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I didn't get that at all. There's a 30-year gap between Aegon's conquest and Aegon's death, remember. It merely said that Rhaenys died 'in Dorne'. It might be that Rhaenys was there negotiating some kind of deal with the Dornish and died of natural causes (which seems unlikely if her dragon died at the same) or she was assassinated by some other force.

If the Dornish did kill Rhaenys and her dragon, it is ludicrously implausible that Aegon wouldn't burn every castle and town in Dorne to the ground in response (and remember that Aegon really loved Rhaenys, whilst apparently saw being with Visenya more of a family duty). That kind of shit does not stand, and Aegon would lose the respect and support of his vassals if he did let it go.

The new book of world ice and fire reads that Rhaenys died fighting with Dorne in year 10AC

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