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The Others Take Ya

Missandei is a Faceless Man/Woman perhaps Izembaro

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Just updated the post with one new tidbit of information and with some clarification and research I had promised on her speaking habits around certain characters.


The new stuff has today's date around it if you want to find it easily.


Since it was pointed out to me today that GRRM kind of ended up calling me "very perceptive" since I was the first poster to point out the lemon tree problem and it's snowballed to this lemongate thing I keep hearing about... in case you're interested...


Here's the first original theory and a summation: Dany's happy house with the red door lemon tree memory is a past life memory from when she was happily in love with Lyanna Stark at the Tower of Joy when she used to be her brother Rhaegar. Dany still grew up in Braavos she was in Dorne when she was Rhaegar.


My original post was locked maybe because I was possibly being a little cheeky in it, but I don't know why for sure. My apologies in advance for trying to be cheeky and probably coming across as salty. ;) 


Google and you'll find other posts I've made about it I've expanded on with more detail and more quotes to expand on it.


If you hate lemongate well... I've had some entertaining reads, and I'm glad it at least it gave people something to talk about. Peace! :)

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Have read most of the pages in this thread (loooove!!!) 


Forgive me if it has been mentioned, but I wanted to add that there may be some other clues given as to Missandei's hidden truths:



Daenerys 2 ADWD:

Quaithe & Dany

"Daenerys.  Remember the Undying, remember who you are."

"....... I remember the Undying.  Child of three, they called me.  Three mounts they promised me, three fires, and three treasons.  One for blood and one for gold and one for..."

"You're Grace?"  Missandei stood in the door of the Queen's bedchamber, a lantern in her hand. "Who are you talking to?"


Now, isn't that a coincidence that she has her train of thought interupted by that person at that exact moment?  Especially when you think about Quaithe telling Dany over and over (and IMO Dany misinterpreting WHO she means) to "Beware the PERFUMED SENESCHAL"


Definition of seneschal is  "an officer having full charge of domestic arrangements, ceremonies, the administration of justice, etc., in the household of a medieval prince or dignitary; steward."


May be unrelated but after reading this thread it feels to make sense.....  :dunno:

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