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How would you rate episode 304?  

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9.5 of 10.

I loved the Cersei/Tywin scene, the Olenna scenes (especially the one with Varys), Dany's scene in Astapor.

Sansa was great, Margaery was fine and Ramsay's playing of Theon, too. Sandor Clegane and Beric Dondarion: nicely acted.

And of course the events relating to the NW.

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A 9 for me, not quite as good as last week's 10. Overall it was really amazing episode, with some great dialogue and moments. Also, Beric was goddamn awesome. But there were two issues that stopped it from being a perfect 10.

1) Jack Gleeson is so good that I legitimately can't stand watching extended Joffrey scenes. I know that's a credit to him and the writing, but if I so can't stand a scene that I'll mute it until it's over so I don't have to listen to him, that's an issue. I know that's my issue, but this is my rating. Even with this, the episode would probably still be a 10, but...

2) I never much liked the Dracarys scene. I thought it was silly in the books and I thought it was silly here. It never made sense that the slavers would be so stupid, I don't care how "blinded by greed" they are supposed to be. So, the music was epic and the visuals were cool, but I just didn't like the scene. I was hoping the writers would find some sort of change to the transaction so that the end effect was the same, but that the process would make more sense. They didn't, so the episode ended on a silly note, so its a 9.

Yes, sorry to say you do have some issues. If you mute scenes of a show, you shouldn`t be watching it.
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I gave it a 9.

I really loved this episode, the only reason I gave it a 9 and not a 10 is because I don't like how Ros and Varys are working together for some reason.

Loved, loved, loved everything else though! And that ending!

I love the music to the ending too.

Agree. It was powerful and epic sounding. Truly perfect!

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The good;

- Dany at the end, obviously, was very well done indeed. It still wasn't as awesome as it was in the book but I liked the score, the dropping of the whip, the tapping of the spears and, of course, the Valyrian speech was incredibly well delivered. Certainly Clarke's best performance; she can act well if the scene is faithful and well written, unlike Qarth.

- Theon being delivered back to the Dreadfort. Oh yeah, I loved that.

- Jaime/Brienne. I'm loving their stuff on TV. Cannot wait to see Jaime get his revenge on the 'Not Vargo' guy, hopefully it will be brutal.

- Cersei/Tywin, a short scene but a good one, not in the books but they stuck to the characters well enough for it to work for everyone.

- Beric reveal. Yeah, knew he would look a bit more 'normal' than book Beric but still, I really like the actor who plays him. Anticipation for the Hound fight is sky high.

The disappointing:

- I found Crasters underwhelming and Mormont's death felt like any other, without the last words to Sam (possibly scewed to fit the 'I forbid you to die' line from the earlier episode) and yelling about the cursed breach of guest right.

- Varys/Tyrion. This scene was boring, just a re-telling of a story I know well and I found the sorcerer in a box to be utterly ridiculous.

- Too much of LF's plans are getting hinted at. I would've preferred if they had kept it under wraps until after the PW and used Dontos for Sansa's escape plot.

- They seem to be elaborating a bit on Pod's sexual exploits. That was a fun scene that subtly came in to distract but add a bit of humour to a grim story, I don't want it to become a major element as that is too distracting and there is already enough to distract viewers away from the tense storyline as it is.

All in all, a decent to good episode, not as amazing as everyone is making it out to be but still very good, especially the Theon bit and Dracarys. Honestly did feel the season premiere was stronger.

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An 8. The final scene with Drac was excellent - they've done a terrific job with the Dragons. The Night's Watch scenes were very good, the tension and then betrayal at Caster's very well done. Jaime and Brienne also well done (just a side note, standing in the supermarket line I noticed that Nicolaj C-W* is on on the cover of "Men's Health.")

The King's Landing scenes ... not so much. Why waste time on the *Margaery and Sansa little "joke?" Why add *Vary's holding the Sorcerer captive? Theon just bores me, as he does in the books, but I admit that is ideosyncratic and it's not a judgement on the scenes - I'm too biased to evaluate them at all fairly - if one can ever be "fair" in such a totally subjective realm as responding to any "art" form.

*(I can't spell and don't have time to look up these names)

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Il loved everything but I become frustrated by the lack of explanations they give.

In this episode, the BwB is the main issue : are non-readers supposed to remember the non-speaking guy sent by Ned Stark to kill the mountain in season 1 ? also, is it possible for them to understand that Thoros of Myr is a red priest ?

I really hope the explanations will come soon. I really enjoyed discussing the episodes with non-readers last year, but this year they become more and more confused with the story. One of them even told me he thought Gregor Clegane had been killed in season 2.

I also don't like the "Pod=sex god" plot but I still hope it will be revealed as some kind of trick from Tyrion or Pod himself.

I understand those who think the Theon/Ramsay scenes should not be there at all, but I think it is important to have a proper introduction of Ramsay. Of course having him introduced in season 2 just like in the books, would have been much better.

Best scene = Craster and the Night's Watch.

Best surprise = I really like the way they handle the intrigues in King's Landing. The Tyrells are great.

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