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I Started a New Thread - Where is it?


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With the return of the show, it is timely to restate the forum rules on this point. Please remember that these rules apply to the ADwD section as well.

The following is taken from Ran's thread in the GoT section:

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Because of the unique situation with the show's close adaptation of the novels, we have decided that a stringent approach to spoilers is the only way to allow the forum to cater to the widest possible viewership, from those who've not read the novels to those who've devoured every book.

It is of absolute importance that spoiling the TV show for those who've not read the books does not happen. We will be quite harsh on this point, including completely blocking access to this discussion forum to habitual offenders (and possibly the rest of the forum, if we judge the spoiling to have been malicious rather than simply thoughtless).

We have what we hope is a simple method of tagging each topic in regard to spoiler levels:
  • NO SPOILERS: No spoilers of any kind, only what has been revealed in the episodes that have been aired. However, mentioning a setting detail that does not in any way give away plot details is okay in this regard. We'll trust users to use their best judgment. When in doubt, don't post; errors will be treated as spoiling.
  • TV SPOILERS - This is particularly intended for those who have not read the books, but are reading up on TV-show based discussion and media or watching previews for future episodes, which may provide spoilers. Make sure that the spoiler you want to discuss has come from TV-show focused media; if you can't cite the source, it may be assumed you're spoiling the books, and punished accordingly. Information from private screenings or viewings of episodes or material that is not yet aired should be protected with spoiler code.
  • BOOK SPOILERS - Full on spoilers for all published works as well as all published media (previews, clips, summaries, etc.) that have been widely disseminated regarding the series. Information from private screenings or viewings of episodes or material that is not yet aired, as well as spoilers from unpublished works (TWoW excerpts, reading reports, etc.) should be protected with spoiler code.

Some additional rules and notifications:

  • Anyone can start a thread. However, the thread will be hidden until a moderator approves it as appropriate. Try to make sure you mark the spoiler level as directed above, that the title bears no spoilers, that you're not closely duplicating an existing topic, and that you are posting in the correct forum
  • Be aware that other forums have different rules, namely that discussing any material from published works is fine and does not need spoiler notification. If you want to make sure you never see spoilers from those forums, make sure to bookmark and only visit this forum
  • Please remain civil in discussions. Rude remarks about other posters, implying personal defects to them, and so on is inappropriate. If you have a personal beef with someone, use the PM system to contact them privately. Tit-for-tat insults and pointless arguments will not be tolerated.
  • Similarly, please remain respectful of the cast and crew, especially when it comes to matters such as personal appearance. It's okay to say an actor does not fit your image of a character, or even how the character is described, but it's not acceptable to go on about finding them 'too ugly' for a role or what have you. These are real people, some of whom browse this forum, some who even have a presence here. They've worked hard to create the best show they can. Performance critiques, so long as they're constructive, are of course welcome.
  • We highly recommend reading the Board Style Guide, our guide for How to Avoid Flames, and the Board FAQ.

Further, threads that are duplicates of topics that are already being discussed will not be approved.

Approvals are not instantaneous. Especially at times shortly after a show airs. The Board is inundated with traffic at those times and many new threads are posted. If a new thread does not appear after a couple of days you may safely assume that the thread has not been approved for one of those reasons.

You will not get a notification that your thread has not been approved. It is impractical, time consuming and it should be obvious why a thread has not been approved.


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Typo noted a long time after posting.
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You will not get a notification that your thread has not been approved. It is impractical, time consuming and it should be obvious why a thread has not been approved.

So if my thread contains clear spoiler warnings, is on-topic, and is not superfluous content, yet for some reason is not approved, what am I to make of that? I think the moderators should give reasons for not approving topics. I spent a good 20 minutes writing my last one, so I'm sure a moderator could spend 10 seconds to tell me what was wrong with it.

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10 seconds x the number of threads in the approval queue = no notification. Sorry.

(It would take rather longer than 10 seconds anyway to provide a full explanation, then you have to factor in people disputing the decision and expecting a reply to that, and so on.)

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