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GoT Youtube vids - Part 2


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Our most successful song to play. When we haven't got a penny in a few songs we just revert to playing game fo thrones and someone always throws something in the case :) That's a viola by the way, she needed that extra bass string to hit those notes for the theme part.

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The two best videos I’ve seen comprising seasons 1 and 2:

Who Lives? Who Dies? -

Between Heaven and Hell -

Now I’m on my search for fanvids comprising all three seasons and a really good tribute to season 3 for Dany (which continues to elude me). These are the ones for all three seasons that really stood out to me:

Valar Morghulis -

Chaos -

All Men Must Die -

And finally … a little humor. I saw this right after seeing The Red Wedding and for all my friends who were freaking out, I showed them this video. Because as we know from reading the books … It gets better … kind of.

A Storm of Swords: It Gets Better -

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Wow. I haven't been to this thread in awhile. Lots of great videos posted here that I did not see before. :)

- this has already become one of my favorite GoT vids. A really great ensemble vid, I only wish it was longer. :( One of my favorite youtube vidders, she always does a phenomenal job.

Empire - a vid focus on Dany, Cersei, and Melisandre. Pretty cool and interesting.

Rains of Castamere - there were a few 3X09 vids out there already done to the Rains of Castamere but I like this one the best.

Some humor:

Westerosi Harmony- this is from the same guy who does

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