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How would you rate episode 301?


How would you rate episode 301?  

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Loved this episode. I gave it an 8...probably bumped up a point due to my nerdboner -- my computer desk is levitating right now. I needed this back in my life. Kind of a slow episode, but thanks to Ran's review, I was prepared and even optimistic. I appreciate the drastic ideology change from last year, where they felt the need to visit every single character arc. I'd rather get prolonged exposure than the more erratic pace, where you're not truly able to sit in it. I sat all up in this episode, guys. My ass print is right there, next to the yuckmouth girl.

I can't decide what my favorite part was -- Tywin/Tyrion or Dany in Astapor. As much as I love Tyrion, I love Tyrion more when it's not so easy for him. It's refreshing to see Tyrion not be in complete control...and, even a little humbled. Astapor looks amazing, and the High Valyrian scene was better than anything from season 2 Qarth.

Gotta highlight an invented scene -- Marge with the orphans in Flea Bottom. Love seeing the curtain get pulled back in regard to the character. Great job establishing her as the "People's Queen," setting up the stuff between her and Cersei -- sure to be great. And, GIANTS!

God, I love this show.

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Better than I expected considering the pessimism on here, but then the reviews have been so positive.

8/10, which is what I wanted for an opening episode. Tywin & Tyrion is one of my fave chapters in the book and they nailed it. That's like two points in itself. I digged the Davos stuff as well, that was more or less straight from the book. Tarly stuff was good. Jon Snow joining wildlings worked quite nicely. Arstan's joining Dany was a bit rushed, but okay. Some good foreshadowing with Roose Bolton and co. that I liked as well.

Stuff that was added - Margaery's stuff worked, and they played her off against Cersei nice and early which I was glad to see. Somewhat predictably, the only part I really objected to was Shae & Ros. Hopefully they don't crop up too much again, it seemed like they were building some sort of storyline there too - I guess we'll just have to accept that one for what it is. I'd have preferred some Dontos but whatever.

Good episode. Found it quite cinematic at points - dragon scene, white walkers, armies marching etc. It was cool. I can see how they've improved visually - I found season two claustrophobic at points, and they've improved upon that in this episode.

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Only started watching... poor Sam, he did send the ravens, nobody could say that he didn't do his job :( The first important thing I can see in the intro: only 2 cities in Slaver's Bay!!! No Yunkai? Back in 50 min.

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I gave it a solid 8. Its about what I expected, as the first four episodes or the setup for the rest of the season.

1. Love how they introduced Barristan from the start, but I do miss Strong Belwas; the assassination attempt by the warlock was awesome.

2. I love Natalie Dormer as Marg. I love how she making herself right at home and positioning herself to be queeen.

3. I love how Cersei is powerless to stop the monster she gave birth to. She is bound by her love for Joff and will suffer any and all insults.

4. The unsullied are outstanding, can't wait to see them in action.

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I loved most of the episode. Tyrion's interactions with his sister, Bronn, and his father were amazing. Jon's scenes were good. Mance may not have been wielding his lute, but I think Ciarán Hinds was an excellent choice for the role. He commands attention while on the screen and carries the air of a born leader. I loved the CGI shot of the Giant too. Davos being brought to the one true king was annoying, but the T.V. audience wouldn't have understood him being arrested right as he touched town on the shore. I have high hopes for Daenerys this season. She's my fav. POV in the book (Davos is 2ed) and what they did to her COK story was hard to watch. However, seeing her dragons, her detest for how the Unsullied are trained, and, of course, the reappearance of Ser Grandfather, I'm excited.

The only thing I disliked is the ongoing development of Shae and the outright knowledge of Littlefinger's part in Sansa's escape. With Shae, what are they building towards? Her turn for no reason in season 4? What, because Tyrion didn't want to run away with her she sells him out to the court and bangs his father? Seems pointless. And Littlefinger? Why go through the trouble of introducing Dontons in season 2 if you're not going to use him? Again, seems pointless.

Though all and all, a great start to what should be the best two seasons in television history. (I'm not setting the bar for failure am I?)

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A little slow. I actually preferred that they stuck with various characters stories longer, and excluded others altogether, rather than giving us very small pieces of all the stories.

Tyrion and Tywin was superbly done. And Barristan's reveal was simplified but very well done, Dany's story in general is off to a great start. Jon and Mance was also a highlight for me.


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Gave it a 9/10. When i don't see great moments from the book in the show i get really disappointed but i have to remind myself its an adaptation and a lot of those moments wont make the cut. It was a strong first episode, it felt very rushed but it was all set up for what seems to be a great season 3. The beginning with Sam and Ghost coming out of no where i thought was the weakest part. Excited for next week and what i hope will be a great dracarys moment!

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