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How would you rate episode 304?  

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I'll give it a 10. Perfect in almost every way.

The end with Dany was epic. They gave you a great sense of scale with the Unsullied as well.

I was impressed with Diana Rigg's first appearance as the character but tonight they really let the Queen of Thorns cut and she was a blast.

The guy playing Beric Dondarrion was pretty awesome and the scene with Clegane was great.

I'm glad Varys got his "cut" story and the addition at the end was chilling.

I said last week that Rod Serling would have called Theon's storyline act one of the nightmare. Theon seems trapped in a recurring nightmare and that's exactly how it played out. Ramsay kind of looks like an evil version of Peeta from The Hunger Games but I think it works.

-The Night's Watch mutiny played out well...I'm only sorry we didn't get Mormont's final words with Sam. That was the only downside in this episode.

-Jamie and Brienne continues to play out well. I liked the bit they added were Jamie attempts to fight back. Apparently during the filming he took a real kick to the ribs.

Tywin saying "I know"...he didn't have to yell or evil glare at the scene but you just know he means what he said. Great job by Charles Dance.

I'm glad they're finding way to allow Bran to "be" with his family.

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I gave it a 9. But that's mainly because the Dany scenes were some of the best the show has put out. She isn't generally my favorite character but that is probably a top 3 scene in all the books. It was excellently done. The rest of the episode was not really outstanding. I wasn't happy with how the NW scene played out; it seemed too chaotic. There was also a lot of filler. I think they put in the Varys/Tyrion scene because they wanted to reintroduce him for the subsequent two scenes which were more substantively important. But I thought his "cutting story" was out of place and bringing in the "revenge in a box thing" didn't really work for me. The other stuff was fine, but its still a lot of set up.

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10 So much about this episode was awesome. The Spider with Tyrion then the Lady of Thorns... Margaery working her charm... Sam manning up and rescuing Gilly... Jaime & Brienne telling him off... Arya busting out Sandor (can't wait for next epi) and finally... Dany and her army!

Oh... lets not forget we find out Podrick is hung like a bull! Bahaha! I love that! :)

ETA: Theon & the bastard! Day-UM! loved that too! I smell some "reek".

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10 10 10 10!!!!

I Loved the Varys/Tryion scene with Vary's back story. Very well done

I Loved the Brienne/Jamie scenes

Varys/ Queen of Thrones was amazing dialogue

So Glad the Ramsey/Theon came back around. I was worried they were actually going to change Theon's arc, but this was amazing. I even like Theon's monologue about Ned Stark. It's a little blunt (much like what they did with Catelyn to make her more sympathetic) but I was fine with it.

I love, Love, LOVE tv Margery!

And then there was Dany in Astapor. Amazing, and extremely well done!

Amazing episode. Can't say it enough. Best so far!

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Gave it a solid 8, this season looks very promising. Aside from Catelyn, all the book changes make sense and are working pretty consistently. Great scene with Dany too. And RAMSAY!!! That son of a bitch has the exact crazy eye look that I imagined book Ramsay would have. The actress playing Olenna is a top notch choice as well. I expected Beric to be a bit more of a badass, though. But that's just my own expectation of the Lightning Lord, as the casting for him was still very good.

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A 9 for me, not quite as good as last week's 10. Overall it was really amazing episode, with some great dialogue and moments. Also, Beric was goddamn awesome. But there were two issues that stopped it from being a perfect 10.

1) Jack Gleeson is so good that I legitimately can't stand watching extended Joffrey scenes. I know that's a credit to him and the writing, but if I so can't stand a scene that I'll mute it until it's over so I don't have to listen to him, that's an issue. I know that's my issue, but this is my rating. Even with this, the episode would probably still be a 10, but...

2) I never much liked the Dracarys scene. I thought it was silly in the books and I thought it was silly here. It never made sense that the slavers would be so stupid, I don't care how "blinded by greed" they are supposed to be. So, the music was epic and the visuals were cool, but I just didn't like the scene. I was hoping the writers would find some sort of change to the transaction so that the end effect was the same, but that the process would make more sense. They didn't, so the episode ended on a silly note, so its a 9.

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Could of done with a bit more of the sacking of Astapor, thought Jamie's scenes were well done, Mormont and the watch got cut a little short as well. but really only minor details, thought most of the new stuff worked. Looks like Ros is going to find out where whores go, kind of made me smile.

9.6. Best of the year.

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Remember when people said Emilia Clarke was a bad actress? Good times.

Seriously. She became Daenerys Stormborn in so many ways this episode. Her accent and tone were PERFECT. Valyrian sounds amazing. They did such a good job. I rewound her reveal 5 times and still got goosebumps each time...

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