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GoT Youtube vids - Part 2


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you knew it had to happen... "All you smug entitled pricks who wanted me to read the books ... leave the room now"

And this time, Hitler called it right.

Well, except for that bit about Stannis.

I just hope we are past the point where shock for the sake of shock-value alone is over with.

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Not sure if the link will work since I'm on my iPad but

'Let it End' , a song she did right after seeing RW. She also has her own version of RW song. (Which I absolutely love! Probably more than the National's version) This girl, IMO, without a doubt has a beautiful and talented voice. Probably better than most unknown and known singers I've heard. (I'm not much of one to listen to slow songs on repeat a billion times like I do other genres, but I can easily repeat her music.) And you can even download her music from her site.

There's also other GoT songs on her page like Bear and the Maiden Fair (not a huge fan of that though) and Sansa's hymn. :)

ETA; Here's some of them that I have listened to and particularly like

Rains of Castamere;

Sansa's Hymn;

You win or you die;

Dornishmans Wife; (I only literally just listened to this but I kind of like it. Not as much as the others though)

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