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The Worst Possible


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What, in your opinion, would be the worst possible course for events to take and to eventually end on? After finishing the first book, I would have come up with an answer of something like the rw and lannisters still on the throne as the worst possible turn of events at this point (end of storm of swords). So now, to use some imagination, after going no farther (yet) in my reading than asos, here is my "worst possible":

The newly awoken magic in the realm allows old evil Frey to gain immortality and he not only gains the iron throne but populates every house with his inbred descendents. Even Daeny and her dragons and armies are helpless against him. She goes to make a truce with him, giving her body to his disgusting dusty, dry old form, in return for a promised peace and he repays her by killing all of her dragons as well as her, ripping their wings off and nailing them on her back. He dips the corpse in gold and hangs the gilded, winged abomination over the iron throne as a decoration, a sign of his supremecy. Add some other equally horrible things and the last book ends with him laughing and peeing over the collective skulls of the dead Starks and their dire wolves.

This after hundreds of incredibly long and detailed point of view chapters of characters that are just going to die anyways.

Kind of tongue in cheek. Have fun :P

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