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Ned Stark is alive? Spoilers for all 5 books.

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Definitely this. Even if it is possible that he was alive, why would he use his resurrection to let his family and the north go to pot?

again as I mentioned in my post. Ned is the noblest of all we have seen. If he is alive then there will very good reasons that mean that helping them would put them in rgeater danger than they were already in. Also you all talk like Rob is supposed to be a little boy while in the world we are speaking about girls get married after their first period and Rob is a grown man now with his own responsibilities.So im pretty sure if the Ned is alive theory is correct then he wasnt hiding in Hawai drinking cocteils he was hiding to protect them and probably doing work to keep them alive and pray to the old Gods for help

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Yes, and thousands that have seen Ned dying, including those that were immediately there like Joffrey, Cersei, Janos Slynt... They were all mistaken, right?

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Yes. But hey nice try.

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