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Publication Date confirmed for Scott Lynch’s THE REPUBLIC OF THIEVES


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So, who is wearing the crown now?


Hmm. Originally we were supposed to get Book 2 in 2008 and Book 3 in 2009, so arguably it's already 4 years late ;)

Melanie Rawn for The Captal's Tower. She's never lost it.

Nope. Not counting Author Existence Failure situations, David Gerrold's A Method for Madness (Book 5 of the War Against the Chtorr) is 19 years overdue this year. Scott himself mentions Harlan Ellison's The Last Dangerous Visions, which this year will be 40 years overdue. Ellison's probably got the record, but that was for an anthology, which isn't quite the same thing. Gerrold's probably got it for the next volume of an ongoing series (Book 4 of a 7-book series, funnily enough).

As I was writing this I suddenly remembered Patrick Tilley's Amtrak Wars series. We've been waiting 23 years for Book 7 of that series, but that's not quite the same thing, as he both gave closure to the series (more or less) and Book 7 was supposed to kick off a generation later and was effectively going to be Book 1 of a sequel series. Gerrold, AFAIK (haven't read the series), actually left a lot of plots and characters in the air with his series.

Any word on Lapse of time between E-Book and "real" book?

In the UK none, as far as I am aware. Gollancz push their ebook department very hard, and there are now hundreds of books available through them as ebooks which don't have print editions (they recently put up the complete Robert Silverberg back collection, for example).

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I just don't understand the hoopla. Lies was decent, but I could barely crack the spine of the second book. I tried to re-read Lies - its actually sitting looking at me on my desk - but instead i read through 2 Gemmell books, A Clash of Kings, Gates of Fire by Pressfield, the Long Price Quartet and some of Red Country instead.

The second book was fairly abysmal. But it has a pretty cover.

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The publication of Scott's book is going to totally upstage my dancing at the World Fantasy Convention.

Perhaps if you dance on the ashes of Scott's manuscipt you can re-gain the spotlight?

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As Ser Mixalot would say, "Ungh... double up... ungh, ungh".

Seriously, quite excited- and congratulations to Scott, who was a really good boarder back when he used to post here, and a cool dude who's had a rough couple of years. 'Grats.

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