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How would you rate episode 304?  

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I give it a 9. Amazing episode. Dany was perfection. RIP Old Bear. That scene was tense as hell and quite sad. Love Arya standing up to the Hound. Next week should be another great episode. The music was fantastic too. Gave me goosebumps. Big props to the special effects now that we can see things on grander scales. Kings Landing looks amazing. Enjoyed the scenes with Queen of Thorns a lot. Okay with the change to Sansa and Loras. Not a big deal and makes more sense for TV. Jaime's hand was gross as hell and his scenes with Brienne are awesome. Brienne is simply a great actress. Hell they all are. Tywin/Cersie was superb. The one thing that I did not care for was Varys and the wizard in the box. I get it was to show he is nobody do cross but still. Also weak was the Bran scene. I think it's just going to be hard to tell his story since he really does just wander around most of the books. I hope they really do a great scene with him at that old castle in the water up north during the storm with Hodor and seeing Ghost and helping Jon escape. Forget the name of the place. Queens something or other right?

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Bloody awesome episode, maybe the best one to date, so full 10/10 from me.

I've nothing to complain about. No meaningless or boring filler. The final scene with Daenerys gave me goosebumps. I've complained a lot about her acting before, but she gave a great performance this time around.

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So many memorable scenes!

I don't have any particular gripes, except maybe the continuation of Pod & the whores (but it was short so I can live with it) and the fact that Brienne accused Jaime of acting like "a bloody woman" for whining and wanting to quit - that made me frown :dunno: but both these things were just small irritations in between the good to great to awesome scenes of this episode.

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Dany scene - amazing. I actually teared up a bit...

Varys and his background. Varys/Lady Ollena. <3 <3 <3



You killed Mycah!!!


Craster's wasn't as awful as it was in my head, but still, they did an okay job.

Poor Jaime....

The whole episode was amazing. I felt as if I was watching a movie... *.*

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Still enjoying the memories of the end of the episode! Simply awesome to be able to see one of the moments that I really loved in the books so well done in the screen, so a 10, for me. Not only Dany's moments were great, but we also had amazing scenes with Varys and Tyrion and Varys and the Queen of Thorns (her lines are great in the show) and Beric scenes. This ones are my highlights, but all the episode was great.

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Not saying it can't hasn't or won't be bettered but it deserves the 10.


- The mutiny at Craster's. The tension in the scene was brilliant. Craster's bluster at being called a bastard and then the seeming calming down and suddenly "but you are a bastard". Bad.....ass! Haertbreaking to see the Old Bear killed by that shit Rast but great TV.

- Theon and "boy". I really like what they're doing with this part of the story. Theon's tear stained confession and admission that the Stark's were his real family and he betrayed them and burned everything good that he had was tough. And the full sadism of Ramsey dawning on everyone.

- The BwB. Great scene, McCann was excellent. He IS The Hound for me. Whoever said his might be the best performances of the show, I'd find it tough to disagree too much, he's up there with Dinklage and Dance for me. Dondarrion was excellent, much better than I even imagined he might be.

- Jamie and Brienne. Not too much happening but these continue to be great scenes. We see Jamie still has that fight in him but it's extinbuished only for Brienne to help light a bit of the spark again.

- Loved the QoT again. Her scene with Varys was excellent. Nobody's made the Spider squirm like that before.

- Dracarys. What a scene that was!!! Did the book justice for me.Dany was utterly epic and the scene with her marching out of Astapor with her army and her dragons was fantastic, sent shivers down my spine. I loved catching glimpses of the looks on Jorah's and Barristan's faces. A mix of confusion, pride and awe.


Some the K'sL scenes were't great but weren't bad.


Bran. It might have been the first episode since Blackwater, for a long time with not one poor scene but I thought Bran's scene with yet another Jojen/3ec dream was rubbish. If they want to establish Brans's green dreaming ability and what the 3ec is, a simple conversation with Jojen would be much better. No need for a scene like that.

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I voted 8 but after a little thinking, it deserved 9.

The things I "didn't" like:

- A little slow, many "plotting" scenes in a raw. Yes I do love Varys and Olenna and, yes, Ros was very nice on her scene. But there was a moment I thought: "Hm, more talking". Again, I enjoyed every bit of dialog but the pace was still a bit slow.

- The Hound's "trial": The charges seemed a bit far-fetched... If the Brotherhood wants to do justice then they need solid ground. I don't know if I'm making any sense but I felt the whole exchange between Sandor and Beric about his guilt to be a bit weird.

- I really liked Mormont and I thought his death was too blended in the general chaos.

What I liked:

- Varys really has a nice part in that episode. I thought of all the people saying "too many characters, too many scenes too short par episode...". So now it seems we have more of each character, in turns. I like that, especially when we focus on the mysterious and dangerous Lord Varys.

His story and then his speech about revenge were really chilling. Tyrion feels like an immature child, asking for an immediate revenge. Varys' answer was a real lesson.

- I agree with everything said about Olenna.

- The NW scene and the Astapor scenes, the two high moments of the episode.

- The look on Sandor's face when Beric says he's the one to fight.

- "Never thought Bannen could smell so good." This sentence sums up the whole thing.

- Tywin prooves again that he's the boss and Cersei gets her share of bashing. Now that we heard the tough words, I'm looking forward to the tough Tywin action!

- The rising tension between Cersei and Jeoffrey is great.

- Varys and Olenna talking about Littlefinger... Finally someone wants to take him down. I just hope they'll be able to scratch him at least

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I gave it another 10. Im embarassed by my cheerleading but from start to finnish it was perfection.

The Daenerys scene was everything i had hoped for so epic.

Battle at crasters keep was great the guy that killed craster was brilliant.

The brother hood without banners confronting Sandor Clegane scene was very good, the new

Dondarrion gets top marks bc he looks and sounds as hard as nails, Sandor was spot on as usual

and if maisie Williams doesnt get any award nominations this season for playing Arya it will be a crime.

I really like the fact they are doing so many Theon scenes because imo Alfie Allen is one of the best

actors in the show. Tywin telling cersei what he thinks of her moment i liked that.

Tyrion and Varys scene was only second to Danys .When i seen he had that

guy in the box i couldnt help but laugh.The locke tormenting Jaime part , the poor guy

well then again im not a Jaime hater anyway.D&D sirs i take my hat of to you.

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Brienne's reaction to jamie whining was just pefection... im so happy those two are helping eachother out.

Absolutely! This is the best developing relationship in the series, IMO - D&D are doing it just right. Started out as enemies but are finding an attachment based on mutual respect and good qualities they discovered in each other along the way, that most people don't see in day-to-day interactions - those are the best friendships, of course, the ones where you see people at their worst and still something shines through, and the person becomes valued... good stuff.

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I gave it a 9 because I want to preserve the 10 for the episode with you-know-what.

Otherwise, a stunning episode. It began strong and just kept getting better. The cave scene was great (just lacked a few "bugger you"s) and the Sacking of Astapor was everything I had wanted it to be (except Dany didn't strike Kraznys with the Harpy whip), holy crap!!!

Certainly the best episode of this season and one of the best four or five episodes of the whole series.

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I think Emilia Clarke is perfect as Daenerys Targaryen, Daenerys Stormborn, , Mother of Dragons, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Shackles/Chains, Queen of Meereen and Princess of Dragonstone. Ever since Dany learned how to use her sexuality to become equal to her beloved Khal Drogo, she has been a bit intense, for valid reasons. Emilia Clarke is doing a perfect job, (imEho) and I never think someone else should play the part. I only add this because there's been some criticism of her abilities as an actress to evoke the true essence of Dany.

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