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How would you rate episode 302?


How would you rate episode 302?  

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Loved the Reeds, Theon, Jamie, Arya and Sansa scene with the Queen of Thorns herself. Really enjoy Joffrey the little shit. Cat scene was ok and couldn't stand Tyrions whore scene. This season is going to be amazing!!

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A really great episode, I thought. It didnt have as many great character scenes as last week but had great action scenes that didnt make it feel as slow as last week. Again, there was very little I could find I didn't like: 9/10

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So many changes. I gave it a 6.

1. I like being able to see the breaking of Theon from the start. He has no idea he being set up by Ramsay

2. I like how Marg is manipulating Joff and I loved the Queen of Thornes. I missed Butterbumps

3. The fight between Brienne and Jaime was awful

I know the first four episodes are setup but this one was kind of ordinary

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I thought it was good. I liked Jaime and Brienne's scenes a lot. The duel was good although I really wish it had ended the way it did in the book, with them fighting in the river. The Reeds made a good first impression and Rigg was terrific as Olenna. Joffrey is one disturbed piece of **** who just can't function like a normal human being...Jack Gleason does a great job with him and I like how Maegarey manipulated him. Thoros was not how I expected him to look but the character was quite entertaining.

I'm not trusting Talisa...something seems off. The Cat scene didn't bother me. Believing that her treatment of Jon is the reason she's having all her problems, I don't agree with. But the scenario she laid out I can buy. Oh, Dolorus Edd...love that scene.

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Good episode. The Cat scene was absolutely brutal and unnecessary. Tyrion and Shae I could've done without too.... I wish Osha would take Rickon away... otherwise what's Davos going to do later when he leaves White Harbor? Loved how angry the Hound looked... can't wait for what comes next for him!

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Liked it quite a bit. However, I had a problem with two scenes. Hated the scene with Catelyn talking about Jon Snow. I'm not a huge fan in the books but I can't see what the point of inventing all this maudlin sentimentality. They do seem to pile the blame for the travails of the Starks on her and now they have her screen version admitting guilt because of a failing the book character would never have acknowledged. The scene with Tyrion and Shae didn't work for me either. A rare instance when a Tyrion scene fell flat for me.

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the best episode I've seen in a long time. possibly since season 1 IMO.

would have been a 10, I'm giving it a 9 because of weird timing - some scenes were too drawn out where others were cut too short (the scenes with the Reeds seemed a bit awkwardly short considering it was their time to be introduced, and I'm also a little peeved they cut the discussion of marrying Willas from the Sansa/Marg/Olenna scene)

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It didnt change Catelyn

You may have missed the part where she indicates that only a mother can make one of those figures for their child.

She explicitly believes that she ought to be a mother to Jon. This makes everything much worse. In the novel, in the society she lives in, there is absolutely no social obligation on her in regards to Jon, nor is there understood to be a moral obligation. Ned is the one who is acting against the norms, who is inflicting this situation on everyone.

So, yeah, it's a significant change.

Moreover, you literally have her taking the view that maybe this is all her fault. Those who are inclined to believe that, either through latent misgoyny, a lack of empathy, or a preference for simplistic narratives, are just going to latch onto it. That's not what I think the writers expected, but it's what they're going to get.

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I gave it a 7, The Sansa/Queen of Thorns scene was awesome. I really enjoyed the Bran/Reeds and Jaime/Brienne scenes as well. Nothing else really stood out to me. The Catelyn scene was hard to watch, I just started petting my dog. Oh, Thoros was pretty good i guess, But i felt the Arya scenes were just okay.

edit: forgot about the Theon scenes, I thought they were really well done. Think i might change my score to a 8.

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