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Juli Cachet

Our Most Badass - Book Characters Guessing Game IV

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Valar morghulis!

This is the 4th book characters guessing game, after Syseanne's great idea for the first one and KhaleesiDany's and Franz95's sequels, of which the latter is known for the infamous Wymangate episode. :D

After defining our most loved and hated characters, as well as the sexiest, I am now asking you for the biggest badasses in the World of Ice and Fire. Although Asha Greyjoy won that title already (and deserved it, in my opinion ;)) in the Elimination Game, quite a lot of you were disappointed by this result. Now you've got the chance to see your preferred characters higher in the ranking.

Here is how it will work: right now my clock says it's Monday, December 10th and it is 5:00 PM. After you read this post, you have a week to send me a private message including a list of your Top 20 Most Badass Characters in our beloved universe of Ice and Fire. People who were dead at the beginning of ASoIaF are allowed. And I guess you can include animals as well, if you want.

When my clock says it's Monday, December 17th and it is 5:00 PM, submissions will be closed.

Later on, you can play even if you did not submit a list, and you can submit a list even if you don't want to play. If I don't have 10 lists by Monday, we will let this slowly die away...

Then I will start ranking your choices: if a character is #1 in your list, then I'll give him/her 20 points, 19 for the second, 18 for the third and so on until the 20th who will get 1 point. You will have to guess the Top 20 of the list. As soon as I can I will post the honorable mentions (positions 21-25 of the list) and the first hint (this will probably be on Tuesday afternoon/evening, because I have my history exam on that day and I won't be able to count the points earlier).

If you didn't take part in the other games, you may want to know how the guessing and the point system work, so let me explain: after I post the hint, you have about two days to guess 1 or 3 characters. If you have guessed only one and it is correct, you get 5 points. If you have guessed 3 characters you get 3 points if your first guess is right, 2 if the second is right, only 1 if the third of your guesses is right.

Here is an example:

Hint: Amazing Moustache

Jaime: Freddie Mercury


1. Freddie Mercury

2. Mario

3. Josif Stalin

Cersei: Salvador Dalì

Now, if the answer is Freddie Mercury Jaime gets 5 points, Tyrion gets 3 and Cersei gets none. If it is Mario, Tyrion will have 2 points. If it is Stalin, Tyrion will have one point, and if it is Dalì, Cersei will get 5 points.

Ok, I believe I have told you everything I was supposed to tell you. Now it's up to you to decide on your Most Badass Characters.

If you have any questions, ask! :)

Oh, one last thing: Please no further episodes like the Wymangate. No Samwell Tarly on these lists! Ortherwise I'll make up some extra mean punishment. :devil:


Most Badass Animals! - Minigame

#1 Drogon (50)

#2 Ghost (20)

#3 Nymeria (14)

#4 Grey Wind (11)

#5 Shaggydog (8)

#6 Grey Wind (6)

Honorable Mentions!

#25 Littlefinger (95)

#24 Qhorin Halfhand (96)

#23 Robert Baratheon (98)

#22 Brynden 'Bloodraven' Rivers (99)

#21 Greatjon Umber (99)


#20 Bronn (101)

#19 Wyman Manderly (113)

#18 Donal Noye (113)

#17 Arthur Dayne (119)

#16 Khal Drogo (140)

#15 Daenerys Targaryen (143)

#14 Jaqen H'ghar (149)

#13 Tywin Lannister (159)

#12 Brienne of Tarth (197)

#11 Brynden Tully (201)

#10 Mance Rayder (235)

#9 Barristan Selmy (251)

#8 Victarion Greyjoy (258)

#7 Outlived his older brother.







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Are we all checking in now? Cos I sent mine yesterday :cool4:

To keep the thread on the first page, I think.

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Hi Ya

Can I ask what you are basing your definition of bad-ass on?

Bad-ass as in totally scared of and would even want to meet let alone know;

bad -ass as in would not want to get on the wrong side of;

or the bad -ass kind you want to have as a mate especially if in a tricky situation?

Also, is it mainly based on physical prowess or also on mental astuteness and the ability to scheme and manipulate?

Help me out, I need a closer definition as my list is way too long!!!

So many bad-asses to pick from!


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Can I ask what you are basing your definition of bad-ass on?

I have (or had) the same the same problem and decided to go with this definition.

so for me calling someone a badass is a compliment but it also means that person is king of scary and I don't want him or her as an enemy.

Also, in my definition you can be badass solely based on your mental abilities. As long as you have the right attitude without trying to hard and there is a sense of danger around you. And you get things done.

That's at least my definition but I guess everyone has a slightly different one...

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