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[No spoiler] Bronn vs Kingsguards

Alizard Pyre

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Something i thought about watching this first episode was: When Cersei visits Tyrion in his new chambers, Bronn is called by Poddrick. When he arrives, two kingsguard await in front of the door.

Bronn mocks them and before long they're ready to fight.

Bronn seems really really confident when he's got only some kind of machete, vs 2 kingsguard in full armor with longswords...

I was wondering if it was only his temper, him being some sort of reckless lucky man or if he is really so good he thinks he can kill two armored knights with a short blade. I know that Bronn is supposed to be an unknown great fighter, but I personally think he'd have died if not for Cersei leaving the room soon enough.

What do you think?

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