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How would you rate episode 304?  

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Loved it, favourite episode of the season so far.

Loved the look in the boy's eyes when Theon realised he was back where he started. Like the fact it's still confusing and that my non-book reading friends all have no idea where he is.

Slightly confused by Varys' part, it didn't seem to flow quite so much (interesting new scene), and didn't like that he was planting the idea in the QoT's mind for Sansa (can understand why it's not Willas, got to trim the character numbers somewhere - (nbr) friends do have a problem keeping track, although really like in the book when Sansa thinks they are talking about Loras and they actually mean Willas). Also, he knows far too much about LF.

Tywin is awesome, great subtle moment with Cersei where he corrects her pronunciation of Tyrell whilst dressing her down.

Then of course we have the Old Bear's death, all of my (nbr) friends were completely shocked by it. That's part of why GoT is great, that things you don't expect to happen do - they all thought we'd lose a character (Jamie or Brienne) last week but weren't expecting a major one this week.

Also, I'm not a huge fan of Emilia Clarke's acting in most of the series, yet she has the odd scene where she plays it perfectly, I think this was one of those. Dracarys!


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This episode was such an emotional roller coaster!

Varys telling his cutting story to Tyrion, and the moment we see his face in the mirror... I loved the way he looked almost terrifying and totally different from the tattle tale chubby some think him to be. And everything with him in this episode was amazing! (nonexistent bumps/decrepit JUST EPIC!)

Jaimie getting his portion of the real world, seeing his spirits get crushed onscreen was heartbreaking.

Tywin/Cercei dialogue was great, also Cercei/QoT, Marg/ Sansa. It was so sad seeing two of them together, thinking how they could be good friends if the circumstances were different.

"My real father lost his head in King's Landing" :crying: :crying: :crying:

I don't know how will I endure the "I should've died with him" line

And the look on "the Boy's" face minutes after that was wooooow!

I loved how they reintroduced Beric to non readers, the entire cave scene was badass.

And, of course, Dracarys... She is not one of my fav characters, but I was cheering from the top of my lungs, even though I knew what was coming. Her speech in Valyrian, proud looks on Jorah's and Barristan's faces and everything about that scene was just perfect. GIRL POWER!!!

Kudos to the music guy, he nailed it.

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Wow. A 10 for this episode.

at this rate I don't know how we should rate the next episode ;-):

Episode 1 7

Episode 2 8

Episode 3 9

Episode 4 10

Loved the sarcasm of the QoT over their own words and sigil and praise over some of the others....

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8/10 because Dany's scene in the end was great. Could have taken bran, ros n Varys n tyrion n Varys scenes out and to get more of robb n cat since the RW is happening I would have loved to see of them b4 the RW as suppose to those pointless scene they show Wont die if they do one episode without tyrion n ROS.

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Besides the obvious (and amazing) wow moments. I loved the scenes with background information like Joffrey telling Marg about the Targs and The Hound/Brotherhood scene. One of the best episodes yet, in my opinion, 10/10!

Yeah I loved that part because it gave the viewer some of the backstory of the depth Targ influence has had over the continent. Between this and the dialog about Rhaegar between Daen, Jorah and Selmy we get finally get rejection of the Targ = evil or bad by default. Same with the developments with Jaime where we finally see the changes from the book from arrogant amazing swordsmen into a man. I really hope they give us the background from the books on the primary reason WHY he ran Aerys thru so that tv viewers get an even better understanding of him.

And yeah I liked the Hound/Brotherhood scene too though Im not sure why Hound had that worried/shock look on his face about having to face about facing Beric....not like he has a bad track record against him!

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I didn't pick up on this when I watched the episode, but Theon saying his "real father lost his head in King's Landing" is out of character and a bit cringeworthy in all honesty. Theon saw Robb as a brother, but Ned was NEVER a father figure towards him. He couldn't be; he knew one day he may have had to execute him.

Yes but it does show the thinking that is logical from Theon's pov that his own flesh and blood cared less about him then the man who treated him well who was technically his hostage taker. Says more against Balon Greyjoy then being about Ned.

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Ok, so when Cersei and Tywin are talking about Joffery and how bad she has handled him; and she says to him that he should try stopping him from doing something he enjoys, Tywin replies, I will. Am I the only one that thinks this is the hint toward the Sansa / Tyrion wedding? He will be taking Joffery's play thing away from him by marrying her to Tyrion.

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You're thinking way too hard about this. A scale from 1-10 is just that. Pretty sure when someone throws something up to rate on a scale of 1-10 they aren't looking to trick anyone.

Yes and most people, with fair logic, would say a 7/10 is average, average actually meaning fairly decent quality. My second example was facetious admittedly

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I absolutely loved this episode. I am a book reader so I knew the scene with Dany was coming but wasn't sure how they would do it or when. I was certainly not disappointed.

I loved Vayrs comment about Lord Bailish "he would burn down the kingdom if he could be king of the ashes." A wonderful touch. I've enjoyed some of the additions HBO has made to the TV series, some I think should have ended up in the books.

All around 10, great episode

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After the first three episodes I was losing hope for season 3. I've got an average rate of 4 / 5 out of 10 for episodes 1 through 3, but this week's was a solid 7, saved by the almost-perfect sequence at Astapor. I felt the rebellion of the Night's Watch against eachother was handled pretty well. I feel, however, that Theon's character arc setting with Roose's bastard took too long.

This season, save for the event's unfolding behind the scenes (so to speak) at King's Landing, is pretty much like the book. People moving through Westeros / Essos. In the book, everything is handled superbly with GRRM at the very top of his game.

In a 10 episodes-for-season annual TV show, however, it might have the potential to alienate viewers, who will soon enough start losing track of who's who and where they are or even how they got there.

I am really hoping, now that we are mid-season, things will pick up from this week's episode and we'll see better and better from GoT on TV. Bring on those damn weddings already

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Gave it a 9. I really wish I could give an 8.5 because I never give 10 (that would imply a perfect episode) and reserve nine for the absolute top notch. But it was also much better than E3 which I can an 8. So I'll generously round it up to a 9. And that's definitely because of both the mutiny at Crasters and of course Dracarys! I had my quibbles but hey, like I say no episode will ever be perfect.

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