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How would you rate episode 302?


How would you rate episode 302?  

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Better episode than last week. Gave it a 7/10.

Nice to see the Hound again, have been looking forward to his storyline this season. Really hoping the show does it justice.

Bran and Reed scenes seemed flat and undeveloped to to me - such an important storyline but their meeting seemed lik an anti-climax to me - and Bran just seems to fall into place with things, no real questions asked about their purpose beyond surface queries.

Thought Lady Olenna was spot-on.

Not so keen on the Margaery-Joffrey and Tyrion-Shae scenes - didn't feel it really added anything to the episode.

Still undecided about the Cat scene with her memories of Jon.

Overall, liked the pacing better in this episode.

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Great episode, 8/10.

I was ecstatic when I saw there would be no Dany, Stannis and Melisandre in this episode. :cheers:

I must say I'm pretty satisfied with Anguy but I pictured Thoros a bit differently. He has yet to prove himself in my eyes.

It was great seeing Sandor, Jaime and Theon. Nice scenes.

Oh and loved the Olenna scene as well, Diana Rigg is brilliant.

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I gave it an 8, one better than the opening episode.

The good: I loved the introduction of Olenna Tyrell, and the Reeds. Loved Jaime and Brienne scenes. The meeting between Joffrey and Margaery also stood out for me, great acting and good played out tension.

The bad: Catelyn! How can they make her say such things :frown5: - at this rate she's going to think the RW is a just punishment for her being alive.

The rest: all around good scenes with good dynamics (maybe with the exception of Tyrion/Shae but I fear personal dislike colors me too much to stay critical here), hence the up in rating

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Not really a fan of the episode, I didn't love or hate it, so I gave it a five. Not sure why the hate for the Cat scene, I didn't like it but I can understand the logic in her train of thought. What really preplexed me was why they even shot it, didn't really feel like it was needed. They complain about having to much material to shoot but keep making up scenes and cutting out meterial.I get why they do it sometimes but sometimes they just don't need to do it. Same for Tyrion this week, I like the Dink and he is a hell of an actor, but that was by far the worst scene I have seen in the series, the acting was flat and the writing boardered on a sitcom.

Thought Sophie Turner was excellent this week, and her scene with the Queen of thornes was pretty much pitch perfect. Love the fact that she got across that she would never have said anything, but they brought up her father and you can catch that flash of anger. Once that was out there was no point in her holding back.

I love the cat and mouse game Marg is playing with Joff, and the fact Joff has no clue he is the mouse, Jack was once again outstanding. I think the woman playing Marg is doing a good job, considering she does not really fit the part. I always found her annoying in the books and here she still annoys me, not really in a bad way though.

Thought the fight with Jamie and Bree needed more build up, and would have liked to have seen the two actors more this week, but god forbid the Dink is not in an episode. Also would have prefered a closer adaptation from the books. The fight in the books had more tension, frustration and anger, it also felt a little like some strange form of... for lack of a better word, flirting. Also she beat Jamie way to easily, it boardered on humiliation. That fight ends up setting up some common respect between the two and not one person destroying the other. They became much more like peers because of that fight. In this case it felt like HBO was changing Brees name to little miss Mary Sue.

The Reeds, what a waste, they skipped the intro so we could see Dink get a an old fashioned. As a reader of the books I know who those characters are like the back of my hand. But for the people who have not read the books, they saw two total strangers, from god knows where, walk up and all of a sudden they are just going with Bran. Who are they? Why are they there? How did they find Bran? What is there purpose? Nothing it was just like hey we're going with you.

Jon Snow. When are they going to actually put Jon on the show? He is about as pivitol a character as you will find in the series and his story is by and large abscent from the show.

You know take out the very unnecessary and pointless Cat and Dink scenes and you could of had more Bree and Jamie, more Jon, more Arya and the Merry Men, and and actually introduce the Reeds, that was a pure hack job. Also Reek is better as a surprise but this should be an intresting journey to watch. Get rid of the added scenes and the show is going to flow betten and you will get a little more time with the none Tyrion characters to develop their stories and characters.

I thought Sansa and the Queen saved the show this week from being a total mess. It was all over the place, had horrible pacing and just about every actor not playing Tyrion is getting cut short by a lack of time and development. It's a 5, all five belonging to Sophie and Jack.

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AWESOME episode, despite the fact that most characters in it seemed to be travelling somewhere.

High point: no nudity! Funny thing, but the show feels a lot maturer when there's no need to for gratuituos nakedness :P

Things I loved: Looks like most people didn't like Cat talking about Jon, but it's always nice to delve deeper into their complex relationship. The Reeds were awesome (even though Meera looks a bit like Yara and I wonder if any nonreaders will get confused by this), and I cheered when they mentioned Howland. Thoros and the BwB were a great addition, as was the QoT and Crook as Orell.

Things that felt weird: The scene with Tyrion and Shae wasn't interesting. Still, I can see where things will go from here with those two. It will be tough to get over how much Bran and Arya have grown since season 1. It's easy to say this in hindsigt but maybe they should've gone with older actors, like they did with Dany. Plus, the banner of House Bolton looks an awful lot like the Union Jack...

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7, up from 4.

Loathe the Young Wolf blundering around and Mance's backstory changes. Well, I dont like tv Mance at all.

I just dont get the Rob story. First you bring your entire army to lay siege to an empty castle then you backtrack wth them for a funeral. How lost are these writers? At least have an idea that makes some sense if you're going to assassinate Rob Stark's character.

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5/10. Hated, hated, hated all the jumping around, it seemed worse than usual. Not a fan of TV Brienne, I liked the book version much more. Same goes for Shae and multiply that by 100 and I didn't even like Shae in the books that much.

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Things I loved: Looks like most people didn't like Cat talking about Jon, but it's always nice to delve deeper into their complex relationship. The Reeds were awesome (even though Meera looks a bit like Yara and I wonder if any nonreaders will get confused by this), and I cheered when they mentioned Howland. Thoros and the BwB were a great addition, as was the QoT and Crook as Orell.

I thought that Cat thing is one of the best things they have ever done on the show, that wasn't in the book. It showed that Cat knew she was wrong for the way she felt about Jon. That she had even felt guilty about it, but in the end she could not help the way she felt.

ep rating 7

I also like how Jaime/Brianna fight scene played out, even though the messed up who took them. HTF are they going to cut off his hand? How can that happen if he is with Bolton's men?

While I could careless about Joff/Marg the end of that scene when Joff was turned on thinking about Marg killing somebody was spot on.

The whole Jojen thing is messed up, it so messed up now that it will never match up with the books.

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A modest 7.

The things that I liked:

- Jojen Reed: I think Brodie-Sangster will be a great Jojen Reed. For me , he really did a good job playing the young sage-like lad. Enjoyed his scene with Summer and loved the reference to his father.

- Olenna Tyrell: precisely what I envisioned the Queen of Thorns would be.

- The Orell-warging scene.

- Thoros of Myr, another newcomer. Wasn't up there with Jojen and Olenna. Yet.

The things I didn't like:

- The Jaime/Brienne swordfight.

- The Catelyn monologue.

- The Theon torture scene.

Overall, I definitely wasn't blown away. Then again, I didn't think I would be, considering the review I've read this far. It's like I posted some place else: for me it's an episode of small pleasures.

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I knew people would hate the Jon Snow scene, but I don't see why exactly. It didnt change Catelyn, it reinforced that she could never love Jon no matter what.


i really like this episode

loved jaime/brienne (when jaime talks about renly i was lmao)

olenna was perfection :bowdown:

arya's scenes were great (i LOVED gendry asking why she didnt name joffrey or tywin in order to end the war.) but i didnt really like thoros.... i think they could show thoros as a drunk but a bit more serious.. they didnt evem mention him as a priest

i hate margeary in the books but im loving the character in the series (natalie is doing a great job)

once again the north was pretty blah, especially jon.

loved bran's dream and the introduction of the reed brothers.... jojen seems a little bit more sassy than in the books but didnt bother me

theon..... oh boy, this is gonna get ugly from now on :bawl:

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I gave it a 6. Maybe a little harsh, but there were a few bits I was really annoyed about, in particular certain new characters and events not getting the resonance they should have.

I didn't like the way they handled the news from Winterfell, and I was really disappointed with the Theon stuff. I know there's plenty to come, particularly from the "boy", but I was hoping for a little more of a horror factor.

Actually quite enjoyed the Cat/Jon Snow story.

Love the Tyrells, brilliant stuff from both Margery and Ollena. Points as well go to Sophie Turner for her outstanding acting in the scene with the Tyrell women. That was probably my favourite scene of the episode.

I really, really, REALLY hate where they're going with the 'getting sansa out of Kings Landing' arc though. Involving Shae, and then Tyrion, is a big mistake IMO. I've come to expect that from every scene that involves Shae however; I was also furious that we had Sansa and Shae sitting there discussing Littlefinger and his intentions with her. Bad, bad, BAD!

Bran's arc was eh. Thought the introduction of the Reeds was ok.

Brieanne and Jamie was reasonable, not quite amazing. I dunno, maybe my expectations are just too high.

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Not bad but again there is hardly anytime spend on the story at the wall. It's frustrating. There is no emotion or depth in that story. Every week it's just showing us the story there instead of telling it. This week it was Orell warging. That's it. Oh and Edd making a comment about Sam that I don't think book Edd would make but whatever.

As for Catelyn, I really did not have any issues with it other than it was too long and not really necessary. I don't think it was even about Jon. It was about her faith. She wished ill on a baby. The baby got sick. She felt guilty. What's so wrong about that? It's just normal, human empathy. And then she promised to do something if the baby got well. When the baby became alright, she did not keep her promise to the Gods. So now she feels like she is being punished for that. That's it. She still does not have any kind of love for Jon nor is she feeling sorry for not loving Jon. She is talking about a one time incident and the show seems to be portraying her as this person who is very religious. In the GOT ad called 'chaos' they showed her associated with 'the Gods'.

But this scene really did not add anything to the show. Instead of doing it they could have spend more time on Dany or beyond the wall.

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I forgot to mention but I thought Sophie Turner was terrific. She played her character's fear and terror in confessing to Olenna brilliantly.

It was Sophie's best scenes since the end of Season 1. I definitely liked Diana Rigg as the Queen of Thorns. I do enjoy Natalie Dormer as Margaery; though she is going to look ridiculous later as little Tommen's wife. (of course, by then the boy playing Tommen could always shoot up a few inches, I suppose). The Joffrey/Margaery crossbow scene was excellent; and made a good contrast with the Cersei/Joffrey scene; since Margaery is handling Joffrey so well and Cersei is not.

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I gave it an 8 because there were two things I hated:

Cat's speech, I think they could've found another way to emphasized Catelyn's guilt/grief over the falling in disgrace of her family, which I totally think she deserves, this will give the RW the sense of hopeless disaster and the power it needs to have, I just think they should've make it better, or find another reason for her to be the martyr.

Shae!!! and her psychotic jealousy, WTF is up with that? And, again... I understand what they're trying to do (giving her a reason for betraying Tyrion) but I liked it more when she was just a despicable bitch who would sell out anyone without a reason.

LOOOVED BwB (where's Ser Beric?), LOOOVED ARYA, LOOOVED the hound, I even loved Joff & Marge interaction, loved the Reeds!!

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The episode was average with a couple awful moments.

awful first - Sansa didn't look disturbed at all while talking to Olenna about Joffrey. She just kept smiling dumbly. It all felt so plastic. She breaks and tells them about joffrey cutting off her father's head and then her acting falls on its face when she tries to pull off "oh i didnt mean that what have i done" believably

awful second - Jamie and Brienne fight. Just awful. Just horrible. It doesn't feel that there is any force behind those blows and the only blow that didn't look clumsy was Brienne backhanding Jamie. Coster Waldau is extremely ungainly with the sword. Even in season 1 fight between Ned and Jamie that scene looked good only thanks to Sean Bean, who had good plasticity. If you watch Jamie in it, it was just awful.

The episode was bad, Reeds were rushed in really. Theon was the only good part, but it all feels somehow extremely rushed.

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Would have given a 6, but the scene with Olenna Tyrell bumps it up to a 7.

We didn't see Danaerys, Littlefinger, Tywin or Davos, so I'm bound to be rather partial.


* Olenna Tyrell was marvelous. See what happens when you keep many lines from the book?

* Karstark - Robb was fun.

* Joffrey - Margaery was good.

* Arya scenes were nice enough.

* It was good to see Rast again.

* Mance was good.

* Some hilarious things like Olenna Tyrell's lines, Dolorous Edd's dourness or Jaime's remark about Renly.

* I like the emphasis on the fact Renly is a traitor and was unfit to rule in both the Olenna and Joffrey - Margaery scene.

(* Generally good explanation of Warging and Green Dreams, at least, I think)


* I really don't like Talisa. No idea what that scene with Cat was all about, either.

* Tyrion - Shae really bothers me, as it has for a long time. Shae is just a stupid whore, why do people insist on making her so important?

* The fight between Brienne and Jaime was kinda lackluster.

* The scene with the Night's Watch doesn't capture any of the horror of the book scene, it's just a bunch of guys casually walking through the snow. Some frozen bodies littering the road would have been nice.

* Torture scenes with Theon are unnecessary imo. They're horrible to watch and add only that: he's being tortured. Then there's the difficulty you're in danger of revealing the Boltons as scumbags too early.

* The Reeds' introduction was just silly.

In short I'd summarize this episode as 'some character introductions and lots of people talking for no reason and the writers getting lost in their own plot arcs.'

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