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How would you rate episode 304?  

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That's how I took it as well and really, I don't have an issue with it. It makes Theon's fall heartbreaking, him knowing he made the wrong decision, especially as he's spilling his feelings right before being betrayed. We never see this in the books but I think it fits perfectly with the Theon we have seen on screen.

Yes for me Theon's storyline is the best so far this season.

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9/10, bordering on a flawless 10/10

- Jamie and Brienne's amazing chemistry continues

- The subtle manipulation of Joffrey by Margaery was well executed.

- NW scene was exactly how I envisioned it

- Astapor... need I say more? I actually got out of my seat when Dany asked "Is it done?". Liked the butting of the spears, too.

- Pod is indeed the proverbial stud. Sure, why not.

- QoT excellent as per usual. Good interaction with Varys.

- Even though Dondarrion was not how I pictured him aesthetically, he possessed a certain charisma and presence. Unlike Mance...

- Only downside was the continued evolution of Ros. The woman is portrayed as more of a Player than many of the protagonists. Intelligence and cunning on par or superior to that of Varys? Utter nonsense.

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An amazing episode.

Dany's scene was the crown jewel and really did justice to that very important event. This was her finest moment of strength in the show.

The story of Jaime and Brienne keeps being so well acted and they did a great job playing out the aftermath of the last episode.

The NW story was done very well. All the misery finally led up to it's own destruction.

The Brotherhood Without Banners keeps being an awesome band of vigilantes and Beric Dondarrion managed to be appropriately lordly while still fitting in with the rest.

The scheming of King's Landing keeps being played out well. The women were the big players, but also great to see lots of Varys again and no one can match the presence of Tywin.

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I don't recall the last time I gave an episode a 10, but this most definitely deserved it. They have really turned things around for season 3. That final Dany scene was amazing, absolutely fantastic, and the scene at Craster's was done equally well. Everything about this season seems extremely strong, including the deviations, and the episodes just keep getting better and better. Brilliant, I'm very pleasantly surprised.

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Gave it a 9 but on second viewing it probably should have been a 10

Best Dany scene of the entire series - easily. I loved everything about it - the Valyrian, 'Dracarys' and especially the look between Barristan and Jorah when the unsullied are banging their spears. Just perfect TV and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

There he is - Good to see our first real glimpse of Ramsay. I can't imagine many will still feel he is too 'cute' for the role. Dem eyes.

Heavy KL episode, and almost all of it was excellent. I'm not thrilled about Pod being turned into a sex god but I'm hardly going to lose sleep over it.

The mutiny :( The guy that plays Craster has gotta be one of the most underrated actors on the show. Definitely in the love to hate category.

I seriously hope Rast gets ripped the shreds by a white walker or something. Horrible little p***k.

Other little things,

Nice introduction to Beric.

Impossible not to feel for Jaime now. NCW continues to be the standout actor of this season so far.

The sorcerer was a nice touch.

LOL at Joffrey's line about the dragon eating someone.

Locke is one f****d up dude.

Side note. There is barely any nudity this season. Weird.

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I dont know why nobody mentioned Theon's confession scene..'My father lost his head in Kings Landing'..that was really a moving scene..LOved all the other scenes especially Margaery-Sansa -Queen of Thorns-Varys scene..and Dany's scene was great..just perfect..While i didnt like Bran's dream scene ,I appreciate we get to see Michelle Fairley..I hope there is a dream scenes of the Starks..maybe all of them together...or just a scene with Catelyn crying in the river

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If I really think about it, I might say this episode was a 9 or 9.5. The reason I would not go for a 10 is because every episode of any show could be improved by my tastes in some small way. Here's what I will say.

This episode is the best one so far this season by a mile. I will also say that it is definitely a contender for my favorite episode of the entire series so far, if it hasn't already won that honor. When I think about that ending...


Fuck it. 10.

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- laughed maniacally when Margaery proceeded with her "wrap Joffrey around my pretty finger" antics and told him to come see his people

- smiled and got really teary eyed upon seeing Sansa's happy face

- shook my head when the mutiny happened. Oh boy the Night's Watch is definitely made of rotten stuff now.

- THE ENDING WAS AWESOME. I momentarily forgot that I was irritated with Dany just because the whole Astapor scene was so. bad. ass.

- laughed maniacally (again) during Varys and Ros' gossip session

- although Dany had the "big" scene, Varys owned this episode.

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