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How would you rate episode 302?


How would you rate episode 302?  

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God. I feel like Im not going ot care during the red wedding, because they are making Robb and Catelyn totally despicable and stupid.

I agree 100%, I don't think they've done a good job at all in making Robb or Cat likable. Robb drives me absolutely nuts in the show, he isn't at all how I imagined him in the books. Cat I didn't like in the books... whenever I got to one of her chapters I'd always groan. But all the same, the TV show takes too many liberties on Cat and Robb's storylines. I can't wait to watch them both die, simply because every time one of their scenes come on, I feel oddly embarrassed... and kinda annoyed.

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Great episode. It's nice to see the series thrive on great acting.

The Tyrells keep being great with Lady Olenna as a fantastic addition. She's both sharp and has wonderfully sarcastic humor. Margaery also keeps being a fantastic player in the game. The show does a great job of showing how they are maneuvering into power at King's Landing.

Catelyn was also played very well with her emotional scenes. The scene where it sounds like they are almost going back on her feelings on Jon, only to turn around and have it be one of her failures to care for him, was very well done. I love the image of her as an honorable lady that just couldn't overcome her pure emotions.

The Reeds were another nice addition to the cast and I like how they are progressing Bran's story line well with small means.

Arya's story line also started well. They had a little Robin Hood's merry men vibe going but with the surprise of including The Hound already it was a nice way to end with an expected turn for the worse.

The introduction of Ramsay was also nice. Some terrible and seemingly senseless torture that made you cringe, and then some mind games by Ramsay to top it off for future pay-off.

Jaime and Brienne keep working very well together. The only thing I had expected more of here was making a bit clearer that Jaime is in bad shape after his imprisonment. The future events for him means even more if he's really established as the best fighter in Westeros, which he hasn't really been yet.

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I gave it a 5. It was just sort of middle of the road to me.

Liked: meeting the QoT and that whole scene, Marg and Joff, the BwB, and the Reeds.

However, Cat's scene, Robb and Talisa making out after she tells him how she used to think of them as savages until she married their king (I'm paraphrasing, can't remember exact dialog), and Tyrion and Shae really brought this episode down.

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Great episode IMO.

Things I liked:

– Changes made from the books seemed more acceptable to me than the previous episode.

– Timing and pacing was great; no rushed scenes like I thought there were in Ep1.

– The Hound, superb. Liked the way they recut the whole BwB scene overall.

– Didn't mind the Theon/Ramsey changes despite that being my biggest concern. Torture scene was disturbing/tense.

– Surprisingly, I liked the Jon Snow references by Catelyn. Thought it fit well, i.e. she even misses HIM because she's devoid of any comfort any more.

– Thoros!

– Orell too; the bit with his creepy whited-out eyes while warging the eagle, was a lovely subtle addition IMO.

– Pretty much everything tbh.

Things I disliked:

– Completely unavoidable of course, no one's fault, but Bran seemed to have aged too suddenly and grown a deeper voice! :)

– Jojen was too well spoken for a Stinky Bog Dude.

– That it was only an hour long.

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So many changes. I gave it a 6.

1. I like being able to see the breaking of Theon from the start. He has no idea he being set up by Ramsay

2. I like how Marg is manipulating Joff and I loved the Queen of Thornes. I missed Butterbumps

3. The fight between Brienne and Jaime was awful

I know the first four episodes are setup but this one was kind of ordinary

Couldn't agree more with everything. I gave it a 6 as well

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Oh oh and Lady Olenna the Queen of Thorns. She was perfect. Wish they'd kept in the Butterbumps scene while meeting with Sansa, but hey, no biggie. Liked the way they had Marg use Joff's cruelty as a tactic to have him "aroused" and trusting her.

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Give it a 8. Episode 1 was also a 8. Last week was a little bit better imo.

I liked the introduction of QoT, BwB and the Reeds, they were well done.

My favorite scene was the one with Cat and Talisa. I cried when she talked about Jon.

Only thing bothering me was that last week was so good because it was focusing on a narrow group of people. This episode it too much imo. They could have left Tyrion for episode 3 imo.

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I actually thought the Cat scene was ok (minus the last line). If anything it hammered home her hatred of Jon (she wished him dead). The fact that she momentarily felt bad for wishing that did not change anything for me.

I also think it was also a subtle way to remind viewers that the issue of Jon's parentage is still outstanding, and that there may be some ironies involved with it. With Jon at the Wall and beyond, I think it is needed to remind the viewer (non-reader) that his character may have a role in the big picture.

I think overall we are starting to see the difficulties of translating SO MANY story lines into a TV series (1 hour at a time). The Tyrion/Shae scene had the feel of, "Can we really leave him completely out of an episode? No we've got to give him at least one scene." So yes, I thought that was dumb scene.

I wonder how confused the non-reader is at this point.

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What I loved:

  • Sansa's scenes with Shae and the Tyrells.
  • Arya meeting the Brotherhood without Banners.
  • Bran's greendream.

What I liked:

  • The arrival of the Reeds.
  • Karstark calling out Robb for marrying Talisa, and Cat calling out Robb for imprisoning her.
  • The Jaime and Brienne scenes. They weren't as good as usual, however - Brienne has been changed too much, and I hated the conversation about Renly. In the books, he's a wonderfully written gay character. In the show, he's merely reduced to his sexuality. It's insulting and offensive.
  • The single Jon scene. Kit Harington is still awful, and Hinds was surprisingly average, but the scene itself was good.

What I hated:

  • Female rivalries: Osha vs Meera, Catelyn vs Talisa, Shae vs Ros.
  • Jojen reed saying Summer's name.
  • The Night's Watch scenes.
  • Theon's scenes.
  • Catelyn's monologue to Talisa.

All that considered, I gave it a 6/10. I enjoyed it far less than the premiere (which I rated 7/10), but it also had some really great moments - the Sansa/Olenna/Margaery dinner is one of my favourite scenes in the show so far.

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I gave it a 7, and I am usually much more upbeat about the episodes. For some reason this one did not hang together well in my opinion. Too many story lines, I am really glad I have read the books multiple times or I would have had a difficult time following it.

I think the Cat scene was to keep Jon Snow front and center. HBO is focused on Jon and Dany which is good in my opinion. I am wondering how they will do the scene where she argues against Robb making Jon his heir after this scene. Maybe Robb will do it and she will agree.

The actor who plays Bran has grown up so much over one year it was startling! His deep voice. I love the Reeds but not sure if I liked the way they were written in last night. They were sort of creepy and in the book they are warm and supportive. Also, what happened to Rickon? I am sure they did not have him go off with Shaggy Dog....he better show up later. I can see a split happening though, with Osha and Rickon going off as they do in the book.

Too much time wasted on Shae and Tyrion...I think the Shae story line will play out much differently in the HBO series. I think she will be hung. Margaery is excellent, as was Olenna. I hate Joff but the actor is amazing. And I love the Hound.

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The Cat thing was just wrong. The fact that she was making one of these thingies for Jon in the first place when only a mother can make one for her child sort of implies like she thought she was Jon's mother or at least stepmother/surrogate mother, which she never did. And the rest of Westeros never thought that either. If D&D did this to make Cat more likeable, like people are suggesting, then I don't understand them, because in my opinion it actually makes her less likeable. Cat is one of my favourites and she doesn't need to be a mother archetype and coddle Jon Snow in order to be likeable.

Also, Hot Pie fat shaming, not cool! Funny, but still, it was too much.

Other than that, wow! What en episode! The Jamie/Brienne banter was priceless and the Olenna scene was perfect, exactly as I imagined it. They've really done a good job on the Tyrells. The arrival of the Reeds was pretty kickass too.

Female rivalries: Osha vs Meera, Catelyn vs Talisa, Shae vs Ros.

Amen! I hated those, too! Most women don't act like that towards other women outside of sitcoms. I also just don't like this jealous!Shae angel they seme to be taking.

All in all 7/10. I enjoyed this episode less than the premier, which I understand is not a popular opinion. Or is it?

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8/10 for me

Lots of people abusing it saying it doesn't stay true to the books. Well if you've read the books it would make a pretty boring series wouldn't it?

Much better than the first, too many different angles though, I think we'll often see episodes without 2-3 main character view points (Ayra, Bran, Jamie in ep1/ Daenerys, Stannis ep 2).

I'm going to watch it again now, edit this when I've seen it again

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I gave a 6 to 301, mostly because they previewed the wights in 210 and then didn't deliver them. This episode was a lot like that one minus that huge letdown. Great acting all around and a couple bits of good drama, but mostly just advancing storylines for bigger things later on, which is necessary and I am good with that.

I really liked Jaime's banter with Brienne and I thought the fight was done ok, served it's purpose well enough. The Sansa/Margery/QoT scene was great. Like everyone else, I am really liking Marg, and it seems that the edition of the QoT will only make that line better. It was good to see the Arya storyline back, and I thought Thoros was good too. The Reeds also did not disappoint and the Theon scenes were done very well. The Joff/Cersei and Joff/Marg scenes served their purpose of character developement and the struggle for power and influence.

The NW and wildlings scenes felt like just a bit of filler, kind of like "Hey! Nothing much is really going on with us this week but don't forget about us! Maybe NEXT week you'll get to see some giants or zombies....:-)" Glad they didn't do that same type of thing with the Dany or Stannis lines.

That brings us to Tyrion/Shae and Cat's monologue. I thought one was annoying and one was new and interesting. I think it's pretty obvious that Peter is the iconic image of GoT and I understand that HBO wants to get him on screen whenever they can, but the love story thing is flat. He's much better as a whoring, drinking, manipulator. I understand how the scene fit into the developement of the story but it was highly unnecessary. I just found it boring. Cat's Jon Snow revelation, on the other hand, was excellent. I know thats a minority opinion here on this forum, but I really thought it brought a new nuance to her character, although not as big of one as everybody else seems to think. She's always been pious, so I don't think her believing that she is being punished for not upholding a promise she made to the gods is such a giant stretch. And I really don't think it will have much effect on her future story, so I'm a bit confused with all the handwringing over it.

Next week, I expect dragons and whitewalkers.

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Amen! I hated those, too! Most women don't act like that towards other women outside of sitcoms.

Yes exactly. It's so frustrating, especially with the Shae/Sansa friendship. They already had an amazing rivarly between Cersei and Margaery - why do they need more? The only reason the Cersei/Margaery rivalry works so well is because they actually both have a lot of reasons to be wary of each other.

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Okay, a little disappointed having looked at the many very positive reactions here before watching it. I feel like two episodes of almost entirely scene-setting to start the season is a bit heavy, but FINE, necessary I guess.

Few problems

-Jaime + Brienne sword fight should have been way more badass (as many people seem to also think)

- I never thought I'd be this guy, but two episodes without much violence (except the brief torture scenes of course) actually seems to lose part of the grimness of the show

- Queen of Thorns should have been funnier

- I feel like they may be going in the direction of making Joffrey too ridiculous (was he getting turned on my Marg wanting to kill things!?)

AND BIG PROBLEM: I've never been bothered by the acting in this show, as in, some actors may not be as enthralling as others, but I never found anyone to be notably bad, but the actress who plays Sansa was TERRIBLE in the QoT scene. ehk

I was a little confused by the apparently despised Cat talking about Jon scene - doesn't really make sense - but hey, I don't mind them trying to make Cat more likeable for the RW. Livin' up to the GoT rep'.

Still, lots of good things. Happy to see the Reeds, happy at the introduction of warging, happy to see the Boltons finally coming into the game, and absolutely overjoyed at the Brotherhood coming in at long last. I was a bit sad that Dondarrion didn't pop up, but it can only mean that his entrance will be appropriately epic when it does happen.

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Voted 7, that's two points improvement since ep1


Jojeen and Meera are weirdly likeable and fun

I liked QOT herself, didn't like how the scene was staged at all. Since it couldn't be as long as in the book writers and director had to invent some device to make Sanda trust marg. and QOT. They kinda skipped it

Liked whole Arya sequence, although I wish she would start to develop her "bad-assoness" more intensively.


Jon Snow and Sam stuff is still boring. When you kill all the events because of budget you kinda have to invent other more cheaper events. Sam falling down for 5 minutes is not one of them.

Theon? At this point? I sense 8 episodes of whining...

I guess they are heading towards Shay being aSansa "savior" over LF plot to abduct her, she will convince Tyrion to marry Sansa to save her. I don'like that one bit.

Robb and Karstark can rent a room. Cat and Talisa scene came to us straight from Days of Our Lives.

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