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How would you rate episode 302?


How would you rate episode 302?  

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I would give 302 a 7 out of 10. Excellence was not achieved due to the Cat scene which deviated from the book, and, the Tyrion/Shae scene.

However, this was a vast improvement over 301 which I'd give a 5, it was too flat, and I h8'd the Barrstan Selmy part. My favorite scene was the ladies discussing the real Joffrey, Dolorous Edd, and I really enjoyed Thoros and Anguy.

Off-topic, we really need more Balon. I mean a lot more. I could use more Balon.

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-Shae and Tyrion just didn't do it for me this time out. Of course we (book readers) all know where this is leading, but it just seems superfluous to me to have Tyrion and Shae banter back and forth on Tyrion's dalliances.

I agree with this, i hate TV shae more than book shae,

These seens are for fans of Peter Dinklage because in the third book he doesn't do much really until the 'purple wedding', so i think they are just filling his screen time with crap to satisfy the Dinklage fans

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I liked this episode better than the first one. I was a bit disappointed by the Brotherhood though. They missed an opportunity to have some colorful costumes and gave us a bunch of guys dressed in bland leather & chainmail again. Why does Thoros of Myr looks like Bronn? They couldn't give him a faded red robe or shave is head to show that he's a warrior priest?

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Tallying up the 494 votes, they average to a score of 7.66. Removing the top and bottom 5%, it rises to 7.8.

By way of comparison, at this time episode 1 runs a 7.55 average, with 7.63 after removing the top and bottom 5%. So one can see that this latest episode was somewhat more divisive (which I'm going to guess largely comes down between divided opinion on the Catelyn scene and, from remarks here, unhappiness with the Jaime-Brienne fight).

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Loved the introduction of the Queen of Thorns (though she wasn't referred to as that). Thought the scene came across even better than in the book, though missed Left and Right. Surprised that they didn't include the offer to marry Sansa to Willas to get her to reveal her true feelings about Joffery, also don't like that Loras isn't in the KG.

Also loved Arya's scene, her getting disarmed then the Hound recognising her. Also really liked the introduction of the Reeds plus Jamie and Brienne's banter - their sword fighting also looked real, both scenes were a little short for my liking. Really like how they are developing Margaery's character.

Thought Tyrion's scene was shoehorned in and was cringing through Cat's scene regarding Jon Snow.

Those two criticisms and a few timing things mean for me it was overall 8.

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Better than last episode (no FoTfm fight was disappointing) Dany wasn't in this ep, tho Tyrion is one of my fav's I don't know why they feel the need to put Him in every episode. They'll be able to fit more of the story if they didnt waste it on ppl like shae. Hate tv shae more than book shae they waste time on her that could be spent on more important characters. We all know she went to him for her silks not Sansa they could have made better use of that time, why are they making her so nice? I hope they're not thinking of combining her with tysha that would be too much. But apart from that loved this ep, thoros BwB, the reeds really amazing.

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Very enjoyable episode for me, moreso than the first. Although, I get disappointed when it seems to diverge from the book with developments and characters, its reasonable I guess given the depth of characters in this series. I really like that their revealing theon's scenario, which was absent in the books and I like how Ramsay is setting him up. Oh, you bastard you. Expected alot more from the fight between Jaime and Brienne. It wasnt even interesting.

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I realise it's not their style but HBO should think about a double opening episode for season 4. Episodes 1 and 2 back to back would have felt more satisfying.

I agree with this. When me and some of my friends were talking about the first two episodes, someone mentioned that the first episode felt like the first half of a two hour season premiere. Now after having seen the second episode of the season on sunday, and yesterday watching the two episodes back to back, I definitely agree.

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much better than last week. both the arya and jaime stories were fuller than anything we got last week, and everything seemed to work much better as a result.

really dont think think they shoudl have run them back,. the first episode might have seen like the first of a two part pilot, but that was mostly because it was bad and offered only chunks.

this week was not the conclusion to that pilot, it was an actual episode of television. it would have suffered by being attached to last weeks unrelated stories

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