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[Book Spoilers] So, did Littlefinger recognize Arya at Harrenhal?

Ice Turtle

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That is when he told her the story of what happened to the Hound (from his brother).

Littlefinger actually tells Sansa about it with Arya overhearing it.

a couple days ago Bryan Cogman tweeted this after he decided to rewatch season 1-3 before he started writing for season 5 just to "refresh" himself.

Currently Cogman is the only writter for the show besides D&D and GRRM ...


We never specified in the script & I have no idea what Aidan thinks... but I think LF does recognize Arya. #Gotrewatch #TheOldGodsAndTheNew

and Cogman has also commented about how Littlefinger could've been lying to Sansa about seeing her sister in episode 3.1 so it's something that is still "up in the air" as far as the writers/scripts go.

I would think that Sansa might possibly ask LF if her sister is still alive or where he saw Arya or something this season(four) not after so Bryan is either really cleverly addressing something that gets resolved if the show does address it this year or it is not addressed this year.

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