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How would you rate episode 301?


How would you rate episode 301?  

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^Disagree. I think Rose Leslie is great as Ygritte. Nailed her character down perfectly - including her irritating nattering!

I would rate this episode 7.5/10. Feeling kind at the moment so voted for 8/10 on the poll. Tyrion and Tywin was the main highlight for me. Tyrion's walk out of the room was just perfect. Had mixed feelings about Jon's story, on its own the acting was convincing and the dialogue excellent - but having read the books and knowing what they substituted it for it was a little disappointing.

Liked Dany, like Davos and Salladhor Saan, and like Joffrey, Margaery and Cersei. Acting all round was fantastic and elevated the episode from a 3-star one to a 4-star one.

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That's a good point except we saw prisoners as prisoners in robes etc, but in the scene we see fully armored forces with pikes and swords etc

There are nine more epeisodes where we'll get more information. Perhaps Qyburn will explain? Just a thought. :D

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If you think they botched the battle of the Blackwater then you really should be more than a little apprehensive. That episode had an absolutely enormous budget for a TV show, and it was written by George himself, so there's basically no realistic way anything could have been done better. That should be the limit of how close the show possibly can come to the large scenes of the books.

Precisely. :agree: :bowdown: Thank you.

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I also gave it a 8. It was a slow episode, but I liked it.


1- Lannisters in KL: Awesome. Tywin/Tyrion was gold. I was nervous for Tyrion when he was about to ask Casterly Rock, and Charles Dance delivers the scene unmercifully. I was sorry for Tyryon. The Tyrion/Cersei scene was great too, her comment about his nose cracked me up.

2- Margaery Tyrell: Loved it. I think her scene at the orphanage is a god counterpart to the Tyrells distributing food in her name, as it happens in the books. It helped to break a little the impression I had of her in season 2 that she was just some manipulative bitch who could only use sex to achieve the crown. Now I know she's a manipulative bitch who can play the nice girl. I also considered the dinner scene good, as a nice build up for the events of AFFC.

3- Sansa and Littlefinger: I was dissapointed for the lack of Dontos and Littlefinger telling his plan this soon. On the other hand I enjoyed Sophie Turner on this scene and think her acting has improved since season 2. I also loved her line "Because the truth is always boring or horrible." or something like that. The only good thing I see of Ros' presence in this scene is that she's getting closer to Littlefinger and that shows how Varys is on to him.

4- Dragonstone: I liked everyone's acting, it was great. And Mel was gorgeous in that dress.

5- Astapor: Everything perfect. Very close to the book. I liked that Barristan was recognized in the first moment, it would be hard to fool the watchers. The little girl was creepy, points for that.


1- Robb: Rushed and meaningless. But I think it will get better from now on.

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I originally gave it a 7, but I'm about to watch it for a 3rd time lol. If I could change my vote I'd give it an 8. Definitely better than the season 2 premiere. I am so excited for this season. It sounds like episodes 3 and 4 are really really good and I'm betting it all just builds and builds until episode 9.

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Dany's little smirk at the unsullied owner's ignorance of her "language skills"



Mance - had that cleverness about him, but didn't look as "hard" as I thought

Davos - Felt a little rushed to get to Stannis/Mel, but his convo with Sal Saan was great

Barristan - It would have been nice to hide his identity, but viewers would recognize the actor anyway, so Ok.


Putting all the Starks at Harrenhall seems forced and weird

No Belwas???

Margaery at the orphanage a little over the top

Shae/Roz - meh

All in all - it was great! I'm so excited the new season has started!

I do love the scenery & the casting is pretty solid---still think Season 1 was the best for staying with the story line. Don't understand the weird Robb-Talisa storyline--hate it ! and Talisa as a Florence Nightingale type is way off the whole story line. It wastes valuable screen time. Shae and Sansa as pals is so wrong & why playing a game of watching the ships when Sansa/ Dontos is way more interesting

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The scene with Tywin/Tyrion was on point as well as Margery's Flea Bottom scne and thats about it for this episode....

The Sansa/Littlefinger scene completely takes all the suspense out of Sansa's eventual escape from King's Landing, seems like getting a girl that is willing to get naked on camera was more important than having Donto's be here savior...

Rob Stark's taking over Harrenhal and finding Qyburn is one of the biggest disasters of this episode and made absolutely no sense....why not just have him at Riverun and create the books plotline at Harrenhal...which brings me to another point, what is the shows obsession with completely screwing all parts of the books dealing with Harrenhal? It has been completely ass-backward from the time Arya stepped foot in the castle until the most recent episode. It isn't a complex storyline that takes place, yet they have completely changed the books account of Harrenhal at every turn in the show. The scenes in the books that take place in Harrenhal have grave implications in the overall plot and I am surprised that they would choose to completely change them in the show. If anyone would like me to elaborate further on this please ask....

My biggest dissapointment came from the Barristan Selmy scene, his hidding as Whitebeard and eventual uncovering was one of my favorite parts of ASOS, with the proper thought and makeup the crew could have easily created a character that the audience (those that haven;t read the books) would not have recognized and been just as surprised as I was reading the story. I mean how do they explain Dany magically getting a ship to take her to a land that hadn't even been discussed in season 2 (Astapor). With that said another travesty was done with the exclusion of Strong Belwas...hands down he is one of my favorite characters all the way through ADWD, his one on one combat with the warrior from Yunkai was one of my favorite scenes from any of the books and I was looking forward to seeing it in the show, I would assume this scene (if portrayed at all) will be given to Daario (who I can't stand) and will help to build his character. I guess finding an actual person (that is massively overweight but extremely athletic at the same time) to play the character must have been too daunting a task for the shows staff.

Overall I was extremely disappointed with this episode and felt as if the crew took the easy road to telling the story that GRRM spent years of his life creating and putting his heart and soul in to. I get that it's an "adaptation" of the book, but there is a reason they are so popular. They create imagery and characters that the fans become invested in and if the show cannot portray that same emotion then I personally believe it falls short of its goal.

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I though Barristan's reveal was kind of rushed. I know we only have 10 episodes and they need to introduce the important characters early on, but they could have waited till next episode. It would be great if it ended like a cliffhanger, with a hooded man following Dany in the streets of Astapor, and then reveal him next week, or whenever they go back to her story arc.

It doesn't matter to me that they've cut Belwas. I always thought of him as kind of annoying. Barristan was the exciting half of the duo, so I'm happy he's back this season.

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I think Robb arriving at Harrenhal is a pre-text to have Roose Bolton run it for him while he goes to back Riverrun

I thought it was a cool scene to be honest I liked that Roose and Karstark had there own little spot, those two guys have to be built up this season. I laughed when Roose said "they've sent their best hunters after him" immediately thought of Ramsay

And Strong Belwas will be added in season 4, book it.

As far my thoughts on the episode I thought it was better than last years premiere. Tyrion/Tywin, Davos and Dany's final scene were the highlights for me. I figured they wouldn't have been able to do the fight at the fist, don't know why Sam didn't send the ravens but I guess its irrelevant since they will get to Castle Black and warn them anyways. But Ghost was there why? Mayhaps he will just follow the NW back to Castle Black and reunite with Jon later? I really want Jon or Arya to have a wolf-dreams this season, speaking of which the episode lost points for absence of Bran and Arya

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9/10 for me :)

It probably helps that I read these books too long ago to remember the details, so I'm not bugged by anything really. Did love Strong Belwas though *sniff* And I think there was someone else missing I'd like to have seen, can't remember now who.

Oh! Was SO stoked to see the Giant! I had dreamed (idealistically) of a breath-taking scene panning the breadth of Mance's impressive army, Giants riding Mammoths, the cannibals etc, but one giant will do… for now :P

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Probably my favorite premiere of the series. I'm glad they didn't cram too much into the one episode and left some storylines for later, like Bran, Jaime and Arya.

The Good:

Tyrion and Tywin scene was excellent, mostly due to it being lifted directly from the book, and the performances of Dinklage and Dance.

Barristan's reveal. I don't care that he was introduced earlier, he's one of my favorite characters from the book so I'm glad to see him back.

Dany and the Unsullied. I forget the slaver's name, but that scene was great.

All of Davos' scenes, especially his talk with Saan (I think it's spelt like that?)

Good to see that Stannis looks more grey and worn like in the book.

The Meh:

Robb and Catelyn in Harrenhal felt like it could have just been moved to the second episode to give them more to do.

The cold open with Sam was very anti climactic and disappointing, but I guess we should be used to it by now with the show.

Jon seeing the giant was great, but, while Ciaran Hinds is a great actor, he doesn't bring much charisma to Mance.

The Bad:

Why the hell is Ros still in this show? And how exactly is she an advisor to Littlefinger? Argh and the Ros and Shae scene, the two characters I hate the most on this show, having a pointless conversation together.


A solid premiere that sets up great stuff to come.

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7/10. A slow-moving episode with some good dialogue and a thumbs up for some side-characters (Saan, Bronn). Best scene was obviously the conversation between Tyrion and Tywin, where the showrunners definitely wanted to establish the fact that Tywin is not a nice guy. In season 2 they portrayed him as pretty likeable, mostly because of his interaction with Arya. The credit he gained there, he loses in this first episode.

I loved Gleeson's facial expressions and overall acting, especially in the dinner scene. At that point, he wasn't the little brat he portrayed in earlier seasons. He almost looked like a sane adult :eek:

I liked seeing Robb again, even though it was just for a moment. Liked the re-introduction of Bolton and Karstark.

Didn't really care for Jon. But then again, I never really have.

The scenery shots were beautiful: King's Landing, Dragonstone and Astapor. Perhaps this season Clarke/Daenerys can win me over a bit, since she too hasn't been one of my favorites on the show or in the books.

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I'm really hoping y'all pick up your game, HBO. This is my favorite book in the series (thus far) you're dealing with. 6.5/10--for the beauty of your sets, the diligence and talent of your actors, the dedication of your costumers, and my own faith in the idea that you know what you're doing.

I was very happy that Cersei addressed Margarey's clothing. She looks more availiable than Ros.

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I gave it a 6/10, but I have to admit I'm a slightly biased as two of my favourites (Arya, Jaime) were missing and I'm not so hot on Sansa - love her in the books but tv counterpart doesn't quite do it for me, although her scene with Shae was cute and funny; I'm loving Show!Shae.

It had many good bits, such as Tyrion/Tywin, Margaery/Joffrey (I adore Joffrey, for all the wrong reasons and Margaery is just great, so rooting for her over Cersei :D) and Dany, but felt more like a catching up episode, which is fine as a kickstarter but I wasn't overwhelmed.

I'm not completely convinced by Jon's faux-motivations for staying with the wildlings... I thought it made more sense in the books.

I liked how they tweaked the Davos/Melisandre/Stannis plot as it's more effective this way.

Robb being angry at Catelyn is meh and can't get my head around it.

I still don't love Talisa.

I want Sam to slay something ASAP.

The acting was amazing as usual.

Bring on next week!

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