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How would you rate episode 303?


How would you rate episode 303?  

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loved seeing riverrun and the tullys

loved how ramsay is starting to kinda playing games with theon.

loved how they did the jaime hand scene.

wasnt a fan of the bear and the maiden fair song at the end of it. just didnt think it suited the mood/scene of a main character getting their arm taken off.

hate the way they are starting to portray stannis the mannis.

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I gave it a very solid "9". I wouldn't say there was anything in particular I disliked just a few minor notes here and there that felt just a little bit off. (For reference, I rated Ep1 an 8.5 (8) and Ep2 a 7.5 (7)).

LOVED the ending and the end credit music. Although I can definitely understand this is something that is going to be love or hate with really no middle ground to speak of. I have some further thoughts on that but I will probably save it for the review thread.

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I'm extremely disappointed with the scenes North of the wall. The NW guys don't even seem anywhere near that desperate and the Mance scenes are soooo meh. They really aren't creating a sense of urgency to me as a viewer. When I read the books I felt like freakin white walkers were chasing ME! These guys are just strolling around. How about some panic????? Maybe some guys getting picked off by wights, anything.

As far as Mance, everything seems so rushed. The scene was so short, the story of his host and Mance's coloful history and personality is all but lost by this point.

The only thing I like is that we're obviously closing in on the wildlings south of the wall, which has so much potential.

I"m digging Dany, KL, Blackfish, Cat, Brotherhood/Arya/Hound. I love Theon's arc but I find the hunt scene very curious. Why the hell are they having him kill Boltons?

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I gave it a 7, but that seems to be more my mood while watching it. I'd up it to an 8, but I can understand the 9s and 10s too. There was almost nothing you could objectively call badly done, it's down to personal opinion.


-The credit song either worked or didn't work, judging from comments here. Some loved it, some hated it. Unfortunately I'm in the second camp, it just pulled me out. I also thought Jaime losing his hand seemed fake but that may be in the connectiong with the cut to the song.

-Stannis saying "I want you" seemed off to me, didn't particularly like the scene, but it's ok.

-The Pod scene was good, but it felt like it could have been done a lot quicker....


-Jon's scenes did nothing for me and I find the others making artwork of corpses a bit weird tbh...I just can't imagine it.

-Show LF being Show LF

-I liked the silent exchanges during the chair dragging, but at the same time it felt a bit goofy to me - I felt the silence was too long.


"She can do a Meereneese Knot" - Hah!

Craster licking his lips at Sam - Just great

I REALLY liked seeing how Jaime respects Brienne more and more and doesn't want her hurt - great acting from Nikolaj

Dany scenes were great too

Arya's goodbye from hot Pie - AWWWW :crying:

Catelyn's scene with Blackfish was amazing - I don't always like what they do with Catelyn, but this was good, and awesome acting from Michelle

Theon's scenes were great too, Alfie Allen is still one of my favourite actors on this show, and he doesn't disappoint. Can't wait for the Ramsay reveal (And chuckled at the "you little bastard)

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Superb episode- easily the best so far this series. I gave it a 9.

I agree with most comments, and once again, the the set design and cinematic settings were breathtakingly beautiful. The Tully woodcarving ornamentation, Tyrion's quarters, the Astapori coastine, all were good enough to distract me during 53 minutes of compelling storying.

I would have given it a 10, but the end credit's don't work for me. I understand why they did it. They were probably feeling self conscious writing a mainstream show featuring themes of female rape, male rape, cannibalism, torture and butchery of both horse and man, and felt viewers needed a breath of relief at the end, but for me it was a step too far. I thoroughly appreciate cognitive dissonance when it's done right, but inappropriate levity is one thing, anachronistic, inapproprate levity is a big WFT in my view. Its too far a step to feel the connection. A light joyous rendition with laughter may not have relieved the horror, but it would have added to the ending rather than severing it off... (which was perhaps the point! but still, it doesn't work.)

As for the Stannis scene, and people calling it "character assasination" all I'll say is that the good scenes don't wash out the bad, nor the bad the good. TV fans are hardly likely to forget the strong sense of justice and entitlement that he portrayed to Davos in season 2. I didn't like the line "I want you" as it made him seem weaker than he is portrayed in the books, true, but taking the scene as a whole, it hit all the notes as his motives were clearly about more than mere lust. As we don't have a Stannis POV in the books, we perhaps don't fully appreciate how such a rigid man can be unfaithful to his wife, and the simple explanation is that the priestess of the lord of light has seduced Stannis by merging sex and power as one. That emphasis was lost on me in the books due to the "eyes" of the people we see her through, none of which have a burning desire to be king, making her sexual wiles nothing more than that.

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ETA: I still don't understand the point of separating Jon and Ghost.

I think they have handled , in this short burst fragmentary story telling style, the Wildings stuff is done well enough.

But somewhere the NW, Ghost, 'Fist'... has jumped the tracks, as if they shot a lot of story and it went on the cutting room floor.

NW are back in NI next week maybe they will tell that part of the story with coherence?

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They found the obsidian last season. I'm not sure what Jon, Sam, Edd, and Grenn did with it though.

I keep wondering that my self. Seems in the book, maybe?, Sam keep it, or some of it.

In the show it's god-knows-where.

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10/10. Simply amazing.

I swear, Tobias Menzies must be the most talented underrated actor to ever walk this Earth. And I love, love everything about the BWB, particularly Thoros, who got Mormont-ed, meaning he's far more attractive in the movie than he was supposed to be!!!

But really, just flawless execution of everything in this episode. /sniff Jaime.

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I gave it a 9 - it's my favourite so far.


- Hot Pie's goodbye, it was so sweet. Loved 'Winterhell', 'Don't get stabbed', 'Don't... burn your fingers'.

- I liked everthing at Riverrun, I even liked Talisa and I don't normally like her scenes

- Theon's escapade is... lets just say I like where it's heading at the moment/?

- loved Dany - which is good because I didn't last season

- Jaime's hand! how cool was that

- Bear and the maiden fair - glad we got to hear that song

Didn't think much of:

- Jon and the fist - which is sad because he is my favourite character and Ilove Mance and tormund in the books - but not here

- Sam at Crasters - I liked parts but not all... not sure why though- maybe because i was expecting more to happen...?

- Tyrion, I liked the musical chairs, loved the facial expressions etc of everyone there lol. I thought it was funny that Pod was getting some action but thought that scene was too long and a little pointless.


- Stannis - just because I think the story line will get over complicated with where it looks like it is going. I did like his facial expression though

I don't think I missed anyone did I?

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I gave it a 9.

That version of "The Bear and the Maiden fair" didn't appeal to me much. They should have taken the one by Irish Moutarde.


- the meeting of the small council and later the Podrick scene

- the BwB and Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie

- the scenes in Riverrun (esp. the Blackfish)

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Agree that the Stannis scene was jarring, but I think we're just seeing a Stannis low-point. It's an arc. We're going to see him climb out of it.

Pod scene. Sorry, waste of time. Is anybody watching just marking time through all the plot points waiting for boobs?

Love the chairs.

Strong Dany scene- not as rushed as episode 1-Astapor looks awesome- a big step up from Qarth last season.

Boy does Craster have it coming. Great scene.

Quite pleased with Locke & company- can't wait to see events at Harrenhal, likewise the further adventures of Theon & the Bastard.

Over too fast! What happened to this year's episodes being ten minutes longer?

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Great episode 9/10. I am taking away 1 point because LF is still a complete joke and Gillen overacts horribly, plus the" Pod and the whores" story took way too much screentime even it was somewhat funny in a silly way.

Dany's plotline is way better this season, everything is spot on. Michelle Fairley was amazing as usual, The Blackfish was impressive, they gave just two lines to jon Snow to minimilise Kit's clueless acting, visually the episode was really impressive (Riverrun, the "art" of the Others, etc).

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9/10, barely. Slightly better than last week.

The only thing I didn't really like was the extended adventures of Pod. It was funny and all, but it just felt out of place, particularly Tyrion introducing all of the girls.

I also am starting to wonder if Theon's story might stretch too thin, but I won't criticize it too harshly yet.

I prefer show Locke to Vargo Hoat. Simplifying the whole background of Jaime's captors is simply more efficient storytelling and it loses none of the impact, IMO.

Finally seeing Tywin interacting with the small council was great. Unlike everyone else who we've seen "in charge" of the small council throughout the show (Ned, Robert, Cersei, Tyrion), there is NO DOUBT that Tywin is running things now.

Farewell Hot Pie, I wish we had more scenes with the BwB. I like pretty much everyone that's part of this storyline, especially the BwB themselves (Thoros and Anguy).

Blackfish is appropriately awesome and Michelle Fairley may just be the best actress on the show.

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Great episode 9/10. I am taking away 1 point because LF is still a complete joke and Gillen overacts horribly, plus the" Pod and the whores" story took way too much screentime even it was somewhat funny in a silly way.

Dany's plotline is way better this season, everything is spot on. Michelle Fairley was amazing as usual, The Blackfish was impressive, they gave just two lines to jon Snow to minimilise Kit's clueless acting, visually the episode was really impressive (Riverrun, the "art" of the Others, etc).

What are they going to do with Kit whe he has to do more than try to look angsty? He has to actually deliver a lot of dialogue once Stannis and Mel get to the wall, how are they going to work around this?

I have to say, my expectations of Season 3 were obviously too high after hearing that this was the season the producers had been waiting for. I'm not seeing it.

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i Gave it 10/10 . Im not one to overly praise episodes of the show but this was as close to perfect as the show makers can get.

The screenplay was both well thought out and considered. The battle of chairs scene was hilarious . POD losing his virginity

was funny and a nice way of showing the bond growing between Tyrion and his squire. The Riverun scene was stunning in terms

of location. Im Irish so i tend to take for granted my countrys natural beauty but that scenery would make anyone proud to live in

such a habitat the scene itself was very good . I enjoyed The black fish especially. The shows writers are really taking George

RR Martin to school showing him just how much he missed out on by not elaborating on Rob starks Charecter in respect to his strategies

and interactions with his commanders and troops. I can just keep listing off scene after scene and say excellent after each.

The watch your head scene with the dog , Funny!!! . Theon being chased on horse was amongst the best action sequences so far.

I disagree with everyone that thought the horny stannis with mellisandre scene was bad. In the books they are very intimate very

sensual dialouge between those two , added to that they cast a very attractive woman as the red priestess so i guess they didnt

want to have stannis appear too much of a jesuit as he might if they had of gone with what was in the books between them.

I did see fall out from earlier deviations with Jaime lannisters Charecter from the novels to how they portray him on the show.

Jaime is not a bad person!!!. He pushed Bran out the window because he had to. It was either Bran who would die or cersei and

his own children even Eddard stark understood that. In the show he killed Alton Lannister he didnt in the books the reason i bring it up is that

people are viewing his hand being chopped off as being a villian getting what he deserved. I feel that is a real shame and

taints the complexity of Jaime Lannister.He saved Brienne from being gang raped because he is good at heart.

Gwendoline Christies acting is in this episode in particular was outstanding. Daenerys scenes were my favourite.

The chemistry between Barristan the bold ( Ian McElhinney) Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) Iain Glen (Jorah) is fantastic

and makes me very optimistic about the future of the show. The whole idea of Danys Charecter is a journey from

being sold as essentially a slave by her brother who made all of her decisions for her to learning to Think for herself

and believe she has what it takes to rule the world so people who say Emilia clarke isnt a very good actress you

must be watching a different show because shes portrayed this role with perfection. The Ironic thing about the

punk version of The bear and the maiden fair on the end credits is that it was most likely an attempt to share

the significance of the song for ASOIAF readers to the people who have only watched the show.In my

opinion it wasnt a good idea , but a great episode.

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I also gave the episode a low rating. I kept looking at the clock wanting it to be over, which never happens when watching GoT. I think my opinion of it will change in hindsight, but with only the material so far, it didn't excite me at all. This episode will probably be infinitely better when it's viewed as part of a whole, but as a standalone, didn't work for me.

I kind of understand. There have been some scenes where I find myself doing something else or wondering when it will be over. Not really an entire episode though. Maybe it will be better for you next week! It should be a very exciting episode, the title says it all!

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