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[NO SPOILERS] Through 2 episodes: Favorite new character

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Meera is certainly my favorite thus far. Very strong and out-there without it being forced in an Arya way (which is still fine, but sorta something you can only do once!). There's simply a mutual respect that they were thought. I was actually kind of disappointed by Jojen cuz I feel the delivery is weak even though the actor is so strong.

Tormund was a hoot. Loved that seen and just the way everyone in that tent acted when Jon was so awkwardly bowing and all that. Mance is certainly not my favorite yet, but I have no problem with him so far. He needs actual time to develop a character besides just telling Jon about how he leads the wildlings. That should have been slipped into other conversations, not be conversations by themselves. It's not like the Old Bear. Orell, well, he's certainly got an oddity which is not entirely similar to the book character, but still welcome.

Loved Thoros' delivery. I feel he's going to become the new Jaquen for viewers,

even though he's not the main person in this story.

Vargo (or whatever he's calleD) gave a really intimidating appearance, but I feel they should have cut their accomplice down to give it more of an edge. Perhaps they are building up the suspense? Not a big issue, really.

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