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[Book Spoilers] EP301 Discussion


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#4. the kids also got food. When Margaery was talking to the septon outside you could see children with big chunks of food.

I think she doesn't give 2 shits about the kids. She is just very ambitious and she is simply playing the game. She knows she is up against Cersei and she is pretending to care for the small folk, to win them over. Cersei of course, is hated by the small folk.

1-0 Tyrell

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So did Joffrey sit in his little box the entire time Margaery was in the orphanage? That was a weird scene. Also, most office building hallways are bigger than the streets of King's Landing.

They were in Flea Bottom, the very poor slum of KL. Historical medieval towns and cities tended to have lots of very small streets anyway. The depiction was quite faithful, complete with shit being thrown around and all.

Impressive episode, especially the Tywin/Tyrion confrontation was really powerful, the books coming alive. Mance/Jon and the introduction of the Unsullied were great, too.

As for the northern (or riverland) prisoners in Harrenhall, Tywin had his HQ there for a while. Undoubtedly his army took prisoners and I guess most of those would have been left behind when Tywin made his break for KL (prisoners would slow him down).

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