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Which TWOW storyline are you most excited about

locke and key

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Honestly? Everything for sure. :lol:

All the events at the North, the Vale, Dorne, Essos, the riverlands, Oldtown, King's Landing...This may be the book where shit happens, and we'll be shocked. It'll be ASOS all over again. :)

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Danny-- can't wait to find out what happens with the dragons and the Dothraki and her return to Mereen

Arya--her continued adventures with FM, I think she's onto something really big here. This along with whatever Jaquen H'gar is doing in Oldtown.

Jon--Did he survive? Will he become a wight like Coldhands or reanimated like Belric or just permanently die?

Bran/Three-eyed crow/children of the forest-- especially looking forward to past flashback through the weirwood forest, I think we'll finally know the R+L storyline

Davos--will he really reach that haunted place, more importantly what will he find there?

Tyrion/Baristan/Victarion--the Eastern situation and how Tyrion teams up with Danny

Mellisandre/Stannis--will Stannis really die? does Mel know that she has misinterpreted the AA prophesy? Will she save Jon?

The Griffins and the Martell's--all about the "mummer's dragon" fiasco

Sansa--Will her slaying a giant in a castle made of snow come true? I truly hope so, I'm sick of her and LF and Vale in general

Cersi and Margery's trial, will Margery get beheaded?

Plus looking forward to Ramsay Bolton getting eaten by his dogs

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1. Arya, Who am I kidding I'm a die hard fan. I spent aDWD mostly looking forward to her Chapters, I expect more badassery from her to come. Specially now that it seems killing is coming pretty easily to her.

2.North of course. The cliff hanger with Jon is a nail bitter. I don't want to see him needing to get the kiss from Mel though. If you look at the characters who have had it done they end up being these revenge monsters. Sort of ghosts of themselves obsessed with the wrongs of the their deaths. I don't want that to be Jon, he seems to be one the best hopes for Westeros. He's pragmatic and a strong leader.

3. Stannis only because of the prospect of giving the Boltons and Fray's their just deserts and Stannis is the man to do it. Otherwise I end up not liking him. He's too riggid to a fault and is blind to making wise decisions (not counting saving the NW and taking Jon's advice about the north). It seems even Mel has abandoned him, he's seems out of juice. I don't think he has much more to do after winterfell as a story arch. (could be wrong though)

4. Dany. Gonna mirrior the general consesus. "Get your butt to Westeros." I got pretty tired of her chapters with a never ending repeat of dispair. There are so many different people looking to take advantage of her. Victarion seems he will meet her next. With Aegon and the two Iron born men thinking they can just win her over and make her theirs like some trophy waiting to be picked up. I've always dispised this form of male bravado and ignorance. "These men are so manly that she'll be helpless against their charms." Dany should be what Dany was always meant to be. A powerful Queen and Mother of Dragons. I am hoping to see those who dearly underestimate her find out with blood and fire.

5. Sam! Looking forward to seeing that line to come.

6. Dorn - that includes Aegon, JC and GC.

7. Jaime/Brienne though I think this will end in little more than death for one or both

8. Cersei, omg I hate her. I get her character but her chapaters were hard to get through. Just so easy to hate for me. I thought her naked walk through KL was a great scene. Finally knocked that manipulative scheemer down a bunch. She deserves her fate, one she is almostly entirely responsible for by the way, no pity here.

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...I am just really looking forward to the next book to be out already so it can consume me like the others did. The 5th book left us tortured with the fate of Jon Snow so thats probably what I am really looking forward to as well as the overall state of the north:

- the battle of winterfell

- Rickon being found

- Theon

I hope we finally learn who Jon Snow's parents are...

- cant wait to see how Tyrion & Danny interact... hopefully Selmy survives the battle

I am over cersei and dont really care about the Sandsnakes angle...

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The things I'm interested in:

1. Tyrion - For me the whole series revolves around Tyrion. He's almost the only character who has any sense of humor, and even more so now that Ygritte is gone. He's almost the only one who makes me laugh. I'd love to see him gain control of the situation around Mereen, and then start a continent wide slave revolt in favor of Dany. She really does need a little hand. I'd be delighted if he became the little Napoleon of the series. Seems like he is the only battlefield commander as good as the late Rob Stark. The east is too complicated for Dany, and she needs Tyrion to figure it out for her. After turning the complicated and interesting east upside down, I expect the Targaryen reconquest of Westeros to be anti-climactic.

2. Arya - For me Arya has been the protagonist of a separate book. Ever since Syrio was killed, she has been living her own adventure, with little connection to the epic events elsewhere. I was baffled that she didn't have more interaction with Maester Aemon and Samwell Tarley while they were in her town. What was that all about? As far as I'm concerned, I have no interest in seeing her rejoin the main story arc, because I'm disgusted with Westeros. I'd rather just read a book about Arya having adventures across the rest of the planet.

3. Jaime/Brienne - That story was interesting for a while, until GRRM wasted our time with some pointless rambling by Brienne through the war torn countryside. What was that all about anyway? Jaime and Brienne are among the few who have shown any character development. Their traumas are actually having some effect on their personality, Jaime more so than Brienne. But if GRRM wastes my time with more useless rambling then I will lose interest in them too.

Stuff I'm not interested in:

4. The Wall - Frankly, I'm pissed that the Wall is even still standing. I was hoping that somebody would blow a big horn and bring the whole thing crashing down on the pathetic remnants of the NW. That whole French Foreign Legion in Siberia thing has run it's course for me. Yeah, they are the scum of Westeros, defending all the barely more respectable scum of Westeros from some unknow and mysterious monsters. But the distances are absurd. The fact that there is any food there at all is the most magical thing about the book. And I'd just as soon see all of Westeros down to the Riverlands or further overrun with Wildlings, wights, others, spiders, or whatever. The humanity of Westeros, as described by GRRM, is so vile that its not worth saving. Basically, GRRM has not described enough positive aspects of the human population in Westeros to make me care.

5. Winterfell - All through the series GRRM has posited the Stark clan as the heros and protagonists of the book. I liked Ned. I liked Jon. And I adore Arya. But the Starks were the Lords of Siberia. Maybe the historic Stark lands would produce some nice photos for National Geographic, but I wouldn't want to live there. I like battles, and the battle in the snow for Winterfell might be interesting if it wasn't so implausible. I could see a little raid such as Washington Crossing the Delaware, but having two armies with medieval technology, both of which are out of food, fighting a serious multi-day battle in a blizzard? Get real! The most magical things in this series don't involve magic. They involve GRRM defying all reasonable laws of economics and biology. Stannis is too dull for me to care about him. Theon is an interesting psychological study, but the only really fun thing I've ever seen from him was that great speach in the TV series.

6. Kings Landing - I do hope to see Cersei make a rebound, but I'm rather disgusted with some aspects of her downfall. The seven god religion making Cersei walk naked though the city was highly implausible to me, given the similarities between the seven god religion and Roman Catholicism. It might have been an interesting turn about for Tywin, if he had been alive. But he wasn't, so what was the point? And I can't believe that Cersei was able to walk through excrement after cutting her foot and not get an infection that required a maester to take her leg off. What was the point of describing the cut then? Cersei's rebound might be interesting if the Tyrell faction had any developed characters. The TV show is doing a much better job of developing the Tyrell faction characters than the books have done. At least the church will give Cersei a fight. But if the poor of Westeros finally rise up to get rid of the disgusting aristocrats that exploit them, then Kings Landing might become a really interesting place.

7. The Vale - Meh. The people and countryside of the Vale remain undeveloped. It's supposed to be picturesque, but what else? Do the people of the Vale have anything interesting about them at all? Littlefinger is just playing on the small stage in the Vale. He will have to get back to Kings Landing before I get interested in what he is doing. GRRM has portrayed Sansa as such an insipid character that I will find any character change to be more magical than the small amounts of sorcery in the books. No other characters in the Vale have been developed enough to be interesting.

8. The Stormlands - The action seems to be moving north from Dorne. Although Dorne seemed like it might be an interesting place, with interesting people, it never got enough time from GRRM to turn it into a really interesting place. All the characters from Dorne who are still alive and who might develop into interesting characters are now treking north. We know even less about the life and culture of the Stormlands. Maybe this will be an interesting place. And maybe the characters who are about to do something there will become interesting. But they're not that interesting yet.

9. Oldtown - This is another part of Westeros that has not been adequately described yet. Does it have any interesting culture? Does it have any interesting people? Maybe. But we don't know yet.

10. Westeros - Frankly, the place bores me. The east seems to be on the verge of a major slave revolt. That's interesting. Why not Westeros? A few undead Robin Hood types running around in the Riverlands is not a real revolution. Maybe all those poor that have gathered under the banners of the seven god religion will stage a real revolution. But they haven't quite started it yet. If they do, I'm in! GRRM seems to presume that we will care about saving Westeros from the Wildlings, the wights, the others, the spiders, etc. But whats the point of saving Westeros if the people are just a bunch of kneelers who won't throw off the oppression of all these disgusting aristocrats? The Wildlings are the only humans in Westeros now that I actually care about. Live free or die!

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Seem I'm the only one but the situation in King's Landing / around the IT, is what I'm most curious of.

I'd say :

1. Cersei, her trial, the civil war between Lannister and Tyrell, her return to power, her reign of terror with Qyburn as hand, her fall eventually (I for one I'm not sure at all it will happen before last book)

2. The Martell, to have news of the sand snakes sent to KL and Aegon alliance

3. Sam, in hope to learn more about some of the highest level pupetteers : the maester conspiracy and the faceless men

4. Jaime/Brienne, eventual tragic ending, eventual RW.2, eventual Jaime return to KL to kill Cersei

5. Tyrion/Barristan/Vic/eventually Dany, Battle of Mereen and what happens after with characters finally meeting each other (can't wait for a council with all Dany suitors)

6. Mel/Jon (+ Asha/Theon for battle of Ice) what happens at the wall and in the north in general

7. Sansa/LF, only if they stay together and do advance in their intrigues (if Sansa escape with the mad mouse and give us another travelogue, or kill LF too fast, would be rather bottom of list)

8. Aeron/Asha/Theon, evolution of the Iron Isles (I include Asha and Theon there as I think Asha will succeed to make Theon escape and organize a new kingsmoot like hinted in her first ADWD chapter)

9. Davos in Skaagos (I fear a travelogue)

10. Arya ? should at some point do something else than training and killing random targets

11. Bran ? would personnally prefer to be let suspecting what he's doing through Ravens than have his PoV now he's a greenseer

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I am interested in:

What happened to Jon, and at the Wall,

what happens at Winterfell,

Sam and Gilly and the babe (and also Oldtown and the maesters)

Bran and more about warging and the Others and the wights

Arya (this storyline is quite apart, yes, but I find it interesting in itself)

Sansa (she has become really interesting and likeable)

Aegon (and relatedly, JC), just to know how far he can go and whether he is real or not - I would truly like him to be real

the Martells - I like Doran, and while Arianne can be maddening she might even learn..

I might like to read about (if what happens is interesting enough

Jaime and Brienne

King's Landing and Cersei (though her stupidity can be boring)

Tyrion - he can be boring too but he is usually in the thick of action and maybe he will have some useful knowledge about dragons

also about the dragons themselves if they show something more than just eat and frighten everybody

Ser Barristan - I got to like him

but Mereen itself is very uninteresting to me (even though I usually love reading about different cultures),

unCat makes my skin crawl, though the method of her raising is intriguing and living Catelyn I did not mind and even understood and liked, though did not agree with everything she did;

I cannot be interested in Greyjoys, about Euron, Victarion and Aeron it would be enough for me if somebody told me in five sentences what really happened to them (without details),

Asha is better but she is still only a rebelling teenager imo and not in a very good position now;

Theon, well, he is an interesting study in psychology but he is too weak to my tastes and while I can

pity him I can still not forgive him.

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Everything going on in Oldtown is definitely one for me, it's all so mysterious. Also Bravos, we learned at the epilouge of ADWD that the new master of coin was going with some of Ser Gregor's old men as guards to Bravos, and in the tWOW Theon teaser chapter we also learn a couple of Stannis's men are going to Bravos too. I'm super excited to see what happens with that, especially if she gets a double whammy reminder of both Jon and Gendry. I'm really hoping she doesn't become a "no one." Also I liked where Dany was when we left, but since she had another Quithe vision telling her she needs to go east to get west and south to get north I don't think she's going to end up in Westeros yet :P

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I haven't read the whole thread, so maybe someone mentioned it. But I want to know what the Sand Snakes do in King's Landing. I suspect they will get rid of Tommen (and some Tyrells?) and that will fulfil the 2nd part of Cersei's fate...Myrsella will be crowned, the third of her children, before she too is done away with.... I think the Sand Snakes will be behind Myrsella's rule.

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The North, without a doubt. Until Daenerys gets her ass to Westeros, I couldn't care less about what happens in Meereen

What I'm most excited about:

-Everything happening beyond the Wall. It's about time the Others returned


-Bran and Bloodraven(yeah, I can't believe I'm excited about Bran's story either)

-The aftermath of Jon's stabbing

-Theon's endgame

-LF's big plan in the Vale

-Jaime's meeting with Lady Stoneheart

-Davos finding Rickon

-Euron's endgame

Things I don't mind, but not particularly invested in:

-King's Landing/Cersei's trial

-Aegon's invasion

-Battle of Slaver's Bay

-Breakdown of the Tyrell/Lannister alliance

Things I couldn't care less about:

-Tyrion and Daenerys meeting. I just don't care anymore

-Arya's Faceless Man training.

-Anything Daenerys does in Slaver's Bay that doesn't have something to do with the ironborn or returning to Westeros

-Dorne. I don't give a shit about Darkstar, unless he's one of Varys' agents

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