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A solid Jaime Lannister Azor Ahai Theory

Jorg Ancrath

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OP, welcome to the forum.

Cersei's supposed to die by strangulation, not a sword through the heart. And I don't think her soul would make a sword be magical in a good way. So I doubt she's Nissa Nissa. You left out the first tempering. Other than that, it's not a bad theory. You should look up Jaime is AAR through the search function. There's an exhaustive theory on here somewhere that lays out the case pretty strongly. It has some of the same points you mentioned.

Things needed to become Azhor Ahai.

A sword capable of holding magic (Valyrian Steel or Obsidian) - Oathkeeper.
A lion to sacrifice - Tommen or Lancel (not Cersei or Tyrion)
A pure soul that he loves to sacrifice -- Brienne
A way to become reborn - Thoros of Myr & whatever that magic is that brought back Beric and Catelyn.

You missed a few things.

Be born amidst smoke and salt, "when the red star bleeds"

A dragonbone sword also holds magic, and has the added benefit of being impervious to flame.

You completely skipped AA's original tempering in water. Either a noble bastard from King's Landing, or more likely one of the Ironborn.

There are a whole slew of Lannisters (or maybe that should be a pride of them) who could be the lion.

Was Nissa Nissa pure? He loved her, and she loved him, but I don't remember "pure" being a requirement.

Azor Ahai is reborn. Azor Ahai Reborn doesn't need a rebirth, because he's already been "reborn" by being born. Besides, you still need the circumstances of a red star bleeding, and some and salt all at the same time. I like the idea someone had of his hand but I think it's a stretch.

Now, as to the AAR=TDtwP issue: we don't know for sure. GRRM is a tricksy authorses.

The information given to us is from the perspective of the characters. Mel and Aemon are talking. Aemon asks if Stannis is TDtwP and Mel says yes, he is AAR. Aemon doesn't correct her. That could very well mean that they are meant to be the same person.

TDtwP must be of Aerys and Rhaella's line. Even on the theory that Jaime is Aerys' son and not Tywin's, that still leaves Rhaella out. Unless Rhaegar was Jaime's father (pretty sure he was too young), Jaime cannot be The Dragon that was Promised. However, if it turns out that Azor Ahai Reborn is a different person altogether, then Jaime is a strong candidate for that role.

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isn't it more likely Jon will meet with Coldhands (most likely Ben Stark) and help Bran/go beyond the wall one last time for the Night's watch?

IIRC GRRM has clearly stated Coldhands isn't Benjen. And even if he hasn't, the COTF say Coldhands was killed a long time ago. To a magical creature that can live for hundreds of years, one or two years doesn't seem like a long time.

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while it is technically possible. if someone were to take a bet I cant imagine anyone saying something other than Jon or Dany.

they have so much evidence to support them. every other character just has neither proofs or non proofs, that doesn't mean that they are AA.

victarion is probably next best after Jon and Dany, at least he was reborn amidst smoke and salt in a sense and his arm can be a flaming sword. and the way it looks he is going to be having a dragon soon.

even logically. AA is a hero. Jaime is my favorite character in the series. but that dude is no hero. its a surprise when he isn't a complete asshole let alone being nice

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