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My Theory... Did Old Nan find Arya in Braavos?

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After re-reading Arya's Braavos chapters, particularly the "The Blind Girl" chapter, the part where Arya finds the old woman dead in the House of Black and White while doing her duties got me thinking. The description of the old woman having soft skin that was 'like old thin leather that had been folded and wrinkled a 1000 times' (signifying that she was not just old, but very old) and having a ring on a thin finger leading one to believe she had been married as Old Nan had been. Then there's the condition that Arya found her in. Her body was still warm and she had died with a smile on her face (after seeing Arya alive and well after believing her dead). Also that she was laying on a dreaming couch in a hidden alcove where special candles which conjured visions of things loved and lost. All Old Nan lived for as long as anyone can recall, it was her serevice to the Starks. She was the closest thing the Stark children ever had to grandmother, and I'm sure she looked at them as grandchildren. With Winterfell sacked and house Stark presumed extinquished, along with Hodor assumed dead as well, she had lost everything she held dear in her world.

The first question anyone would ask is how could she end up in Braavos when all the surviving women and children were march off to the Dreadfort? My theory is that somewhere along the march, she fell behind and was left for dead. Ramsey isn't the type to build litters for those unable to walk and keep up. The Bolton lands are also located along the eastern coast of Westeros, with The Weeping River, directly located in front of The Dreadfort, which empties into The Shivering Sea, could lead someone right into Braavos. Old Nan had more knowledge on legend and history than anyone in Westeros. After learning of the Boltons betrayal of the Starks, and the Freys breaking guest right, she knew that she could get the justice she would have wanted at The House of Black and White. Old Nan would know of the Faceless Men and the sacrifice one could make to get justice for great grievances.

Obviously, she could'nt do something like that alone, so whomever helped her is problably still in Braavos. We haven't heard any news on exactly what happened at the Dreadfort, but there are enough clues to suggest that it is possible that it was her. GRRM often hides clues in the least likely places in the series. Arya being blind presented GRRM with the perfect opportunity to send her there without giving the reveal away. Old Nan is a character that I don't believe GRRM would allow to just die off page without any meaning at all.

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