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How would you rate episode 302?


How would you rate episode 302?  

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Gave it an 8.

They did a great job introducing all the new characters (The best ones imo being Olenna and Thoros), and generally the episode was good and worked really well as a character introduction episode.

My biggest complaints I guess would be the fighting scene between Jaimie and Brienne, which felt kind of weird and the scene between Talisa and Cat. I don't think it was such a bad scene but a bit too long and unnecessary. (since they have all this story to cover and 1 hour doesn't seem enough for one episode)

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To quote someone in another thread: "Damn this show really flows without Dany"

That's so true! It didn't dawn on me that she wasn't in this ep until you posted it. I did not miss her AT ALL.

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I thought the first 15 or so minutes felt rushed, nothing was given much weight. The news of Brand and Rickon especially, that just didn't pack any punch for me. Also, changing it from “dead” to “missing” lessened the impact significantly. I found the Queen of Thorn's less dynamic than in the books, and Sansa's misery felt “off” as well. Joffrey's scenes felt redundant: it just seemed like a repeat of what we got last week. Tyrion and Shae should also go in the inane grouping.

I hope Theon's story results in being more than just a series of gruesome torture scenes (although, to be honest, some of the execution came across as a little comedic to me..). I thought the Brotherhood were given a satisfactory introduction and I liked the scene between Robb and Karstark. B and J's fight was drab. Minahan has no sense of rhythm when it comes to action sequences, and on top of that, it just didn't seem like a serious escape attempt. I thought Jaime should have been more aggressive and desperate.

The Wildling scene was just there. I'd have preferred Mance to confide in winning the clans over through being a strong, dependable leader rather than just the generic “they'd all die!”. Jon didn't do anything in this scene either. The Night's Watch scene was unreal. It came across like a boring field trip, with Rast playing the school bully. It needed more tension, a sense of rising fear, getting back to the Wall should be a race against time. Everyone should be overwhelmed with fear, men falling behind and being picked off in the shadows.

The real problem though is that it just feels like a series of scenes played one after the other. There's nothing overarching to connect them. Instead of being one story told through many viewpoints, it feels like many plots thrown together. The episodes are lacking a thematic core which, I think, is imperative when you're dealing with multiple storylines that don't have the much connecting them plot-wise.

Oh, I'd give it 6/10 or so.

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Loved it! I was pleasantly surprised by the changes in Catelyn. It may be the first time that I not felt like I should get myself a ticket to Westeros to slap some sense in her. Well done!

I did not like the scene with Shae and Tyrion. It just didn't work. And the beginning of the scene with Olenna and Sansa started too awkward - bad acting. The rest of the scene was perfect, though.

Thoros was another pleasant surprised. Well cast. The Reeds too. Much better than Mance.

Not sure what to think about all the changes in the story line compared to the books. But as long as it works, I'll tag along.

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Which is exactly what happens in the show as well.... or am I missing something.

In the book, while Jaime does tire, it's a long fight and much more competitive. In the show he tires very quickly and she beats him down really easily, and derisively. The objection that I was replying to was the show doesn't leave one with a sense that Jaime is one of the best fighters in Westeros, because Brienne beats him so easily. I agree that Jaime comes across as less of a badass in the show version, but I've concluded that it is more realistic that way given the conditions of his long imprisonment. Hope that helps clarify my thinking.

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Am I the only one who likes the new direction that the directors are going with Cat?

The scene where she sits all alone, shoulders collapsed, obsessively working on the prayer wheel makes it impossible for me to not shed a tear (and shedding a tear I did). It will be interesting to see what this newly established relationship between Jon and Cat leads to down the line.

The look on Arya's face when the Hound calls her out is priceless.

It is pure fun to watch Brienne and Jamie go at each other, verbally and physically.

And I am calling the Queen of Thorns the Queen of Thrones.

Ep. 302 gets a 10/10. I laughed, I cried, and I enjoyed it through and through.

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Very good episode. The only cringeworthy scene was Cat and Talissa. A few other nitpicks, but nothing major. Yes Brienne vs. Jaime looked too staged and not as fuild as top swordspersons should look, but it worked well enough.

Very very happy with QoT. Great scene, pulled almost 100% from the book (dialogue-wise of course). The show didn't make me want lemoncakes as much as reading of them did.

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Wow, this was a big improvement over last week and i thought the premiere was great. Almost too many things to praise in this episode. Diana Rigg as Olenna was the highlight for me - she was excellent. Loved the Jaime Brienne fight, his comments on Renly were brilliant and Gwendoline Christie gets better as Brienne each episode.

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I gave it an 8. A point above last weeks 7.

Cat's monologue was well written, but obviously way off of her actual character.

Ramsay was forgettable as a character. Which is good, because that is how he is portrayed in the book.

BWB scene was great. Anguy was awesome, but where is Lem and his yellow cloak?? Thoros seems to have incorporated Tom O' Sevens penchant for song and jest. It kind of irked me at first, but the actor pulled it off well. I approve. Was hoping to see a flaming sword... (Why was the BWB singing The Rains of Castamere? That bugged me a lot. Even if it was as a joke, that is still very odd... was it an oversight?)

I really enjoyed Joff and Margaery's scene with the crossbow. Damn she is conniving! (and convincing)

QoT was solid. No complaints.

I have found that I dislike Ygritte. A lot. Even though she just poked her head in one scene in this ep, I cringed. Actually, I dislike the whole North of the wall storyline I think. I'm not a fan of Mance's portrayal and Tormund has yet to convince me. Orell (sp?) didn't impress me either. I thought he would have more animosity toward Jon?

Finally a decent scene with Robb. I thought they laid on the foreshadowing a little thick, but that is to be expected for non-book reading audiences.

The thing that upset me the most about Brienne and Jaime's fight is that she was never really in any danger. In the book she was actually fighting for her life. Kind of lame.

The Hound scene was great. I really dig about every scene he is in throughout the series. Great acting.


Jojen and Meera were just about exactly as I imagined them.

Thought it was pretty decent overall.

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I gave it an 8.

Loved a lot of the episode. It's a while since I read the books (read them one after the other in 2011 after seeing the first series), but I'm pleasantly surprised about how much story content is squeezed in to an episode.

Only bit I wasn't keen on was the Cat reversal re Jon Snow. Just didn't seem right.

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(Why was the BWB singing The Rains of Castamere? That bugged me a lot. Even if it was as a joke, that is still very odd... was it an oversight?)

I figured it was because they wanted to reintroduce us to the song

before the RW

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(Why was the BWB singing The Rains of Castamere? That bugged me a lot. Even if it was as a joke, that is still very odd... was it an oversight?)

It's a catchy song, I imagine it's one that people belt out regardless of their allegiance. It is a good tune after all. Also, Tom o'Sevens sings it in the books just off the cuff, so that could be proof that it's a generic song sung by many. Having Thoros sing it also provides a little nod to small details for the book readers.

Lets just see how the Hound's trial turns out. If that fight sucks then we can all get scared.

Whether something sucks though is a subjective thing, I mean I thought Jaime vs Brienne was pretty damn good. It should be spectacular if nothing else, it can't fail to be with a

flaming sword and of course Beric

. Even if it is merely average though it's hardly the be all and end all of the show, there are many more epic moments still to come!

The Hound

vs Beric

is (in my opinion) comparatively low on the list of things I'm most excited for in the TV series.

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Hey fans of ice and fire, new to the party!

I voted 8, but I'm more for 7.5. It was a solid episode and I hadn't big problems with cats scene. What I really loved was Sansas scene with the QOT. Awesomly played by Turner, really loved how you could feel Sansas thoughts just by her acting, well done. Real things will start later this season, but still solid performance by all.

And the Reeds... at last. :)

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For me the Queen of Thorns stole the episode. The Kingslayer/ Brienne fight wasn't as spectacular as in the books but it was perfunctory. The Cat scene annoyed me a bit (but not as much as some of you lol) and though the Shae scene sucked, at least we didn't have any Ros scenes. I'd give it an 8.5 (I've voted 9 since I can't vote 8.5).

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I gave it a 9. I thought it was a really good episode. Quicker paced than the premeir too.

The casting for Thoros was PERFECT. I wasn't crazy excited for the BWOB scenes but Thoros and Arya sold me more than I ever thought they could. Loved the introduction of the Reeds. Loved Sophie's scene with the QoT and Marg. LOVED Jaime and Brienne's fight scene.

Just so much love all around.

Also ... I didn't think Cat's scene was that bad. Not sure why it was necessary (okay, so I can take a gander but whatever) ... but yeah. Not the character assasinaion I was expecting.

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A solid 8.5.

Some scenes slowed the pace, and others felt unnecessary, but the others made up for them.

The new additions all seemed great.

Love the emphasis on the boltons.

By far the funniest episode yet.

The fight was awesome, and despite what many people claim, Jaime was obviously giving Brienne a hard time for the first half.

The Cat scene was great, although perhaps they over emphasized it.

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8/10. Frigging' loved Thoros. Queen of Thorns was also very good as expected and I enjoyed the fight between Jaime and Brienne (although wish it had been longer). Liked Theon's scene too and Jojen brought a lot of charisma to his role. (a part of the books I don't find particularly interesting).

Was expecting Cat to be bad but ended up just being 'meh' about it. Overall, this was another episode of setup, and for what it was it did well.

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