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How would you rate episode 303?


How would you rate episode 303?  

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I give it a 9/10 every episode is getting better except the first episode a bit of a letdown. Pod scene hilarious, arya's pack getting smaller so sad :crying:

sweet pie with "winterhell" n his deformed wolf bread. Loved crasters scene set up for next episode n hated it too cause of whats coming, poor old bear. Considering she's only viewed little through cat's POV we shouldnt even see "Talisa" unless shes standing next to robb n not even always. must they keep rubing her in our face. if not for her scene would have given it a ten. Didn't like the rock version of the song for a minute I thought I was watching another show, I like how Bolton's men were singing it better.

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I gave it an 8, but would have given if an 8.5 if possible.


- Dany talking with Kraznys again and the Rhaegar quote.

- I loved Riverrun in the opening titles. It also looks good in the show itself.

- Everything about the Blackfish except the way he treated Edmure.

- Roose's first name finally being said.

- Mention of the Iron Bank of Braavos.

- Noah Taylor as Locke is amazing.

- The final scene, including the song. Perfect dark humour.


- Theon's scenes. Although Ramsay trolling us with 'winter is coming' was hilarious.

- Sam and the NW at Craster's.

- Arya, Gendry, Hot Pie and the Brotherhood.

- The Small Council meeting. I grinned about the chairs, but that was it.


- Tyrion, Pod and Bronn's scene. Overly long, pointless and took up precious time that could have been spent on more important things, like...

- Jon at the Fist. Incredibly rushed and no tension. Mance has no charisma and this may well be the last time we see him this season.

- Stannis and Mel's scene. Badly written, and is not showing the Stannis I love in the books. I would rather have seen a scene of Davos brooding in his cell than this scene.

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HHAHAHAHA! What a brilliant episode! The ending shocked me to the core, was not expecting it to be thaat good, the Jaime scene with his hand. The pooling blood, the rock song. haha. Ramsay scene was creepy as fuck too, you can see how he is going to develop.

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The only thing I didn't like was the overly long, unnecessary Pod/Tyrion/Bron thing. It's wasting precious screen time that could be spent catching up with other POV characters on Tyrion's sidekicks. Aslo, the music at the end was strange, I guess.

But I loved everything else! We finally got to hear the bear and the maiden fair and Jaime's hand scene was brilliant! Also really loved the Tullys, especially the funeral scene and the "wait for me little Cat". For once, the writers got Catelyn's character right!

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I gave a 9 , best episode this season easily , I know its a good TV show when a hour passes seemingly in the blink of an eye , that ending too .

Only bit I didn't like was Pod , even though it was quite amusing , also the second Ros's face appeared on screen I actually said out loud 'UGH' .

Edit ~ That music? wtf was that? took one of the most intense moments in the story then cut to that musical abortion O_o

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OMG whats with the damn music at the end? This was so much no go and it was really badly timed too. Never ever I felt like this after an episode, it just was like a WTF oO moment which totally destroyed the whole episode. I even thought there was something wrong with my setup...

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5/10 One point off for making Stannis look like a jerk. One point off for the fact that the've gotten cheap with the musical score this year and are only recycling themes from prior seasons. One point off for another episode that felt like a soap opera. One point added for the musical chairs in the Small Council and Poderick's "initiation". Three points off for turning the Bear and the Maiden Fair into a rock song.

Lol. There really is no point watching if you're gonna get butthurt enough to take 3 points off over something like that. Good Lord.

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I really liked it, but I may have actually liked last week better ... I dunno, it just felt like they wasted a lot of time on Cersei and Tyrion dragging chairs and the "Pod is a stud-muffin" thing. *sigh*

I agree. If they had unlimited screen time then these scenes would have been fine, but when time is such an important resource, wasting it on scenes like this when so much other stuff has to be cut is a shame. Still a good episode, but those are choices that keep it from being "the best adaptation that could possibly be made for film" as some like to claim it is.
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Negative: Does anyone else feel Dany's storyline is being rushed? There's a lot more action for her here than in S2, but it seems like they're burning through it rather quickly. I would like more time in Astapor, more Unsullied and more slavers. I was already irked by her scenes in episode one of season three, what with the nonsense of Selmy running around in the Obi Wan robe and his less than shocking reveal, I was hoping for something more. Plus, has anyone noticed in the opening credits just beyond Astapor there's another city? I assume this is Mereen, which implies they are going to leave out Yunki. After the liberation of Yunki Dany earns the title of "Mother" or "Mysha" which just so happens to be the last episode of the season's title. Are they going to cut these scenes? Slow it down folks! And if there's no "Time to cross the Trident" line from Dany next week I'll be pissed...

Negative: End credits music choice took me out of the moment. Bear and the Maiden Fair I get, but why not give us the version sung in Westeros, you know the one everyone was singing earlier in episode? The more I reflect on this the more I hate the decision....

Ok the idea , I thought the idea, of having 20 episodes was to not have to pound 1000 lbs of print prose into a 20 lb teleplay sacks. With too much prose to adapt is it wise to make up story that burns narrative time, unless it really is a change that advances the narrative or fleshes out characters.

I thought the whole incident between Brynden and Edmure happened in the book?

Whew what an awkward dialog that Clive Russell had to deliver about forgetting he was Brynden!

(D and D just do downright goofy things at times.)

Hard to leave out Riverrun tho mostly for the introduction of the Tullys.

And having started Theon's story it does seem , teleplay wise , useful to the narrative to continue it, tho I have wonder if D and D have imagination to made say 15 more episodes of torture interesting.(I think this is one reason GRRM let Theon's story lapse for almost 2 books!

So, my two favorite stories in SoS are Arya and Dany. Arya's story seems to proceed at pace , there was a lot of wandering in circles first few Arya chapters. Some good actors in the Brotherhood , but they must have one season contracts , cause , as I remember they vanish from the narrative, looks like there is going to be some kind of extension , due to Gendry, somehow?

I re-read the first few Dany S0S chapters last week , it's mostly exposition. Actually in George's fine story telling manner very interesting conversations that fill in a whole lot of back story, and the 'training' of the Unsullied is the most griping, it's pretty long in the book, and makes the slavers seem even more horrible. But I don't know how you put that into a teleplay. Fireworks next week me thinks.

That Moroccan seaport city looks good, but they don't seem to VFX 'dress' the surrounds to GRRM's exotic description, except for the Harpy (love their design) is about the only thing they do.

Why does " Bear and the Maiden Fair" occur on the end credits this episode? I thought they would be saving that for a particular event in an episode coming up.

O Lord I hated the semi-Rock composition, instruments drowned out the lyrics!

This was the wrong wrong wrong take.

This song is something The Chieftains (or a similar) band could have hit out of the park. (Horrible, I hated it!)

The credit close S2E9 was perfect and unexpected ... alas, alas...

Now I guess we get to hear it twice! Damn!

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Bah, nobody appreciates a good bit of sountrack dissonance anymore. It's really one of my favorite techniques - accentuating the impact of a scene by subverting the audience's expectations of how the music directs the mood.

That went well beyond any sound track dissonance. A punk rock song at the end of a program set in a middle ages society is just about being too cute for their own good. Are they going to start playing Beyonce tunes during the show too?

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I'd probably say a 9. Loved the Small Council stuff in Kings Landing this week - the 'battle of the chairs' was brilliant.

Also have to say I liked the Talisa scene with the Lannister boys. I was hoping they'd show them after they mentioned it at Riverrun. Looks like Robb will be swinging his sword soon then.

Jaime's hand scene was brilliantly done. That moment of shock before his scream was chilling - poor old Jaime.

I also loved the conversation between Brienne and Jaime on the horse which was straight out of the book. Hopefully Locke suffers the same way Vargo did although I doubt it'll be the same.

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That went well beyond any sound track dissonance. A punk rock song at the end of a program set in a middle ages society is just about being too cute for their own good. Are they going to start playing Beyonce tunes during the show too?

Is Beyonce going to do a cover of The Dornishman's Wife?


Then of course not. Don't make the absurd argument that, because they chose to use a punk cover of a ASOIAF song over the end credits of one episode, it necessarily means they're going to start using completely unrelated modern pop music as the soundtrack to the show from here on out.

Look, if they stick in a scene with a conversation between Sansa and Margaery set to "Single Ladies" then I'll admit you were 100% correct, but that ain't happening.

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A good solid 9/10. No real weakness to the episode.

- Blackfish seems to be perfect casting. Exactly as I envisioned him. Edmure was played well, but slightly more of a doofus than I had imagined.

- The banter between Dany, the slavers, Mormont, and Barristan was adequately executed, I felt. Missandei, although significantly aged up, plays the demure, innocent 'child' with some ability.

- The small council meeting was... odd. I was under the impression that there was going to be some particular reason for having Tywin standing there waiting for everyone to arrive, as well as the arrangement of chairs, but no. There wasn't.

- I actually didn't mind the loss of Pod's innocence scene as some others have. I've come to expect a moment of comedic respite in all the episodes, and this was it.

- I'm a bit unsure as to the overall purpose of the horse heads arrangement in the wildling arc. On first impression, it appears to be waste of time by the Others to put so much effort into such an intricate warning, when the wildlings are already terrified. Despite not having much information about the Others in the books, I sincerely doubt that they would do such a thing. Perhaps just a dramatic piece.

- Thoros of Myr does indeed to be an amalgamation of Tom 'O Sevens, etc. I like.

- Horny Stannis was amazeballs! And the looks Mel gave him after the "I want you" was hilarious. Dashing his hopes like a love-struck teenager.

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