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John Picacio

Final Day to Get Your 2013 JOHN PICACIO CALENDAR!

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Hi, folks --

Just letting you know that you have only one more day to purchase a 2013 John Picacio Calendar. The Kickstarter campaign is the only place to get the calendar -- and the campaign ends Wednesday, Nov. 28th at 12 noon EST.


The calendar features a dozen of my best sf/f artworks from the last decade or so -- cover artwork for books like A CANTICLE FOR LEIBOWITZ, GATEWAY, DROOD, HYPERION, ELRIC: SWORDS AND ROSES, THE AGE OF MISRULE, and more.

This is the launch product from my new company, Lone Boy, and I plan to make this a gorgeous collectible. The printer starts printing the items later this week, and we'll start packing and shipping next week. We hope to have the calendars in the hands of US customers before the holidays, and if we work fast enough, we hope to give the chance for non-US friends to have a fair (but not guaranteed) shot at the same. We think we can do it!

Word to the wise -- these calendars will not be available elsewhere after this campaign is over, so please don't sit on the fence waiting to see these in stores, or on Amazon. It's not gonna happen.

'Shouldn't need to say it, but since you won't find these elsewhere -- these make excellent holiday gifts for your favorite powergeeks, so snag more than one while you have the chance.

If you have ANY questions about the calendar or Kickstarter, drop a comment here and I'll check by, or you can leave a comment at the Kickstarter and I'll take care of you. And please be sure to also check out the rewards that are included with this campaign -- archival prints, bonus sketchbooks, and some very coveted one-of-a-kind original artworks.

(FYI: the $40 tier is the best overall value if you're just buying one calendar, and looking to get most bang for the buck, plus there are additional price breaks and rewards as you escalate.)

Have fun and have at it, folks!! Thank you! :)

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Thanks for the reminder, John! I met you briefly in Chicago and would be happy to be part of your project. :)

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