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[TWoW Spoilers] Barristan


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Awesome summary and awesome chapters. It's a pretty dense description, thanks for this. I liked the part where the stormcrows shout and Barristan recognizes their valor; then he plunges into battle. it's great to finally see Barristan doing what he does best. Can't wait to read the whole thing with the Victarion and Tyrion counterparts as well.

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Thank you, Azador! You take wonderfully detailed notes. I'm sure we're all very grateful to you for posting.

As far as the battle of Meereen goes, no surprises really, all is going as expected, so far. It's what happens after, that interests me. How long will it take for this band of Dany sidekicks to grab their wayward queen, and I assume her knew khalasar, and get the feck out of Essos?


Wait....I don't get it, why would Tyrion be miserable?

There's a new tough guy in town taking the lion's share of the credit for this victory.

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The chapter begins with a gory description of the bodies of plague victims being thrown into the city by the trebuchets. Only the northern districts across the river are far enough away to avoid being hit.

First, thanks for the quotes, Azador!

I wonder if this part is foreshadowing. There are speculations that some kind of epidemic is going to hit Westeros, most likely some form of greyscale, this could foreshadow that the North will remain untouched.

The most interesting part for me is the note about Tyrion, it seems that the Second Sons were attacked before Plumm and Tyrion had time to switch the sides. I think that Tyrion was taken captive and I can't imagine Vic liking a dwarf and Lannister and the one with mismatched eyes like Euron on the top of all, on the other hand Moqorro is with him and he knows Tyrion is important. I can imagine that Jorah fares even worse.

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