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Comic Relief?


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Did the end of Chapter 35 (Catelyn IV) come off as funny to anyone else? I know that considering how the Red Wedding went it's gallows humor, but it always read as black comedy to me:

[Catelyn, Robb, Edmure and The Blackfish are in a huddle.]

EDMURE: (shakes his head) No way.

ROBB: I can't make you do it. But, I mean, you know - we're kinda in a bind here.

(The others all stare at Edmure fixedly)

EDMURE: (whines plaintively) Oh c'mon! This is no kind of negotiation! Can't we wait and hope for a better offer?

ROBB: We don't have time for this. I need to get back North; my brothers are dead, my home is burned, my subjects are being pillaged...do you need a Best Man, or not?!

CATELYN: (fake sotto voce) I don't know who it is you're saving yourself for, for crying out loud.

EDMURE: I don't see you volunteering to be the next Mrs. Walder Frey.

CATELYN: Fortunately for me, that position is still filled.

BLACKFISH: (makes an "enough" gesture with his hands) I'm sorry, but was it you, or a remarkable doppleganger who punted the plan at the Battle of the Fords? You don't have the high ground here, Ed.

EDMURE: (whines) I have to take the bullet for this? Screw you all; fine. But the trashy Freys are not coming here for Christmastide, though. Those people have rickets.


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