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Rhaegar Targaryen


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Lol, I've never heard that before. But no, TH is a handsome, dashing looking fella to be sure but I don't know if he's as gorgeous as Rhaegar is often described. Hunnam, especially pre-SOA days, better meets the male model requirement.

I made it up, pretty sure it wont catch on. I saw some of his Henry V stuff and the comments were literally moist. You know, sweaty :leaving:

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Wow. Thank you. Cilian Murphy is now my ideal Rhaegar. I really, really hope he will be one cast in the role (if it's included). Before I was leaning towards Michael Fassbender, but Cilian Murphy would be alot more fitting. Either would be fantastic thouh.. Personally, I'm hoping that Bran will have a Tower of Joy/House of the Undying themed greendream, and I think it would be great to have Lyanna and Rhegar featured in it. Likely not this season, but maybe season 4 or 5 he could have something like that.

I cannot understand the people suggesting Charlie Hunnam. No. Just no. Way too bulky/stocky for Rhaegar, and also hasn't got the looks. He looks to "common", not regal at all - and if anything, the Rhaegar I picture looks regal.

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I also think Alexander Skarsgård would be great as Rhaegar. He has the perfect mix of strength and weakness which is needed to play Rhaegar. With a white-haired wig he would look perfect.

I think you are right. Came across these as I was plundering the net for more GoT news:



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I have always imagined Rhaegar Targaryen having angelic features; what with his dark lilac eyes and silver hair.

And the closest I've come to see is this guy: http://www.film.ru/img/persons/vasiliy_stepanov_kammerer.jpg

(I'm new here, so I probably wouldn't know better)

Holy crap, he would be perfect on looks.

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This guy strikes me as the idea Cersei has of Rhaegar


Andrej Pejic

He is a male model and quite androgynous, but I have the idea that Targaryens were like that.

Only if Rhaegar was transgender. Andrej Pejic looks like he could play a Targaryen princess, but prince that women actually found attractive... nope.

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