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How would you rate episode 303?

How would you rate episode 303?  

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Sorry: english is not my first language. Yes, Theon building an "ark" would have been odd ;-)

Well, he is iron born ;)

Also if you hate these episodes I can't imagine you enjoyed season 2 much, either. A 3/10 for me would be garbage TV and unwatchable so... It's not going to suddenly become super faithful to the book(s).

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I really enjoyed episode 3 and gave it 8 out of 10.

It was just as good as last weeks show but not enough yet to raise my vote to a 9 or 10.

There wasn't really any action apart from when Ramsay killed his own men to rescue Theon

but I enjoyed the humour in the Pod scene and small council meet when Tyrion was moving his chair

around the table and also the shocking miment when Jaime had his hand cut off even though we were

all expecting it and it was sad to say goodbye to Hot Pie who deicded to remain with the BwB's to bake bread!

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Solid 8/10 for me, my favourite episode of the season so far. The game of chairs has to be one of my favourite scenes from the entire show so far, and there were some genuinely funny moments that managed to be humerous without feeling out of place.

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Another 8 from me.

I normally mark down for too much spurious nudity, but I thought the Pod scenes were good.

I read all the books after watching the 1st series, so this series is the first one where I've read the books but they're not fresh in my mind. I find this works quite well. For instance I enjoyed the Hot Pie farewell scene, without remembering quite how it played out in the book.

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Loved the episode (as usual) but some parts not quite as good as I'd like. (Minor gripes really):

Didn't like the Stanis lusting after Melisandre annoyed me. Also Pod's scene seemed unnecessary and just a reason to include tits. There were also a couple of other scenes I thought were fillers.

Personally I liked Dany's scenes but think they should have been at the start of an episode that finished with her scenes from episode 4 - gave my non-book reading friends too much time to dwell on it and as a result they worked out pretty much what was going to happen. (Though was more awesome than they thought).

Theon's arch is becoming pretty much my favourite, despite not being in ASOS, think the boy is playing his role well and my nbr friends are really confused - Alfie Allen might just be the best actor in the series in my opinion.

The Riverrun Scenes were outstanding, yet I don't find myself interested in them for some reason. I don't think the TV draws you towards the Starks quite as much as the books did with me. The Blackfish is pretty awesome though.

I did really love the small council scene though.

Still despite my reservations above, this was still better to episodes 1 and 2 (which I also still loved).

Of course, the episode is really made at the end... perfect ending, just as good as I'd imagined and having a version of The Bear and the Maiden Fair was genius!


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Nope. Take it from one who has watched past this episode. It was exactly as it was said.

(I find that part of the sequence so hatefully stupid that, yes, I'm going out of the way to spoil people's hopes that it all had some sort of clever plot purpose. It has none, it's just Podrick, World's Greatest Lover.)

You've only seen the first 4 episodes Ran, you cannot state with absolute certainty that it will not be revealed as a ploy by Tyrion later on.

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