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How would you rate episode 301?


How would you rate episode 301?  

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Glad they revealed Selmy straight away, in the books it was easy to disguise but here would have been harder. Disappointed no Strong Belwas though. Looking forward to Dany's role this season, thought that her plot arch wasn't too great last year.

Felt a little rushed in places, strange to see Ghost turning up as he did and disappointed we didn't get to see more of the fight at the Fist of the First Men - though know the book only really covered it in flashback form. Also I don't like that Sam didn't send the ravens or Jon's change of reason for his defection.

The whole episode though was made by Tyrion's interaction with his father, thought that was excellent.

I gave it a solid 7.

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It felt so choppy. I never felt like I got a chance to really get into any characters story. I am worried that the more different storylines branch off, the worse this will become.

I have no doubt about this. Trying to weave all of GRRM's threads into one coherent narrative is clearly getting beyond the showrunners.

I absolutely loved this episode. 10/10. Everything that happened in it was awesome. The Dany moments were especially great. :)

So by definition, no episode will ever surpass this one? Really? Really?

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i had been waiting for this episode for so long it could have been complete crap and i would have still eaten it all up and asked for seconds. was a good start a little slow but that expected of the 1st ep of a new season

that being said i would have loved some more Jon stuff, we had no Dalla or Val anf Tormund was a little off but i still watched it over and over and over again, now having seen some more episodes from this season i can tell it was the weakest, but as far as weak episodes go it was still real good

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loved that little scene with J&Y when she leaves the tent and turns back to look at him, to find Jon also looking at her, they have a little gaze and just as she turns back kinda looks like she check out his butt :P Mance; "the girl like ya, do you like her back boy, is that why you want to join us?" Jons looking all awkward if there were better light to see he prob would have been blushing like a maid

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