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GoT Youtube vids - Part 2


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Hi, we are a new You Tube channel.

YouTube Channel Irish Thrones

If you are interested in checking us out (if you haven't already did so) we have just put up our latest video, which is based on Dany and Drogon's scene in S5 Finale.

One particular thing to note which we filmed, is that the blackened ground that the Dragon was inevitably C.G.I'd onto was real and is still visible.

The reason how we know this is that in the exact same location, 'to the meter' the same shape and area (the finale scene of the charred grass with the skeletal remains around the dragon) is visible on the mountain summit as of 30th June 2015, although without the blackened burnt ground.

The ground is visibly disturbed and the grass has yet to grow back a year later. Our video can be found here : https://youtu.be/axTU27nEEuU

You can find other links to our other videos via the channel and of course we have many more to come.

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