulder. He ignores the conversation, or perhaps has no choice but to reserve all of his energy toward another attack. Taking the sword in his unhurt arm, he swings deftly, despite his exhaustion.


[00:44:59] Garlan attacks Tormund with his sword...

[00:45:00] ...and sees his blow go wild!

[00:45:21] Romny steps over the fallen man, his eye on the fight between Garlan and the young squire. He watches the match disinterestedly, leaning against the mast of the ship.

[00:45:27] <Roleplay> Marrik sighs, "Just wish I could have made it a little longer in the melee."

[00:45:39] <Roleplay> Missandei says, "You did well - you knocked down Eurik handily.""

[00:45:41] <Roleplay> Janden still has some dancing to do soon.

[00:45:47] <Roleplay> Walton says, "I knew I should have stayed with Jared and finished Tormund at the start.. I knocked him down once, after all."

[00:45:47] <Roleplay> Humfrey says, "The Smallwoods and Westerlings show their affection by bearing the crap out of each other."

[00:45:50] <Roleplay> Merys laughs at Marrik.

[00:45:51] <Roleplay> Farin says, "If you hadn't taken down Eurik to begin with, we wouldn't have had a shot."

[00:45:53] <Roleplay> Coran shares Dei's sentiments.

[00:46:07] <Roleplay> Janden says, "That's why it's a team effort."

[00:46:12] <Roleplay> Jan says, "Ya, great job all of you."

[00:46:14] <Roleplay> Walton thanks Missandei. It makes me really happy to hear. :)

[00:46:37] <Roleplay> Marrik stabs Merys 50 times, "What was that?"

[00:47:01] <Roleplay> Merys dies from being stabbed and so cannot respond.


[00:47:15] Tormund glances over at Romny, muttering an oath, something that might have to do with salt-wives and too much rum, and then the ironman neatly avoids the wild blow from the young squire. "Practice, though," he advises, flipping the visor of his helm up, "not so damn cocky." And a swing, something almost as indolent as Romny's stance, the blunted axe heading for Garland's chest.


[00:47:23] Tormund attacks Garlan with his mass weapon...

[00:47:23] ...and strikes him with a hard blow!


[00:47:24] Garlan is knocked down!

[00:47:31] <Roleplay> Marrik cheers

[00:47:37] <Roleplay> Janden says, "Winner, winner, chicken dinner."

[00:47:37] <Roleplay> Elrone says, "Thanks for running this Dei :)"

[00:47:39] <OOC> Missandei says, "Damn fine scene, folks."

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