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Coolest nicknames(poll this time!)

jon tarkaryen

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So, first update:

Blackfish:Sand Snakes 2:1

Mountain:Laughing Storm 1:2

Darkstar:Red Viper 0:3

Hound:Sword of the Morning 1:2

well,Ser Gendry maybe you are right.Ill make it higher then 10 votes...how higher I yet have to decide.

Keep voting...

A little off-topic...I just realized Damphair was in fact Damp-hair and not pronounce Damfair, as I have been pronouncing it.


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A shame this round features the two best nicknames going head to head.

I'll take Brynden "Blackfish" Tully over every one of the Sandsnakes.

Lyonel the "Laughing Storm" Baratheon is man enough to take out the beast that is the Mountain that Rides.

Prince Oberyn Martell, "Red Viper of Dorne" is still the most dangerous man in Dorne, even dead, not the poseur Darkstar Dayne.

We've got pages and pages of the Hound in ASOIAF to understand and remember him; the Sword of the Morning is just a passing shade...yet his title alone cement the reverance we all feel towards him. The noble Ser Arthur Dayne gets my vote.

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Sand Snakes

Laughing Storm



No seriously I feel quite embarassed. :blush:

You are not the only one who said it like that ... but on my language they transleted the name so when i read AFFC on my language i realised that it was acctually damp hair not damfair ;)

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Knight of the Flowers

Red Viper



Hot Pie

Dolorous Edd

Crow's Eye

I'm not sure Sand Snakes counts as a nickname as it describes group of people rather than one person. However if those were the rules then I would have mentioned the Brotherhood without Banners

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