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Joff's Death

the sword in the night

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Hello All,

I just finished listening to the purple wedding chapter. What a beauty! I was sensitive to the goblet. From Tyrion's POV, we don't see who placed the "black amethyst" in the cup. It was untouched up until the pie came in. When it did, Joff spins margery around, so he hasn't been poisoned yet. Tyrion refills the goblet from a flagon and Joff starts to drink. It was left on the table by Joff's own hand. Meanwhile, Tyrion is reeling from the wine in his eyes and wounds and being distracted by Sansa. And Margery is right there and the queen of thorns comes over as well.

So was it Margery or Olenna? And did anyone see who did it?

Dontos knows it went down with the pigeon pie. So obviously it was well planned/scheduled.

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You find out eventually who did it, or it's certainly implied anyway.

Queen of Thorns

As previous poster said though, you should change the title, this is a huge event in the book and therefor a huge spoiler

Would feel bad for people to miss out on this surprise.

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