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I guess I'm a little less enthusiastic as a majority of people this time...

- Dany final scene was indeed truly brilliant, perfectly staged, fantastic acting by Clarke, Djavadi score is beyond expectations, camera, CGI - everything is the best motion picture quality. Never seen anything like that on television.

- Tywin/Cersei scene is moving and tells a lot about both characters.

- Jaime and Brienne reflections on what has happened in the previous episiode touched me

- Mormont's failed attempt to spit on Rast almost put tears on my face, and Rast himself so easily hateable, great job.

- Theon's monologue was one of the best moments for the character and the actor since season 2


- I didn't like how coup at Craster's Keep was handled in general. I think they were aiming at "chaos" which is it, but for a scene to work as a chaos we have to understand who is who and what they want beforehand. Otherwise it's just a montage of screams and swords and corpses. In other words - they had to build some ground for something like that, don't just pull plotters as rabbits out of the hat.

- BWB scene wasn't that remarkable for me as it was in the book. Maybe because Beric didn't look like a walking corpse as I imagined but rather as a noble pirate :) Maybe because the whole thing was staged rather neutral, where in my head it was always something fierce and pagan and very wild.

- Sorcerer in a box. Is this going somewhere or just another stupid joke like Pod's sexual performance?

- Sophie Turner happy moment was acted way worse then her frustrations.

- Bran's dream... Uhm, what? Cat doesn't let Bran get to three-eyed-crow? How come?

Gave it a 7

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I give it a very solid 9.

--Great ending, captured the scene from the book as well as could be done, though just like the book, I imagine a lot of people saw this moment coming a mile away

--Liked the Jaime Brienne stuff; toned down from the book, but still effective

--Enjoyed the Varys story, though I wish Tyrion showed a little sympathy to Varys as he does in the books. Great acting by Conleth Hill, though I do agree the segway into that scene didn't feel right

--Great added scene between Tywin and Cersei. Loved how it mirrored his talk with Tyrion, and shows that Tywin also treats her pretty shitty as well

--Good introduction of Beric, though I feel this might have been better suited to have the duel in the same episode; this bit might have been better next episode

Only things I really didn't care for was the continuation of Pod the sex god, even with just Varys speculating about it--I doubt he would give two shits about Podrick. Just pretty lame.

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my only complaint is the conversation between Ros and Varys. i guess we need some way to convey Lord Twatbeard's plans for Sansa, but they're overthickening that plot, it just seems so painfully obvious, especially after Varys and the Queen of Thorns already discuss it. And would Varys really miss that little detail about the beds and need Ros to point it out to him? please.

The rest of the show was fantastic, the Lord Commander's death was cut a little short, but the sept of Baylor looked great. loved the Queen of Thorns, as always, and when Marjory and Joffrey stepped out of the sept together it reminded me of the Royal Family stepping out to cheering crowds at Buckingham Palace. there's the moment where Joff just gets a little drunk on that power and Cersei realizes she's really lost him. . . and the look on Cersei's face when her father told her she isn't too smart and has no control over Joff. . . really glad to see Dondarrion, he and the Hound play well off each other.

and, of course, the moment where Dany made her deal, handed over the dragon, and my dad, who doesn't read the books said, 'this isn't going to be pretty.' might have to watch the end again so can see those dragons flying over her new army.

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I gave this episode a 10.

Alex Graves' direction was just phenomenal in this episode. From the framing of the shots in the tunnel to the beautiful cave shots. I was just so impressed.

Alfie Allen was a standout for me in this episode. I really enjoyed him relating the story of what actually happened at Winterfell. His performance was incredibly raw and moving.

Also a shout out to Gwendoline Christie. She was a revelation in this episode.

I actually rather enjoyed the Ros/Varys scene.

So much to like in this episode. I could have done without the shovelling shit section. I am also pleasantly surprised by how little Littlefinger there has been so far this season.

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I must say I loved this episode. I feel the fact and D&D wrote this one as well, made this one and last week's flow very well together. The Bran scene definitely stood out as a odd timed and not very well executed scene in my personal opinion. I love Bran's storyline in the books and i hope that over the next few episodes we really start to see his arc explored more. The Jaime/Brienne interactions continue to be a huge plus of this season. They are really developing those two characters well. (I think now, just as in the books, we begin to see Jamie's turn from a "bad guy" to a soon to be hero)

I'm such a fan of the Theon storyline. I know it's not from the books exactly but GRRM has had to help give his ideas towards this arc and I appreciate the character development for his character as well.

The NW mutiny was a little chaotic but I really think we have not seen the true end of that and maybe somehow they will still get the Old Bear's last words into the show.

I personally had chills starting from when Beric started to talk til the end of the episode. What a way to finish the show and I just can't wait to see what is still to come. 10!

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Awesome. 10/10.

The Astapor scene was just phenomenal. I don't think I've seen a better scene in television than that. Emilia Clarke has absolutely blown me away. The emotion she got through screaming in Valyrian...fucking hell. I knew she was talented but that was more than I ever expected.

Loved all the scenes with Varys. Especially with Ros and Olenna. Could have done without the Tyrion one. Tyrion is feeling a bit like a passenger so far this season.

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Excellent! One of the best episodes of the entire series. A television show isn't just about dialogue and events; it's also about pacing, which at times the show struggles with, hopping from scene to scene and character to character so quickly and abruptly that moments either aren't given a chance to land, or they're upon us too quickly for us to invest. But this episode was paced perfectly, allowing every scene to develop naturally, and making 50 minutes feel almost feature-length.

I especially enjoyed Joff and Margaery in the sept, the little psychopathic king gleefully recounting the most gruesome deaths to befall past Targaryen royals. The show has made no secret of the Tyrells' motives, yet Margaery's obvious pandering to King Joff still comes across as sincere.

The climactic scene at Craster's keep was well-done, but it's also where I lodge my one and only complaint about tonight's episode: We are never given the impression that mutiny is near. Our first hint that the crows aren't happy comes from Rast during the poo-shoveling scene, but he's always been a negative Nancy, so his vague threat isn't really a good indicator of dissent within the party. Needless to say, it's a bit jarring when factions are already formed and fighting as Sam slips out.

But that's really a minor nitpick. The episode overall was tremendous. Beric Dondarrion was excellent, and though I sympathized with the Dog when he felt like he was being punished for sharing his brother's surname, Arya's objection to his claims of innocence was an awesome reminder of just how effed up of a person he really is. Forget Jaime, is there a character more gray than Sandor Clegane?

Of course, I can't end this without mentioning how sorely I missed seeing Jon and the wildlings, and Robb and the Tullys. These omissions are not flaws in the episode per se, but I must be critical of how little of the northmen we've seen outside of the crows. Mance is portrayed by a brilliant actor--maybe the best actor the show has cast to date--and he's had about three minutes of screen time this season. I suppose that will change as the season--this one and next--progresses, but it's a huge disappointment that so many great characters and actors are getting so little attention. I still say ten episodes isn't enough.

EDIT: I just realized I failed to mention the closing scene with Dany, the dragon, and the Unsullied. Do I even need to? It was ridiculously phenomenal.

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First time i've given any episode of season three a ten! Really all the episodes so far have been a 7 and beyond to me, but tonight's episode was thoroughly enjoyable and left me craving for so much more. Sunday couldn't get here soon enough.

The good-

I wasn't counting, but it seemed like we saw many different characters tonight, but the episode as a whole flowed well and didn't feel disjointed or rushed. They've had a problem with that in the past, in my pov. Not tonight. It was one satisfying ride.

I like Cersei, i know i shouldn't, she's been a horrible and cruel person but i find her struggle to maintain control over her life to be very fascinating and I really sympathize with her character.

Marg was great with Joff, but i'm patiently waiting for the purple wedding and not getting too caught up in any of their scenes together. Her moment with Sansa was excellent. Sophie Turner is brilliant. Her reaction to the friendship line and a marriage/way out of KL was so so so sad to watch. Poor child.

Jamie is quickly becoming one of my top favorite characters. When he reached for his sword with his stump i physically flinched. Very well done, very realistic. I can't wait to see more.

The Hound/Arya/BWB moment was also great. I've always loved the Hound from the books, and I am curious to see how much of the canon hound we will (finally :rolleyes: ) get to see. I'm impressed with the actor the more I see of him. Not a huge moment for Arya, a small speech about Micah, nothing to memorable for me personally.

I'm surprised to say this,but I really did enjoy Dany in the last clip. To me, her acting has been pretty rotten since season one, but I found her delivery and performance quite chilling and believable. More of that Dany please!

Theon was awesome. It was very well done how the "Boy" tricked him back into his cell. I love Alfie Allen, excellent actor. He's made me sympathize for Theon more than i ever did in the books.

The not so good

Nights watch fight could have been built up more. Someone else pointed out that Theon should have been limping, cradling his finger, or at least expressing some pain from having his fingernail removed. I have to agree, he seemed fine to me in tonight's clip.

Enough of Tyrion, lets give him a break. It's starting to feel desperate to include him in every episode. I hate the notion of a "lead" character in such a massive, diverse plot as this. Let another character/actor shine through, especially when Tyrion's presence isn't even needed.

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... though I sympathized with the Dog when he felt like he was being punished for sharing his brother's surname, Arya's objection to his claims of innocence was an awesome reminder of just how effed up of a person he really is. Forget Jaime, is there a character more gray than Sandor Clegane?

I loved his response to that. Something along the lines of "I should have killed you then" Sandor Clegane is certainly a badass, and truly one of the grayest characters created, in my pov.

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A lot of viewers don't know/completely forgot that Jeor is Jorah's father, so his last words were a missed opportunity imo. If they timed it right they could have cut straight to Jorah's face after to emphasize it.

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A lot of viewers don't know/completely forgot that Jeor is Jorah's father, so his last words were a missed opportunity imo. If they timed it right they could have cut straight to Jorah's face after to emphasize it.

That's exactly what I had in mind. It's a damn shame the show didn't give the Old Bear a good farewell.

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I went to the Thunder game tonight (NBA playoffs) so I just finished the episode. I'm going to have to watch it again because I don't know how I really feel about it right now. The two iconic scenes that I thought would make this episode epic (Craster's and Astrapor sacking) seemed very underwhelming. Honestly, I feel a little let down right now. Maybe I just need to watch it again.

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I gave it a solid 8. This wasn't even my favorite episode of this season. 'Dark Wings, Dark Words' gets that title. I honestly expected more from Dany's scene, from what everyone had said, and the mutiny felt rushed and chaotic, and not in the way it was in the book. It really lacked the emotion as well.

Yet again Tyrion is on screen for the sake of being onscreen. Varys' monologue was expressed very differently from what I imagined. I also disliked his scene with Ros and that the Tyrell marriage alliance didn't come from the Tyrells themself. Joffrey is being tamed down a bit too much I think.

Bran's scene was incredibly pointless and didn't need to be in the episode. Theon's scene was alright, and his line about Ned being his real father was sad. Ramsay's face was pure Ramsay.

Funny enough what I enjoyed the most in the episode were the small details. I loved Jaime's hand being around his neck, and drinking the horse piss. It's always nice when they just stick to the book. And even though the scene was a little too long, I enjoyed hearing more Westerosi history in Joffrey's scene. The sept of Baelor looks very nice.

I feel indifferent to Arya's scene, mostly because she's been so underplayed this season. I'm honestly more excited for the dual next episode than I was for the Dracarys scene.

So I didn't dislike the episode, but I felt it was overrated by many people. And as for it being the best episode of the series, I enjoyed nearly every season 1 episode more than this one. Blackwater was just 'meh' for me. Hopefully judging by events that will transpire next episode I will like that one more.

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A big fat 9.

Really nothing that I didn't like. Even the less important scenes like the one with Joffrey and Margaery were very pleasant, thanks to the beautiful architecture and interesting Targaryen backstory.

The acting overall was superb: NCW, Christie, McCann, Rigg(!). Even Clarke delivered. Delivered in Valyrian, which she should always do from now on. Adds to the badassery.

I've waited 3 episodes. But now, like the great philosopher Shang Tsung once said: IT HAS BEGUN!

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