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US Politics: Freakout the Second


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You know that scene in Goonies when they turn over the one pirate skeleton and there are daggers in both of the eye sockets...? Yeah. That's really how easy on the eyes she is...

:lol: That's pure hatin'

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So novel to go through the election in Ohio rather than Utah. You're welcome for those two votes, (me and husband, not me being FRAUD.)

"The polls are closed, we're going to go ahead and call Utah for Romney" So bold, CNN!

So, so happy with the senate tea-bagger defeats.

snow "yaaaaaaaaaaaaay" leo

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Sniff. Johnnie come-late-lies, you Aussies. We already have millions of Americans, the ones too cheap to buy a plane ticket. They just load up the truck and move north.


And Minnesota called for Obama!

You get the right kind, it looks like we're getting the dregs.

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